The Obama hostage crisis in Egypt resembles the Carter Iranian hostage crisis. Carter didn’t do much more then talk about the 52 Americans held for 444 days during the Iranian hostage crisis. At one time he applied a little economic pressure by halting oil imports from Iran, but over all Carter was either very naïve or verging on stupidity. The hostages were released just minutes after President Ronald Regan was inaugurated.

Before discussing Obama’s Egyptian Hostage crisis it’s important to direct our attention to Barack Obama. Obama has actually been the one pouring fuel on the fires in the Middle East. He started out praising the Arab Springs; the “Arab spring” started in December 2010 in Tunisia when a man burned himself to death to protest his treatment by police.

Although Obama and many Democrats try to soft sell the Arab Springs movement, it was by no means a peaceful movement. The violent clashes in Tunisia ended with the arrest of scores of people, store fronts were damaged, cars demolished as police tried to control the protestors with tear gas.

Obama continued his praise of the Arab Springs as they swept thru Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and Jordan, marking the greatest wave of political change the world has seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. While we were sleeping he continued his support of the Muslim Radicals and Islamist Terrorists sending our troops into Libya where thousands of innocent people were murdered.

Obama defended the strikes in Libya saying our interests and values were at stake – which should have been rephrased to “his interests and values.” He met with one of the Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi of Tunisia gleefully handing him 39 million dollars. The Prime Minister was one of the pioneers of the Arab Springs!

Obama has supported the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East and regardless of his lies; this movement has not been about freedom and democracy. Obama has blatantly without remorse lied to Americans time and time again always giving excuses for his support of the Arab Springs and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Without vetting it becomes quite apparent who he is, where he came from and what his business is in our United States. Remember that the Muslim Radicals believe it’s good to lie for a “greater cause.” His lack of engagement with the Egypt hostage situation should not be a surprise, because in his arrogance he forgot one thing - the revolutionaries that he supported are not his friends and now he’s facing their wrath.

The Egyptian hostage situation is a parallel to Carter’s Iranian hostage problem. At first Carter gave total protection to the Iranian Shah – then tried another tactic by embracing the revolutionary Government. Obama started out protect Mubarak and like Carter switched gears and gave his support to the Muslim Brotherhood and Radicals.

19 Americans are facing trial because they promoted Democracy - they were sent to Egypt to support Egyptians during the transition to Democracy. One of the hostages is Sam LaHood, son of Ray LaHood (Secretary for Transportation.)

Although the White House is issuing warnings to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood seem to have the upper hand. They state that if US cuts their aid this could affect Cairo’s peace treaty with Israel. The Egyptian military delegation cancelled meetings with the United States as they continue preparations to try 19 of our people.

The 19 Americans and 24 other employees of nonprofit groups will be tried on accusations they illegally used foreign funds to create unrest in Egypt. Notice that Jay Carney, the Liberal News Media are trying to keep all of this under wraps. Ambassador John Bolton said, “I think you have to take into account the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament sees a weak, indecisive president.”

I see a Commander in Chief who is aggressively destroying our Nation cutting back on our Military power and nuclear capabilities as he pursues a false “ideology.” Obama is living it up on the Presidential Campaign trail while 19 Americans are being held hostage in Egypt by the Muslim Radicals that Obama supported. Something is definitely wrong with this picture!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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Comment by Marcia Wood on February 24, 2012 at 10:30pm

Yes, that has always seemed strange to me that Lahood is the only Republican on Obama's staff - there's more to that little bit of information then meets the eye. I'll try writing to Ray Lahood and see if we get any response. Just look at the power of the Liberal News Media - this should be making headlines daily until we bring our Americans home, but it's not,,, Just swept under the rug - that's their way of handling news.

Comment by Charles F Nichols on February 24, 2012 at 9:48pm

I am more interested in the fact their trying to hide this event. You and I know there must be a reason. So why not counter this with forcing as much exposure as possible. Like asking Beck what he has on this. Like getting all the folks here who have their own columns elsewhere to do some work on it. I have asked some of my friends on patriot sites to look into it. Maybe we should write to ray lahood and ask him how his son is doing? You know ,it never hurts to ask. Did you know that he is the only Republican on obama's staff? How odd! 

Comment by Marcia Wood on February 24, 2012 at 9:07pm

Charles very interesting article - if funding is cut off, I understand that they've threatened to go after Israel.

Comment by Charles F Nichols on February 24, 2012 at 8:52pm
Comment by Jo Gonzalez on February 24, 2012 at 4:27pm

Sure glad I ain't a hostage, with my life dependent on Obama.  Lots of Luck.  I pray for you.

Comment by Charles F Nichols on February 24, 2012 at 2:56pm
Just google Egypt news. Use their top current news agencies
Comment by Rubykatherine on February 24, 2012 at 1:53pm

Try Googling "American hostages in Egypt" on any news channel (including Fox!) and nothing comes up!

Comment by Charles F Nichols on February 22, 2012 at 8:06pm

How about this folks? Copy and paste this article into an email and send it to all of your contacts. Then check the internet and do the same with every relating article you can find. Explain to your friends that were trying to get coverage expanded on this issue. To those who have media connections. Ask the question. Why are there no articles being published?

Comment by Linda Morris on February 22, 2012 at 1:38am
It boggles the mind how O can be re-elected by people so stupid, yet some consider themselves "educated." And what about the young American prisoner and forner Marine in jail in Iran, who is threatened by a death sentence? For the love of God, America cannot forget about him either! This admin is a tragic joke. The media in the U.S. are abysmal. I see and read more truthful reporting from other outlets in Europe like BBC. Iran arrested this American who was visiting his grandparent. He is a pawn and a victim. What kind of leadership does the U.S. have? A do-nothing group of numb nuts out for themselves, with no diplomatic experience. They are a bunch of liberal chronies and community organizers out of Chicago mainly focused on their re-election.
Comment by Fitzhugh Havens on February 21, 2012 at 10:32pm


Check this url out and see what the big Turd in the white house is doin to get loot for his campaign. 

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