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Wise men still seek Him

Clarence A Mason (aka) Mason Weaver

As a Christian who is not ashamed of the Gospel, let me welcome all to celebrate our most wonderful celebration. Please feel free to join-in with the festivities and recognize the birth of our Savior. But please understand that Christmas is a Christian celebration, not a Christian holiday nor any other event. Understand that you are sharing the most intimate beliefs of many Americans, that "unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given . . . and… Continue

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Islam's God and Christianity's God are not the same...

Days after 9-11, Pres. George Bush did a complete about face. He called off his “crusade” and pronounced Islam a “religion of peace.” The left was ecstatic. They grabbed the “religion of peace” rhetoric and took off running, propagandizing ignorant Americans with a sugar coated version of Islam that has so much in common with Christianity. Inner faith groups popped up almost over night pushing their multiculturalism and diversity agenda on the American public with a sinister glee. Even…


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The real reason for the season!

Mason Weaver

As a Christian that is not ashamed of the Gospel, let me welcome all to celebrate our most wonderful observance. Please feel free to join in with the festivities and recognize the birth of our Savior. But please understand that Christmas is a Christian celebration, not a Christian holiday nor any other event. Understand that you are sharing the most intimate beliefs of many Americans, that “unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given . . . and his name shall be called… Continue

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The war on Christianity

Is there a war when only one side is fighting? We have pulpits all over America catering to their members instead of their mission. Ministers are becoming entertainers and motivational speakers. Our churches are motivated by the number of members, size of budgets and the political influence of the Pastor.

Not all churches but those who seek fame will find a willing media as well as accepting… Continue

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Reason and Faith and the GOP Elites

Timothy Birdnow

"For now we see through a glass darkly."

That phrase, from the Letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians, pretty much sums up the human condition; Man lives in the present here in the material world and remembers the past - and neither of those temporal states are well grasped, because human beings are very limited. We can only see what is in front of us, or what has been told to us by others, and our memories tend to fade with time, often playing…


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Sowing the Wind

We are shocked at the news that 20 small children, and six adults, were gunned down at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Our hearts are broken at the thought of helpless children being sent to their graves for reasons that we can only imagine.  And in our efforts to assuage our grief, to fight back against this injustice in some meaningful way, we naturally begin to ask, what if there were no guns in America?

It must be human nature to focus on the more visible elements of a…


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Religion vs Faith

   It doesn’t take long to hear outcries for “separation of church and state” when any mention of God is uttered or displayed on public property. In response, there is an outcry from the other side for “freedom of religion.” I wonder how many people to realize that both sides of this argument lean upon the same Constitutional foundation? It is the first amendment that guarantees both “separation” and “free exercise” with regard to religion. It stands to reason then that a proper…


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Kirk Cameron's Film "Monumental" Reminds Us of Our Christian Heritage


by Diane Rufino, September 14, 2012


A review of Kirk Cameron's movie, "Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure."


We often hear people talk about America's Christian heritage.  Usually it is in the context of some government action or…


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  • Unemployment at suffering levels
  • National debt crippling our national security
  • Cost of energy out of control
  • Looming economic depression
  • Onslaught of illegal immigration
  • Human trafficking
  • Ripping God’s Holy Bible with its laws of justice and integrity from the public domain in the name of a newly defined “separation of church and state” and violating our 1st Amendment Right to religious freedom of conscience
  • A…

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All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name; Let Angels Prostrate Fall! Bring Forth The Royal Diadem, And Crown Him L-rd Of All!

