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ABORTION: Where Conscience Meets the Womb

A baby is never a mistake, even if the mother's conduct was.

Lately, I've been thinking about our country’s stand on abortion and what the issues are on both sides. As we all know, abortion is the voluntary, or calculated, intentional termination of an embryo or fetus.  I understand that reasonable people can debate when life actually…


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Hillary Clinton and the Global Cook Stove Initiative

I wrote an article outlining the failed policy of the Obama administration the Department of State under the auspices of Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton was testifying at a Senate hearing today (February 28th, 2012) concerning the state department's budget.

The Department of State is our most…


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The Consequences of a Failed US State Department

Russian electronic station on Jabal Al Harrah

I wrote earlier about the strategic importance of Tartus, Syria: the Russian naval base in Tartus is the reason they vetoed the UN resolution against Syria. Valerie Jarrett's "right to protect" policy has not…


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Rallies in Afghanistan were largely peaceful with protesters chanting "Death to America"?

Afghans burn an effigy representing President Obama in Ghani Khail, Afghanistan, Feb. 24, 2012, during an anti-U.S. protest over the burning of Korans at a military base. (AP Photo)

The following excerpt from Emirates247.com is hard for Americans to…


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What Do You Know About the Cybersecurity Act of 2012?

John Rockefeller testified at a Senate hearing for the need of a civilian agency to coordinate our civilian cybersecurity under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano is seated behind him during his testimony: one department to rule them all.

While our personal liberty has been under attack by the government for reasons of national security, when will we understand that security is never worth the price of our freedom. Since…


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The Evolution of War

The end result in a war is the looting of the losing country or countries resources. In earlier history, the people would be enslaved, relocated and/or killed as part of the plunder. As we matured into a more sentientworld, the winners in the conflict found that making the conquered nations pay reparations is a better and more profitable…


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Why America Is Singing the Blues

As the president celebrates by singing the blues, America is also singing the blues:

  1. Gasoline prices are heading for $4 per gallon.
  2. United States relations with …

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Germany Reminds Us that the Key Is Energy

I wrote an article about Iran's strategy in January to embargo European Union countries from receiving Iranian oil in retaliation for the EU ban on Iranian oil that would take effect in July. Maybe. Or August or sometime. The consequences were outlined at that time:…


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The Social Reformer's Definition of Life: Demeaning the 'Sanctity of Life' for an Enhanced 'Quality of Life' (Roe v. Wade, revisited)

"One day, I walked into an operating room, to just be an observant, which we would do generally, as a medical resident. It was the 1960's and abortion was still legal. They were performing this hysterectomy, which was a caesarean section. And they lifted out a fetus that weighted approximately 2 pounds, and it was breathing and crying and struggling to breathe. And it was put in a bucket and set in the corner of the room, and everybody in the room just pretended that they didn't…


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$40 Billion Bank Settlement Was Actually Another Obama Redistribution Scheme

The $40 billion bank settlement concerning home foreclosures has fine print that is just now being made public. This settlement will be repaid to the banks by the government so the American taxpayer is once again bailing out home mortgages that should originally never have been made:

However, a clause in the provisional agreement – which has not been made public – allows the …


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What Does the National Debt Mean to the Average Citizen?

US Debt Clock.org shows the current status of our country's monetary and fiscal categories in real time. The information shown below is from February 16, 2012. No nation has ever recovered from a debt to GDP ratio greater than 90% without going to war. We are currently at 102.23%. But I have added a red circle to a figure that is often overlooked: the assets per citizen. The current figure is $245,690. The…


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It Is Past Halftime in America

It is past halftime in America.  If this was a football analogy, we are down to our last play. Unfortunately, it is not a game where the teams go home and come back to play another day. In this game, it is winner take all: our freedom, our country and our children's future.

If Obama wins this election, we know that the "game" is over. And this realization has lead us to the false premise that we must vote for whoever is running against him. This nameless…


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The Pieces Are Starting to Come Together

Although it is not widely publicized, the common bond between George Soros and Hillary Clinton is their progressive agenda to form a New World Order (NWO). She is very proud to be a "progressive" American:

As the players are deserting the Obama…


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Who is the real threat to America: Janet Napolitano or Islamic terrorists?

hat tip Katie Baker

Consider the following statement from Professor Robert Gellately at the Florida State University:

"I started to read these files about all the victims in just one region of Germany that the Gestapo had processed. It would have taken a large force of…


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Because People Want Hope, They Will Sell Our Freedom


We want peace. We want security. But all of us want hope at this time. Our hope should rest in the hands of God but for a Socialist country to maintain its power, the leaders must transfer dependence…


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Did "Hope and Change" Really Mean "Allah Akbar"?

"Genuine democracy will carry the day."

Barack Obama, February 2011

One year later, we can look back at this turning point in history. The support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by our leadership in Washington has now resulted in their control of the Egyptian parliament. Today (February 9, 2012), the Muslim Brotherhood has called for a new Egyptian government…


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Stand Up for Your Convictions - No Matter How You Are Labelled

If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.

Samuel Adams

The above premise accurately describes the government in Washington, DC. Power and greed have replaced honor…


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Drones, China and an Election Coverup?

The story concerning the RQ-170 drone captured by Iran was quickly dropped out of the news cycle in early December. It followed the same fate in our short-lived attention span as the secret bailout of the European Central Bank by the Federal Reserve, the NDAA passage and the debt ceiling. The following article outlines how the Chinese brought down the drone and why the Obama administration is covering it up.



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Another Consequence of the NDAA - Soldiers in imminent danger are now paid only for days actually spent in hazardous areas

The National Defense Authorization Act's latest consequence is the "modification" of the conditions for receiving imminent danger pay. How much money will this save the government? No figures have been released but the cost to the moral of our soldiers fighting and dying on the front lines is immeasurable.…


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Pro-Palestinian Activists, Occupy Oakland and Incompetent Local Government

Occupy Oakland demonstrators shield themselves during a confrontation with the police in Oakland (Reuters / Stephen Lam)

According to the book "Megatrends", California is a bellwether state for the entire country. If this is still true, the events in Oakland foreshadow the successful implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy for the United States. The Occupy Oakland movement is no longer content to represent the "99%" here: they are now "overwhelmingly" supporting an Israeli boycott.

Let's stop and…


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