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Waste and Fraud in Medicare and Medicaid

How many times since the campaign of 2008 have we heard talk of saving millions of taxpayer dollars by 'reducing the fraud and waste' in Medicare and Medicaid'? Sounds really good when you're looking for a candidate you can believe in to make a real effort to do exactly that. However, when I read an article like “Medicaid Bills are Disputed” (St. Louis Post Dispatch…

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The general Welfare

There is a clause in the constitution wich states Congress has the power to promote the general welfare of the people. When James Madison was asked," Does this clause give congress unfettered power to make laws that they deem to be in the general welfare of the people?" Madisons response was very clever and it can be found in federalist paper 23. He said, "Absolutely not. It is traditional to use a general term in the beginning and to detail it later on. The constitution details the…


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This is an amazing development to me. Please read the article, watch the
videos and act upon the items you feel comfortable with. Pass this on to everyone you can. The court date is on May 14th. There will be a 7 day march around Columbia University before the trial each day.


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My friends it's now time to seriously start hammering out the planks on what the Tea Party movement stands on!

Not a third party, I was on board with Ross Perot what did that get me? Just eight years of Bill and Hillary! But what the candidate needs to support in order to ride the tide of the Tea Party tsaumi or drown in the floodwaters of judgment from the hands of We The People. Planks that get back to our Founders Vision, bringing back the checks and balances, holding elected leaders accountable in… Continue

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Natural Law of insurance “physics” = Pay a monthly premium while healthy, on the outside chance you will one day need hefty coverage, because if you do not have the policy, and you find yourself in a bind, you cannot get the coverage you need.…


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This is where he plans on putting the terrorists from Gitmo....That is how this was sent to me....Even if it is not a prison here in the U.S. it still is unreal.....

New Cook County Correctional Center, Chicago , Illinois

It shows that in most cases the quality of life for prisoners has improved considerably…


Added by Gary Thurman on March 30, 2010 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Harris Poll: Sarah Palin Leads Vs. Obama or Romney

If the election were…

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Praise from satan

Our Nation’s Leadership deserves praise, for their Compassion. By merely taking your heart and soul, your every need and desire will be satisfied!…


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Senate Blocks Senator Sessions’ Final Attempt to Fix Immigration Loopholes in Health Care Bill In the final round of the year-long health care debate, the Senate took up the House’s reconciliation bi…

Senate Blocks Senator Sessions’ Final Attempt to Fix Immigration Loopholes in Health Care Bill

In the final round of the year-long health care debate, the Senate took up the House’s reconciliation bill last Sunday. H.R. 4782, the “Health Care and Education Affordability and Reconciliation Act,” amends the original Senate bill with “fixes” the…


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SAVING "The Codes of America!"

Dear Patriots,

Why is that the language in which our banks lend to investors have all been changed, but liberal Americans have not yet considered how Global banks from other countries may lend to its people here?…


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Tea Party Mission

We cant let the liberal media identify us. We have to develop a clear mission,and define our purpose for existing.

The tea party is a nation of law abiding citizens that are frustrated by being taxed and not represented by our elected politicians. Our mission is to make sure they hear us, and to fear the political ramifications of not doing the will of the people. We are ordinary citizens who know they are the owners of this country, and that our politicians only have their…


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SAVE "The CODes of America!"

The Codes of America!…


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Searching for Passover; found this...

Hi everyone,

I haven't been here for a while, but my heart is with all of you. Yea TPN!

I saw that this year, Obama will also hold a…

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Sarah Palin Endorses 3 Vets For Congress: Lieut Allen West, Major Vaughn Ward & Capt Adam Kinzinger

America, if you love your freedom, thank a vet! And if you’re looking for leaders who believe in integrity, service,…

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Where are the leaders?

Where are the leaders? Who will take us out of this mess? Even the best intentioned group, no matter how large, needs

leaders. Where are they?

This person must be willing to sacrifice. Why? Real leaders do not just do what they do for themselves. They make decisions or

set their country/state/municipality on a certain course because they have the

welfare of the electorate in mind.…


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With Health Bill, Obama Has Sown the Seeds of a Budget Crisis

We are in a serious financial crisis. Obama seems to feel he is playing with Monopoly money, but he is now in a danger zone of economic bankruptcy. He either does not have a clue about economics, or he is deliberate in his destruction. Why this man was never vetted is the mystery of the decade. The public is not aware of his academic career, or the subjects he took, or the papers he wrote, much less his grades. I would be curious to see his college writings, and his theses, irrespective of…


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Passed along to me by email, just another reminder to me of how we need to somehow expose and shout from the rooftops the the cover up of the usurption of OBAMA and the various communists in the democratic party. Expose them through our own research and media…

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Downsize of the Fighting Force

Tea Party Nation,

I have reciently posted this information on a John McCain web site for his attention and recieved no notification or heard any sort of reply. Not that i expected one but hey you have to try.

The U.S. Navy has implemented a highure tenure for all persons in the paygrade of E-5. Resulting in the termination of there service after 14 years. This is arrived at, through stagnation of persons unable to score high on military tests, perform better than there…


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(Great Photos) Time Magazine: Sarah Palin Unmatched National Appeal, Obama Care Her Opening Battle

After signing his landmark health care measure into law and re-stoking the fires of his presidency, Barack Obama took a victory lap in Iowa on March 25 and dared Republicans to put health care repeal at the center of their 2010…

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VETT Them All!!--"THE Constitutional OATH"

Firstly, ALL would-be Candidates running for Office in November must be Properly VETTED!!-

Secondly. They should be CONSTITUTIONALIST in Nature, and be willing to, for the public state the affirmation that the believe and UNDERSTAND the "Constitutional Oath!"

Thirdly, that they take the "Oath" verbally, as required to obtain office, the DIFFERENCE being that they do so BEFORE being Considered for the Office they seek!!

"I, ________ __ __________, DO Hereby and Hereon Most… Continue

Added by Larry M. Meyer on March 29, 2010 at 9:00am — No Comments

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