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How, "Never Again," Is Much Better Than, "#StopFiringRockets,"

This is one of those instances where I'll hear someone, or a couple of people, state a Universal truth in such a manner that it makes even better sense to me, and helps me to clarify my perspective. I've written before about the sheer idiocy of the, "proportional response," a term invented by our friends who reside on the left side of the political aisle. This is the concept that says, regardless of the fact that side A initiated the hostilities with an unprovoked act of violence, the…


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Remarkable To Behold, Like Swiss Watches Are Our Socialist Friends

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

I caught this one on my news feed yesterday, and I seem to have remembered reading it before. In fact twice before. The first time was in the Spring of 1980, and the second time during the Clinton Presidency. I remember vividly the 1980 story, because Mr. Ruthers, my history teacher at the time graded a report I did based upon that Time Magazine piece. (I was a flaming liberal in those days of life without consequence.) The main crux of the argument went something like…


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The IRS Has Openly Flipped Us The Bird America. What Should We Do Now?

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

I was all set to do something on Fauxcahontas' Eleven Commandments for America's future today, and then I saw this one. So now it seems as though 19 IRS computers magically crashed, obscuring incriminating emails and other proofs of nefarious communication betwixt Lois Lerner, and basically everyone she communicated with.

From the Daily Caller…


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Saturday At The Movies: Bill Whittle's, "What We Believe," Full Version

So, here's this weeks submission for a replacement hour of network television over your weekend. Think of it as an alternative to that hour long conservative bash fest that all Hollywood produced crime dramas seem to have become. It's all seven of the excellent Bill Whittle, "What We Believe," videos put together in one shot. Personally, I'd not seen all seven previously, as I missed one or two of them. As the sunspot activity this week is actually something that's been labeled an, "All…


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"You Can't Go Home Again," Now Extends Itself To Climate What Now, Thomas Wolfe Weeps In His Grave

Alternate Headline: Is the world really this stupid, collectively speaking?

This is a statement so stupid, it could only have come from someone with a college education.

- Dennis Prager

When Thomas Wolfe wrote those oft repeated words, "you can't go home again," he was referring to the fact that his hometown did not remain static after he'd left as a youth, seeking his fortune in the world. His home town did not turn itself into a shrine,…


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I Have A Solution Which By The Way Will Save 18 Billion Bones.

So, remember one or two crises ago, when collectively, we all had our panties in a bunch over the VA Scandal. (I hate to sound flippant or sarcastic over something that really does deserve to be scrutinized. It's just that this one left the collective front burner, and it deserves to be placed back there, along with Benghazi, Pigford, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the Green Fairy, IRS Targeting Scandal, NSA Domestic Spying Scandal, the Bergdahl Swap, Arab Spring, and any of…


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Whittle Says It Better Than Most: Mark Zuckerberg, Where Do You Live?

I can't think of much to add to this, except that this crisis was created from nothing, by a President who seems hell bent on destroying the fabric of this nation. I am for immigration reform, but my version of it I guarantee you is vastly different than what our President's version is. It's most certainly different that Harry Reid's or Nancy Pelosi's. It's probably not even…


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Conservative Democrat Sighted In Alaska!

Cryptozoologists the world over have been seen dancing in the streets the last few nights. With the rumored sighting of the mythical creature known as a Conservative Democrat in the state of Alaska,…


Added by John Wiseman on July 14, 2014 at 3:24pm — 7 Comments

The Proportioned Response, An Exercise In Idiocy

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Being a science fiction fan, Star Trek, pretty much all of them with the exception of Voyager, are a part of my permanent collection. Outside of the technobabble being used to magically extricate themselves from far too many problems, I have only ever had one other major complaint about the shows. That was the obvious leftist slant used to spin the use of military force when warranted. Time and again the audience gets to watch the Enterprise correctly identify that they're…


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Before We Climb On The, "Sarah's An Idiot," Train, Bear In Mind That She's Right

First, the redefinition of Treason from being a subversive act designed to overthrow the government, to merely pointing out that our President has violated enough of our nation's laws sufficiently to face some form of accountability. We'll discuss this in greater detail later on.

There's a video here which would not embed in the TPN text editing platform. Please click the link at the bottom of the post if you wish to see it.

Before we get to the crux of the argument,…


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Finally, A Solution For The Ginger Problem!

