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  The 2016 Elections is off to a early start. Some people feel that the building block for the Tea Party Independent Forum within the Independent Voting Floor will separate the power of the Republican Party. I am sorry but this is not true. The Foundation of this forum is to bring in new officials as well as a Independent Tea Party Officials. As States move to file for Independence and to form their own Government, this is by all mean a mistake, The Separation of the States will break the Foundation Of The Constitution. Then the United Nations will be in a far better position to apply their New World Order Laws.

 It would seem, that most people are concerned about the economy and other issues, people are in dis-trust of Officials in Government from both parties. There are some of us who feel it is time for the Tea Party to take its right-full place in office under the Independent Forum.

I am sorry but most people feel its time to vote out those who did not do their job and vote in new people with no political connections. This political battle for a seat to control a power that is not real, its the Voice Of the People that is the power and the posting of, Under The Cover Of Winter Storm Nemo, this posting does not hold all the information you seek, but I can tell you this that a data search for Political Official who hide their money investments over-seas in Pharmaceutical Narcotics. You may say so what....then why hide the money....?
 No my friends this will not separate nothing at all because as time goes forward we are being lost in a connection of United We Stand.
 . No matter how many seats get controlled, the job of the balance of the Fiscal Cliff, has not been done, and in the last 11 years over $109 trillion Dollars spent, and according to Officials on TV they only bring in $3 trillion per year...that around $76 trillion where is the money..? I can show you but not now....
As of December 31, 2012
 I still have not found a way to tell my twins that they are in debit for $37,000 to balance the budget. I mean how do you tell a 7 year child that they are broke....this gives a whole new meaning to kicking the can down the road....
Then you have Obama Care crammed down our throats  by both Republicans and Democrats in Office.
 Abortion paid for in the Health Care Bill
 Narcotics paid for in the Bill
Gun Rights  Under Fire

We may not be able to bring in a Tea Party Official in The 2014 Senate Race for the seats at hand, but to share a 2016 Campaign.....

Sarah Palin, do you want to make history and become the next Tea Party President Of The United States of America...? 
 This is not about winning its about opening the door to a whole new way of thinking...

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Comment by Dennis L. Kolb Sr. on February 18, 2013 at 12:29am

In the early months of the, {un-organized}, T.E.A. Movement, when millions of Americans from All Walks of Life and All Political Backgrounds were Drawn Together by One Common Cause; to Stop Our Out of Control Government! This was Best, and Maybe, Only Chance of Running Non-Partisan Candidates to run against Every-Thing and Every Elected-Person in Washington!  But We Didn't..

The People have been wore down from, failed election promisses from those they did vote for, and no one single plan of action, to Restore America! Everyone has a plan, but do any of these plans of action have a step by step organized plan of Actions, to achive Restoration of America? How about a plan B?   A plan C?

I'm just frustrated that we haven't made any, or very little progress so far! Time Is Of The Essence!

Comment by letty bromenschenkel on February 17, 2013 at 10:38pm

Where does  T. Party  nation expect to  get the other  60  million votes it  needs to win :   If you never  win  your  viewpoints and positions are  worthless.  How about  everyone try to  "WIN"  for a  change:   Sending a message  for   30  years  has  helped  destroy this nation  because the  OTHER  side  is  really  into  WINNING  and  funny  thing  they  control our  nation.

Comment by Herrmann Glockler on February 17, 2013 at 10:37pm

I feel after two more years of Obama  economic policies, even the school janitor has a chance to win the presidency.

All the president has to do is to remove the road blocks to economic prosperity, and tone down the racial and econonid divisiveness

Comment by letty bromenschenkel on February 17, 2013 at 10:36pm

GOD  help  us :  this  certainly is  a joke !

There are "proven"  conservative  leaders,   who have won difficult elections:  Gov. Walker,  WI  comes to mind .

Comment by Andrew Cochran on February 17, 2013 at 9:52pm
Rubio is eligible and everyone knows it. Gov. Martinez is fabulous. Both have 10X more chance of being President than Sarah Palin.
Comment by Martin Hedegger on February 17, 2013 at 9:21pm

Sure encourage Palin to run for for a republican nomination, then its easier for the dems to win the general election of what ever. ... its a pipe dream folks... Palin has no chance in winning any federal election... maybe she could become a mayor of a small town again... but it would not pay her enough... Palin is used to big money these days.

Comment by Gene Swank on February 17, 2013 at 8:47pm

Richard eugene;

   Sarah did not leave us short, She did what she thought best for the State of Alaska. fighting 19 unfounded lawsuits was taking all of her time and she found it impossible to handle the states problems. MCcain left us short with his no cajones talking points. I will vote for Sarah anytime she runs.

Comment by Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. on February 17, 2013 at 8:14pm


If Sarah would agree to run in 2014 with a guaranteed no back out, then I would back her. If by Jan. the 1st of 2015 she has not tossed her hat into ring, as far as I am concerned, she is out for good!  She left us short one time before, and I do not trust her to run.  T A L K   IS   C H E A P ! ! !

If she commits in 2014 then she is a viable candidate!

P.S.  After Obama everyone is eligible, even illegal aliens. 

Rubio and Cruz are good men but not eligible due to that old outdated document "THE CONSTITUTION".   No I will not vote for Rubio or Cruz for president.  Cruz is my senator and I backed him for his senate seat.  I do hope he stays in the senate for a few terms.

Comment by Dave M on February 17, 2013 at 8:11pm

Ok so everyones got there take on this time for me to throw some other thoughts into it -- She has NOT said Yes or NO --- that being said -- She needs to be in the next Race 14 As a Senator -- So She can get her toes wet-- She can run in 16 with a True Record to back her up --- But As A VP or as Sec. Of State ==== Paul/ West or Paul/Carson ---- She could actually Kick Bonehead out of his Seat ( really good thing ) But everyone needs to decied the Ticket NOW before May so we have at least 18 months to really behind the Candiadates

Comment by Surly Curmudgen on February 17, 2013 at 7:27pm

Nether Rubio nor Cruz are natural born citizens.

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