For those of you who may have missed this video in the news (on CNN, believe it or not) early last month, here is a home video of a Christian woman in Kentucky praying to G-d, as what would turn out to be a huge F-3 tornado forms directly over her house, March 2, 2012. I cry every time I see this video. Her faith moves me to…


Added by American Infidel on April 4, 2012 at 8:59am — 1 Comment

Holding the Handle

These columns and others by astute observers have summarized many problems that our nation is facing. At times it seems as if the difficulties are so numerous that we can’t resolve them all. We can’t seem “to get a handle” on our current situation because it’s too difficult to grasp. Fiscal, social, economic and political problems are overwhelming us. Although each issue may appear to stand alone, they are all inter-related and interconnected. The linkage is rather clear if one lifts the…


Added by Charlie Earl on March 30, 2012 at 5:35am — 12 Comments

A Legacy

As the proud (very, very proud) grandfather of 3 (soon to be 4) wonderful young people and children, one of my greatest concerns is what type of legacy I will leave for them. I don’t mean legacy in the way that most career politicians use the term….a notable political achievement. No, the legacy that I seek is the one that is firmly implanted on their hearts and their characters. Each of them has unique talents and abilities that equip them well for becoming producers and contributors as…


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Independent Believers and Libertarians

Roughly 25% of self-professed Christians in the United States attend independent Bible-believing churches. They are categorized as Independent because they do not belong to a formal denominational structure. Some with common beliefs and practices may join in loose alliances with similar churches, but each local church retains its autonomy and manages its affairs in a biblical fashion. In addition some 76% of Americans claim to be Christian so that would suggest that about 19% of the U.S.…


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Knowing Everything About Nothing

Is it possible to know nothing? Or is it more likely to know much that isn’t so? Is uninformed and mistaken the same as unaware and clueless? Does certitude lead to arrogance or perhaps to inner peace? Knowledge is not a firm absolute. At one time intelligent learned people presumed the Earth was flat. At a period in our past no one knew about the atom or the human circulatory system. Knowledge changes….expands….is corrected. It seems to be a geometric process. The more we learn or discover,…


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A Tennessee High School Football Game Prayer

A Tennessee High School Football Game Prayer

(hold control, click mouse)

A friend recently sent me an-mail about a high school principle in Tennessee, Jody McLeod of Roane County High School.  I am not going to repeat the entire story here as it is very long but many who read this may…


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After America


Steyn, Mark (2011) After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. Washington, DC: Regnery


“Get yourself a gun while you’re still allowed to.” (255)


I met Steyn when he autographed my copy of America Alone: “Jim, let’s win.” His comment fueled me in low moments for the last five years. His message this time: We’re not winning.

The rot in our hull includes: (my own opinions are in parentheses). 

  • Our empty bank accounts. Too…

Added by James Brody on August 8, 2011 at 9:51am — 1 Comment


I have been concerned about the path of our nation for several years but did not know what to do or how to do to change it.  I had become discouraged and had the thoughts that I could not make a difference; that we were too far gone to turn around.  Last June I began watching Christian television stations broadcasting shows about our Christian heritage.  I learned all the facts in school, but dates, times, people, and places isn’t the whole story.  These programs delved into the backgrounds…


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Memorial Day Prayer

Originally posted at Truth & Consequences on Memorial Day, 2008


This is the day we remember those who have fallen in battle, thereby making the supreme sacrifice in service to our great nation. Too many of us don't fully recognize what this day symbolizes. So I am offering a Memorial Day prayer, both to give my thanks and hopefully help us all be a little more appreciative. Here it is:…


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Allert_Plymouth-Canton School District Allows Ceremonial Dagger - - - Please Read

Why isn't this getting more media coverage? American children are being kicked out sclool for pointing their finger like a gun, for wearing a cross, Bible or even a flag on their clothes and yet the allow these to wear a knife because it is part of their faith. It would seem that the only faith banned from school is the Christian. You shold all send this to your representative and to this school and demand answers.

Plymouth-Canton School…


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This enemy is relentless. we need to stand firm.

The war against American will be lost unless we get our acts together and I mean- get it together fast. We have in our mist an enemy that is relentless in achieving its goals of world domination. We have an enemy that knows the system, knows how to use it while playing on our guilt for things that our ancestors did. We have an enemy whose ancestors did worse but this enemy doesn’t have a conscious and so doesn’t feel guilt about anything. We have an enemy that has a mass appeal to an uneducated… Continue

Added by Wolfy Ghalkhani on December 2, 2010 at 2:17pm — 1 Comment

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