Just as I've predicted, there's a new Chicken Little scenario upon which to hang hopes of inflicting Socialism upon a society too foolish to see the scientific need for that repressive system. (Remember, it's for the children!) The scientific minds of South Park have isolated this evil, and have done the noble work of creating a PSA to warn us all.

I know what you're…


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If You Think The Democrats Are Running From Obamacare Now, Just Wait Till October

In the never ending game of, "is the conservative, evil, stupid, senile, or crazy," Sarah Palin drew the stupid card, and they even made a movie about her to prove it. Game Change showed us a Palin so vapid, and simultaneously vacuous, that I honestly believed that Ed Harris, the guy playing John McCain, would at one point knock her over and begin using her as a kettle drum. The great quote from the movie was Sarah saying, "we have to win this race so I won't have to go back to Alaska,"…


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Saturday At The Movies: Thomas Sowell On The Vulgar Pride Of Intellectuals

Thomas Sowell defines an intellectual as a person who's end product is ideas, and nothing more than ideas. It is within that context that the following discussion will take place.

Ronald Reagan once quipped that the problem with Liberals was that they positively knew so much that just wasn't true. Many debates are won based upon nothing more than who shouts the loudest, or who's able to speak most eloquently, irrespective of the merit or lack of merit inherent in the actual facts…


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TPN Peeps, I Need Your Help Please.

My fellow Tea Partiers, and fellow knuckle dragging bigoted racist homophobes. I need your help, and long story short, there is one person specifically among you who I believe may be able to help me out. I have picked up a troll, at my personal blog. At the beginning of all of the attention he paid me, I considered this person to be nothing more than a nuisance. He then became a little bit of a creep, and today he ventured upon actual threat against me.

I have very specific reason to…


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Happy Fourth Of July Everyone!

Just for fun, I thought it would be cool to promote the document that got the whole thing kicked off, promoted to the front page. So, for anyone who cares to read it over again, here is the Declaration of Independence.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the…


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The Wealth Gap Versus The Consequence Gap

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Any Government big enough to give you everything you need, will also be big enough to take from you, everything you have - Thomas Jefferson.

Elections have consequences. Laws passed have consequences. Laws passed also have unintended consequences. One of my favorite personal epiphanies has always been…


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There's Blindingly Dishonest Analysis, And Then There's Mother Jones

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

I stayed away from the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Kerfuffle purposefully, mostly because, and I can not stress this enough, there's really nothing there. In the broader context in which every American citizen attempted to explain the pending and then rendered decision using some sweeping philosophical or Constitutional template, most missed the fact that it was simply a case in which lawyers of both sides argued about how to reconcile two previously enacted laws passed by…


Added by John Wiseman on July 2, 2014 at 4:54pm — 5 Comments

What Do You Call Scientific Theory Based On Faked Data?

Busted, you call it busted. Any statement past that is simply asinine. But, don't worry my fellow inhabitants of the worker's paradise formerly reserved for the free and brave, I'm sure that the whole climate change grievance theater will continue on, as if nothing has changed. We'll still be bombarded with shouts of, "we have to self inflict economic hardship and damage now in order to save the Earth," or, "anyone who denies that climate change isn't real is just like…


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Sunday At The Movies: Legally Speaking With Antonin Scalia

Here is Antonin Scalia being interviewed by Law Professor, Calvin Massey, at the U.C. Hastings College of Law. This series, "Legally Speaking," sees Massey interview a number of guests for public broadcasting. Scalia is interesting for a number of reasons, most notably for the fact that he was, for a long time, the only originalist on the court, something which he discusses here with Massey. He also gives his interpretation of the Ninth Amendment towards the end, that one piece of our Bill…


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Thad Cochran And John McCain Save Team Palooka!

150218 600 Miss Sen Thad Cochran cartoons

Palooka - A prize fighter who purposefully throws a fight in which he is favored in exchange for a payoff.

When I was a 5 or 6 year old wannabe alpha male in my home town, feeling those first oats provided by the Y Chromosome, I threatened another 5 or 6 year old kid to that ultimate deciding contest little boys of that time period used to settle disputes. I threw the first punch, and subsequently got my little fanny beat. He won and I lost,…


Added by John Wiseman on June 27, 2014 at 2:48pm — 14 Comments

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