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One Town Disarmed

History provides us with a valuable gauge to know how much tyranny has beset a nation and just how comfortable people are in their servitude.  Are Americans immune to such maladies today?  History proves the answer to that question to be a resounding “No.”  Let us take a snapshot from history, however, and you…


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Newtown Anniversary of Sandy Hook Massacre Guided by a Child’s Focus on Love and Kindness

    Jesse Lewis and his mom Scarlett Lewis - Photo Credit - Fox News

As the morning chill of December crept across the Newtown, Conn. landscape 26 families had their lives and their town torn apart by gun fire targeted at innocent elementary school…


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Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the Dad I Never Knew I Had

The most consistently strident voice championing the cratering of your…


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Barbarians at the Gates of Sandy Hook

Popular culture has made murder, rape, mayhem, hatred, and violence "cool"

by Timothy Birdnow

The recent massacre at an elementary school in Connecticut (the ironically named Sandy Hook - it’s been a bad year for anything named Sandy) has, predictably, brought a chorus of calls for gun control and to double down on Progressive social reform schemes.

It appears no tragedy, no matter how horrendous, is to be allowed to “go to waste” as Rahm Emmanuel would say.…


Added by Timothy Birdnow on December 16, 2012 at 10:24am — 35 Comments

Friday! History, Remembrance, Life Appreciation

On This Date In 1779 Congress established the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help plan, design and prepare environmental and structural facilities for the U.S. Army. Made up of civilian workers, members of the Continental Army and French officers, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers played an essential role in the critical Revolutionary War battles at Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Yorktown.…

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