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A Bronx Cheer for Tommy Lasorda during Fleet Week NY

Jack E. Kemp

I wish I didn't have this scoop and things had gone somewhat differently this day, but here's what happened.

As part of the Fleet Week New York events, there were displays set up on the Hudson riverfront at Clinton Cove Park on 55th Street in Manhattan. The displays honored veterans of World War II and featuring Army veteran and famous longtime L.A. Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda. Competing with Lasorda for public's attention were some Navy SEALs, the…


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When Democrats are forced to confront the conditions they create

Jack E. Kemp

American Thinker today has a story called "In Texas, black race hustlers throw white liberal under the bus" by David Paulin.


It is an account of an idealistic white liberal woman…


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Another Reason not to use AMTRAK: Unwarranted Searches

Jack E. Kemp

And by “unwarranted,” I mean in both senses of the word.

Connor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic Magazine details the problem in “How the DEA Harasses Amtrak Passengers.”

The lowlights include:



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Elitist Democrat in fight with Minister Democrat's wife in New York

Jack E. Kemp

I guess New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer doesn't realize there actually are pro-life, anti-gay marriage religious Democrats still in New York City's borough of the Bronx. Maybe Stringer has seen the 1981 movie "Fort Apache the Bronx" one too many times. And maybe he thinks Ed Asner is still a Captain in a South Bronx police precinct in State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s home district.

The New York Post reports that:…


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Great Article on Christians and "Near Christians"

Jack Kemp

Trevor Thomas has written a thoughtful piece about the latest scare headlines in the mainstream press claiming Christianity is in decline in America. I urge anyone interested in American religious life to read the entire article. Here is the link and some major quotes.…


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AMTRAK Plot Thickens: Large Rock and Driver Was Gay Activist

by Jack E. Kemp

The New York Post reported today ; that a good size rock about the size of a softball struck the front of the Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia. How much this effect this had on the crash is yet to be determined by forensic investigation. The FBI was called in to help…


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Pigs Fly at Chris Rock...or is it at Obama?

Jack E. Kemp

The very, very liberal Village Voice newspaper has a cover story which throws down a challenge to entertainer Chris Rock. The similarities with Obama are very real.

The Editor of the Village Voice saw a Chris Rock interview on HBO where Rock…

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Iraq & Afghan veterans urge adapting Israeli custom

Jack E. Kemp

I just got an email from, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, saying the following:


For so many Americans, Memorial Day has become just another three-day weekend, filled with barbecues and department store sales that signify the start of summer. Well, not for us. And probably not for you. …

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Give Me That Old Time Hypocrisy, Hillary

Jack E. Kemp

Katie Kieffer has a great piece on FDR's and Hillary's hypocrisy. Here's a salient quote:

Meanwhile, First Lady Eleanor…


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Good blog piece in defense of Pamela Geller

Jack E. Kemp

American Thinker has a good piece on the so called conservatives who are upset that Geller is "provoking" Islamists. Actually, Geller's very existance as a Jew FROM BIRTH provokes the Islamists.

Here's a quote followed by my comment, one of over 485 by Thursday afternoon.…


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Sheryl Sandberg, David Goldberg, and Mike Hammer

Jack E. Kemp

A day or so ago, the papers were full of stories of how internet mogul David Goldberg died after allegedly falling off a piece of exercise equipment, a treadmill, at a Mexican resort hotel. Goldberg was the husband of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg.

From the beginning, this story seemed as fishy as a double anchovy pizza. People on the internet compared it to the story Sen. Harry Reid gave about being beaten up by a piece of exercise…


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Bernie Sanders' Big Mouth Revisited

Jack E. Kemp

It's time to resurrect a story of mine from Dec. 2010, since Bernie Sanders has decided to run for President and is ranting about "income inequality" - from his protected position.

In 2010, we were treated to the spectacle of Bernie Sanders ranting on the Senate floor against people being able to pass their inheritance onto their children, asking "How much is enough?" and never answering the question.…


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The Wrong Scavenger on Page One

Jack E. Kemp

No, I'm not talking about famous politicians - at least not directly.

My local free newspaper has a cover story about coyotes, eagles and owls starting to move into New York City, but the real story is on the Editorial Page. It seems that even though President Obama signed legislation that calls for using other than Social Security numbers as account markers Medicare's computers, that won't happen for a few years - and so Medicare recipients…


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FBI Director compares WWII Poles to Nazis

Jack E. Kemp

Psack Krash Cho-lera (Polish for "dogs' blood cholera"). Even I didn't think this would happen with the gnidas (Polish for "louse eggs") in this administration.

The NY Daily News reports:…


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Hillary's Campaign Song

by Jack E. Kemp

 to the tune of "Help Me Make It Through The Night"

 written by Kris Kristofferson

Cover two horns with my hair

Shake it loose and let it fall

Lying, I will flail your skin

For a trophy on my wall

I'll lie to my own side

All day long and all night

All I'm takin' is your soul

Help me fake it past the Right

I don't care what's…


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When I was discriminated against by businesses for being a male

Jack E. Kemp

The first example, while technically a discrimination, was a raucous, absurd and unusual situation. The second one is more mainstream and everyday case of true discrimination.

Around fifteen years ago, I went to see an absurdist play in New York's Greenwich Village in the late 1990s. The theater was very small and during the second act, I had to go to the bathroom. But I kept putting it off because the plot and stories in the play held my…


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Chris Cuomo & George Stephanopoulos - Hypocrites

Jack E. Kemp

In a Newsbusters piece   that won't let me copy any text,  Jeffrey Lord asks that since tv "journalists" Chris Cuomo and George Stephanopoulos…


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Red State leaves Apple Red Faced

Jack E. Kemp

I am, of course, assuming here that, at some point, CEO Tim Cook is capable of being shamed.

The Red State website, in two recent articles, has pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of Apple's Chairman, Tim Cook, a self-declared homosexual, in his denunciation of the State of Indiana. It seems Mr. Cook appears…


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Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"

Jack E. Kemp
American Thinker notes that  ; Starbucks has officially ended its ridiculous attempt to get coffee servers - baristas - to talk about race with patrons. I guess this will also stop Exxon from asking its gas station…

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Comment of Day on Starbucks

Jack E. Kemp

Starbucks´ push to make baristas

talk about race sounds like

it could be disastrous
Original Article

Starbucks has launched an initiative to encourage its employees and customers to…

Added by Jack Kemp on March 17, 2015 at 3:00pm — 29 Comments

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