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Should Santorum Drop Out?

After Romney's trifecta today, the calls for Santorum to drop out are becoming stentorian. Should Santorum drop out of the race?

It's his call. He is the candidate. He has to make that decision. But let's look at what he has to be concerned about.

As of this evening:

  • Romney just won a trifecta, capturing EVERY available delegate tonight, which gives him tremendous momentum, going into Pennsylvania.
  • There…

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By The Numbers - Can Romney be Stopped?

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are now effectively out of the race for the GOP nomination. But they stay in the race, for the sole purpose of attempting to deny Romney the nomination.

Can they do that?

The answer is in the numbers and I'll get to that.

Unlike honorable GOP candidates in past primaries, who have nobly exited the race, when it became obvious that they could not win, both Gingrich and Santorum have have expressed a commitment to harass the likely…


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Not Enough Delegates

It's effectively "Game Over."

The numbers tell the story.

After today's vote (March 10), baring a cataclysmic change in the principles of mathematics, there are just not enough delegates left for any candidate but Romney to win the GOP nomination. Oh sure, "technically," Santorum or Gingrich "could" pull off a miracle. But the numbers are so overwhelming that it really would take a miracle.

Consider that after today, there 30 more contests yet to be held, representing a…


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Exclusive: Obama/ACORN Plan Idiot-Proof Ballots

ActionAmerica has uncovered a secret plan by the Obama Administration, in conjunction with ACORN, to require "idiot proof" electronic ballots to be placed at polling places this November, in areas where Democrat voting strength is marginal or where voter intelligence is known to be low. Under this plan, Obama would…


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A Christmas Tragedy - Santa Shot Down! Christmas Delayed!

A Christmas Tragedy

- Santa Shot Down

- Christmas Delayed

Bjorn Jorgensen

Black Hills Gazette

Commanchee Pass, SD



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Taxing the Rich into oblivion isn't an option.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Soros and other socialists keep trying to tell us that we can solve the whole deficit problem, by just raising taxes on the rich. Of course, anyone who has a 4th grade education (Oops! I was thinking of 4th grade when I grew up, in the 50's and 60's or 4th grade in today's private schools, not 4th grade in today's public schools. I'll start over.) Anyone with a high school education and one year of college remedial…


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Congratulations, America! You finally did it!

Take a deep breath, America. You've finally worked long enough this year, to earn enough to pay your taxes for the whole year. Since the government claims first dibs on your money, this means that all of your work this year, up to now, has been for the government. But you can now start working for your own benefit.


Tax Freedom Day arrived 46 minutes after midnight, last night (April 12).


Tax Freedom Day is the…


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US Expatriations more than doubled each year since Obama took office.

According to the Federal Register, where all expatriations are recorded, in what are called the Taxpatriate Lists, expatriations more than tripled in the first year of the Obama Administration and then more than doubled that number in the second year of his administration. 


This obscure data should be a dire warning of things to come, if Republicans don't stop Obama's wild…


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ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks Updated for 2011

The Tax Foundation just released their annual update for Tax Freedom Day and ActionAmerica.org has updated our Tax Freedom Day Clocks, accordingly.


This year, the average taxpaying American will have to work till April 12, to earn enough money to pay all of his taxes for the year. In low-tax Mississippi, the average…


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ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks Updated for 2010

The Tax Foundation just announced Tax Freedom Day for 2010, as April 9. Using this new data, all of the ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks have been up updated, to count down to or up from the newly calculated date.

The Tax Freedom Day Clocks continuously draw attention to how much of our hard work goes to fund the…

Added by John Gaver on April 1, 2010 at 6:39pm — 1 Comment

Blaming Insurance Companies for Healthcare Costs is a Red Herring

Obamacare proponents would like us to think that insurance companies are to blame for the high cost of medical care, through their setting of premiums at unrealistically high levels.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, it is just the other way around. Exorbitant healthcare costs force premiums up.

Throughout the USA, insurance companies are strongly regulated and any increase in premiums must face approval by a state insurance board.… Continue

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Use the Tax Freedom Clock Widget to Emphasize the Seriousness of Our Tax Problem

For those of you who may want to use it, ActionAmerica.org created the Tax Freedom Clock Web-Widget, to help folks understand just how bad our tax situation has become.

It continuously counts down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds till the official Tax Freedom Day each year, as determined by the Tax Foundation. Then, after Tax Freedom Day passes, it counts up, till the end of the year. As such, it effectively equates dollars paid in taxes, with time… Continue

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