VIDEO: President Obama disrespects Navy SEAL Team 6 families

This video was done in January 2012 in Israel where Billy and Karen Vaughn were honored by those Israeli families who have lost loved ones while combating Islamic extremists in the Middle East. This is filmed during a radio interview on a Jewish station in Jerusalem.

Watch this important video where Billy and Karen Vaughn tell their story of how President Obama callously treated the families of fallen Navy SEAL families as there sons are brought home in caskets from Afghanistan in late 2011. The President was asked not to come to Dover AFB, and when he did over the objections of the families, he promised no photos would be taken. Watch to see what happened.

Also note that the families were debriefed that the two special operations gun ships accompanying the flight were not allowed to fire on the Taliban fighters who shot down the helicopter carrying their son to his death due to the rules of engagement established by President Obama and Defense Secretary Panetta.

This video is prophetic because a campaign ad was released by President Obama taking sole responsibility for the killing of Bin Laden. This new campaign ad has outraged the special operations community, and rightly so.

There appears to be a pattern to the President's embracing of our military when it suits his purposes.

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Comment by Pat Chadwell on May 5, 2012 at 12:00pm

Team 6 was taken out because they would figure out that the man they hit was not the real Osama but a look-a-like as the interview that the BBC did with the man next door that had known him for over 15 years. It was all a sham to make Obama look good but he had to take out those that could later tell the truth...

Also it looks like all the US top secrets are now in the hand of the MB terrorist given to them by the WH...

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on May 5, 2012 at 11:46am

Obama disrespects anything but himself.

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