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Hope for the Country from the Church?

Have you ever wondered about the miracle of the American Revolution? I mean really wondered how a colony with little resources was able to coordinate a movement to declare independence from the most powerful empire in the world? And then win its independence? How much thought have you given to the following entreaty in this declaration:

And for the support of this…


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Vote No MORE Obama

I am a graphics designer. Not a political consultant. I believe Obama has to be defeated. I made this graphic for high quality, outdoor, vinyl banners, see votenomoreobama.com. I am NOT doing this to make money. You can check everywhere, starting at Kinko's.

A BANNER of this quality costs $600.00. You can get low quality banners on the net for @$210.

I can get these 9'9" X 7'H BANNERS made for @$78.00. The cost of shipping is huge because the vinyl weighs a lot. The total cost is…


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There is only one way for Newt to win Florida.

There is one way and only one way that Newt can win Florida.

Lt. Col West has come out with a very pro-ninth and tenth Article position. If Newt now does one very short and fast ad, stating that all states have their ninth and tenth rights and if the Fed denies these rights the states have the right to secede. He will win those who look at Col West as a leader. He would win the Secession movement of Florida vote and he could bet a bunch of the Ron Paul…


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The Big Tent Myth

Each of the dinosaur political parties claims to promote a “big tent” philosophy.  Following their primary and caucus battles for the nomination, they scramble to the “center” to appeal to a broad sector of the American electorate. The flaming lefty Democrats attempt to appear more sane and reasonable, and the great Republican Establishment wants to be viewed as more “compassionate” and “inclusive.” If they were selling breakfast cereal, The Federal Trade Commission would cite them both for…


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Will John Wayne Be There In November?

During the election cycle of 2010, I wrote an article which was published in Canada Free Press with this title.  It seems fitting that I do an update of this for the 2012 election as November is moving ever closer.

As a young lad growing up in an isolate French Canadian community in Alberta, Canada it…


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Breaking News from NewsMax

Breaking from Newsmax.com

Cuban-American Leader: Huge Push for Newt Over Mitt

Carlos Perez, one of Ronald Reagan's closest Miami advisers and a Radio Mambi talk host who is influential in Florida's Cuban-American community, says there is growing resentment among Hispanics due to “lies and distortions” from GOP candidate Mitt Romney targeting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Perez told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Saturday afternoon that a backlash is…


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What would Regan do?

The Rebublilcan Party needs to consistantly find stong candidates that are viable. As a Repulican in S AZ there needs to plan to be in constant action. Also we need to focus on all the issues that matter to erveryone. As a party we need to stop living in the past. Stop comparing ourselves to Ronald Reagan. There is only one Ronald Reagan.


President Reagan knew how to bring the country together. Life was truly based on the constitution and the bill of rights. The federal…


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Romney receives important Soros endorsement.

I am not saying that Mitt went out and solicited an endorsement from Soros, rather I just want everyone to know that even old George Soros admits that Romney is Obama Lite. 

This past week we have seen Romney bring out very deceptive ads against Newt. He has not targeted Ron Paul as at this point he does not seem to believe that Dr. Paul is a credible candidate - surprise he is.  So is Rick Santorum.  The real difference that I see, is that Romney has not truly shed his…


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Many of you have probably heard about yesterday’s riots in Oakland, CA by the useful idiots in the OWS mob (I refuse to glamorize it as a “movement”). These criminals are domestic terrorists.  Unlawful breaking and entering into a vacant convention center, YMCA and then City Hall is just another effort for the Liberal elitists to disrupt and riot.

The most heinous crime was burning our great symbol of Freedom, Liberty and Unity, the American flag. The flag stands for the UNITED STATES…


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Commerce is the Profession of Equals

I recently had lunch with a good friend who is a commercial real-estate broker. After exchanging pleasantries we entered into an extended discussion of the role of government in the control of what my friend describes as “dirt”. Real-estate is after all basically “dirt”. 

He was…

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Tea Party Express Touring Florida: DAY ONE

Tea Party Express Touring Florida: DAY ONE

My colleague on three Tea Party Express national bus tours has been conservative rapper David Saucedo known as Politik. One of David's songs is titled, “That's The…


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Failure to Punish

David Lawrence


NY, NY 10021 


Failure to Punish


Michael Mele murdered twenty-three year old Laura Garza on Dec. 3, 2008 after picking her up at the Marquee nightclub in Chelsea.   


Now Michael Mele gets a plea deal of twenty-three years. She’s an innocent saint and gets condemned and executed within minutes.  He’s a guilty creep and gets room and board in…


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Republican Party is Not Worth Their Weight in Salt - They Do Not Know How to Fight!

We all know that the Georgia Superior Court held its hearing on Obama’s eligibility.  Obama was subpoenaed to appear but he did not.  Nor did his attorney.  Prior to the hearing Obama’s attorney tried to get this case dismissed but was unsuccessful.  So the hearing went on without the defendant, President Obama.  Exhibits were placed into evidence, and then witnesses were called and testimony was heard.  It appears that Obama’s true identity is being hidden and he is not a Natural…


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Newt/Mitt  enter the convention with a thousand cuts.

Ron holds on to his dedicated followers.

Santorum with a number of delegates stands in the shadows and watches.

The first ballot is cast and there is no majority.

The Republican establishment offers us an alternative.

The delegates led by the Tea Party give the establishment a collective finger and turn to the one conservative candidate that has worked for the nomination.

Rick Santorum ,…


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Fly Me to the Moon; Why Newt Gingrich was Right About a Return to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon

Why Newt Gingrich was Right About a Return to the Moon

Timothy Birdnow

Saturday, January 28, 2012


In a recent speech in Florida, Newt Gingrich proposed building a Moon base/colony, and was roundly mocked by critics, most especially by his chief opponent in…


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Can Soros & 73 Republicans Take Newt Gingrich Down?

George Soros says he wants Romny to be the Republican Candidate because there isn’t much difference between Romney and Obama. Looks like 73 of the Old Republican Establishment agrees with Soros - there's a fox in the woodpile here, folks!…


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Cain Endorses Gingrich for President

Saturday, 28 Jan 2012 08:46 PM

By Martin Gould and Dave Eberhart

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination late on Saturday – at the same time accepting a position as the former House Speaker’s tax reform chairman.…

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Saul Alinsky and the Romneys’ Progressive Activism

by Dan Riehl

Mitt Romney’s father, liberal Republican George Romney, met with and endorsed infamous progressive activist Saul Alinsky; meanwhile, in a defense of Mitt Romney against charges of racism, the National Black Chamber of Commerce points out the significant influence the elder Romney had on son Mitt and credits the Romneys for …


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The Washington DC cesspool, the establishment elites, and the one person who can change it.

It was 1994 when the Republicans wrested away control of Congress from the Democrats and voted in as Speaker the one person most responsible for that long awaited reallignment, Newt Gingrich. Newt understood the vital importance of gaining a Republican majority to counter the damaging policies that would be wrought upon this nation by a left wing ideologue in the White House. He championed, and campaigned long and hard for Republican challengers attempting…


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