The Lesson in the Betrayal of Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh on his radio show discussed an article which stated that there is no respected voice in the national arena articulating Conservatism. Such an advocate for Conservatism is crucial to reversing the direction of America as Obama drives us toward socialism while low-info voters gleefully sing Kumbaya in the backseat.

Well excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but we had an extraordinary advocate for Conservatism and look what happened to her. Judas on our side betrayed her – sold her reputation for 30 seconds of fame and favor with the media.

Even now, folks on our side are still beating up on Sarah Palin saying – Palin has lost her appeal – Palin is unelectable – Palin wasn't smart enough – Palin wasn't prepared and etc. So, this is how we treat our heroes.

Many Democrat Party politicians/advocates are immoral, liars and cheats. And yet, they are treated like super-stars by the media. Democrats have the backs of their associates, no matter what. For example: Democrats never rebuked Clinton for receiving oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office. They simply launched a campaign claiming that any man in Clinton’s position would have reacted like him. Think about that folks, Democrats and the media lowered the standard of national leadership behavior to cover their guy.

We Conservatives act as if our representatives must be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ – perfect in every way. At a Conservative's slightest misstep, Republicans/Conservatives trip over one another backing away from the individual in an effort to get out of the media and Democrat's line of fire.

Clearly, advocates of Conservatism are expected to walk on water by both political parties.

Word on the political street is we need a respected advocate for Conservatism to reach low-info voters. While I do believe a new voice will emerge, I wonder who could be better than Sarah Palin? Will we betray our new Conservative hero?

Inevitably, Palin's humanity was revealed; she was not perfect. But still, Palin is extraordinary and will be a tough act to follow.

Allow me to recap. Immediately following her amazing VP nomination acceptance speech, the media/the left went crazy consumed with hatred and a desperate desire to destroy her. Why? Palin was a beautiful, smart, articulate and strong woman who boldly touted traditional values and a love for God, family and country – all of which are anathemas to the left.

No tactic was too low to discredit Palin. Thus, the left even attacked Trig, Palin's Down Syndrome child.

Women in my family parroted the media talking point that Palin was bad for women. I thought, “You idiots, Palin is the epitome of everything the left/Democrats claim to desire for women – successful inside and outside of the home.”

While governor of Alaska, the left tried to drown Palin in lawsuits. Palin resigned to save her state from the cost and aggravation. The left's mantra was Palin is a quit-er and republicans/conservatives joined their chorus.

Another thing the left successfully did to discredit Palin was to brand her “stupid”. Who among us could survive every word out of our mouth being judged from a point of view that you are stupid? Meanwhile, Obama ran around saying America has 57 states and the media completely ignored this faux pas, along with several others by Obama.

Despite relentless attacks by hostel interviewers, in every TV interview, Palin always stood strong, boldly touting Conservatism. Man, you got to love this remarkable woman.

Also, completely ignored is Palin's tremendous charisma which I witnessed first hand on numerous occasions. We launched one of our Tea Party Express national bus tours in Searchlight Nevada - a huge dust bowl. Palin was our keynote speaker. Twenty-five thousand patriots attended with many camping out the night before to reserve their spot. Through the windows of our Tea Party Express bus as we arrived, I watched seniors who parked a mile away using walkers to make their way to the event.

The admiration for Palin felt a little like the scene in the Bible in which a woman said if I can just touch the hem of His garment, I will be made whole. In all of my 400 tea parties and 9 tours across America, no one, I repeat, no one affected audiences like Sarah Palin.

When this new conservative voice emerges on the scene, will we stand behind our hero no matter what, barring something immoral or criminal? Or, will we expect our guy or gal to be the second coming of Jesus. Have we learned something from the Republican/Conservative betrayal of Palin and their passivity and culpability in the media's viscous vile destruction of her image?

Sarah Palin, on behalf of We The People, I wish to thank you for your profile in courage, trumpeting Conservatism (God, family and country).

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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Comment by David Farrar on February 4, 2013 at 2:34pm

Sarah Palin's real sin was in galvanizing the grassroot wing of the Republican party, which has always been at odds with the corporate-dominated wing of the party, as presently is personified by Carl Rove.

ex animo


Comment by John W Evans IV on February 4, 2013 at 12:05pm

A sadly true post, Marcus, but I suggest everyone keep an eye on Sen Ted Cruz from Texas - an amazing spokesman for Conservatives....

Comment by Sister Marie tatina on February 2, 2013 at 3:57am
Thanks, Lloyd. It's about time someone stood up for Sarah. The world always seems to be afraid of goodness, honesty, and strength. Persecution most often follows those with these traits. I personally hope and pray that Sarah will reenter the political arena. We need her. Could you just imagine her just as Speaker of the house?
Obummer is afraid of her. His dishonesty and weak knees would be shown for what they are. I still want to see him investigated for all he has done illegally including running for President. We know nothing about this man except that he is an evil thug
Comment by Whitehorse on January 25, 2013 at 9:03am

Jo, very true - however, I caution you to not fall in the trap of trying to talk sense into the "last of the true believer" far left - they're like cultists, Manson family followers. If you engage in debate with them, do it with an eye to those who are "swing" voters or people who are truly interested in learning. If you do that, you'll be so much more calm - I even tell the Leftists I'm not conversing with them in mind, it's for those who are truly seeking knowledge & have open minds to facts & truth.

Comment by Jo DeFranco on January 25, 2013 at 12:03am

I agree 100%.  What happened to Sarah Palin just doesn't make sense.  A mere mention of her name makes them choke but when asked for specifics they can't come up with any truths or facts.  Mention the 57 state coment from Obama and you get a look of so what's the big deal as if there is something wrong with you for making it an issue.  Just doesn't make sense.

Comment by Nicolette on January 22, 2013 at 8:32pm

So incredibly well said Bro. Marcus.  Let me use this excellent post to join you in everything you have said about Sarah Palin.  There never has been such an amazing woman in the political arena - and we let her down.  I have found myself regretting that we let her go so easily.  Thank you Lloyd for this opportunity to salute her - she richly deserves it.  Oh, if we could only get her back to win the Presidency - America would shine again!        

Comment by Whitehorse on January 22, 2013 at 12:24pm

No Lawrence, "Most" conservatives did NOT believe every word of it - that's what the MSM told you happened.

In the Republican primaries, "most" did not go with the 2012 establishment pick, who was a 2008 conservative alternative to McCain. Our side lost mainly because we got outworked, & too many sat on their butts or voted for velvet unicorns as a protest.


We do not need to follow the premises set for us by the MSM & the left.

Comment by Joe Wierzbicki on January 22, 2013 at 11:56am

It will be nice to see what Gov. Palin's plans are for this year and in what way she wants to add her voice to the fight for this nation's future.

Comment by France Abercrombie on January 22, 2013 at 10:44am

The problem with all of our elected officials is that they get into Washington and Washington corrupts them.... That is why I say do not leave them in Washington for more than 2 elections.... If they wish to be reelected let them live in their communities for 2 years to see what the laws they pass have done to their communities then they will have a better perspective for another election.  But, leaving them in Washington is corrosive... 

Comment by Whicket Williams on January 22, 2013 at 8:42am

As for SARA PALIN, I agree with you. SHE was treated badly. but, considering what they have done since, she is lucky. They did not KILL her!! GOD has saved her MAYBE< after the VICTORY FEB 15th AT SCOTUS-- WE can get her back into the WH. I think that when ALL of this has been EXPOSED by the LIGHT OF TRUTH< many Americans will act differently. They are BLINDED and do not SEE that this is a SPIRITUAL battle. JUST LOOK AT THE ISSUES --- INFANTICIDE, sexual immorality Feed those who do not work, in direct conflict with GOD's word WHEN we return to GOD, all our problems will disappear I CAN FIX EVERYTHING, and if I can ANY born again Christian CAN!!!!, 

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