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Attacking BP and embracing Green has Taxpayers seeing Red


As you know I have been a proponent of taking back our submerged lands from the federal government. I firmly believe that the states with a coast line should decide if to drill off shore, where to drill off shore and how to drill off shore. These states also have skin in the game, namely their beaches, and should get the vast majority…


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Not Yours To Give


I recently had lunch with a friend with our discussion revolving around the proper role of government. He made me aware of a conversation between Colonel David Crockett and Horatio Bunce . Colonel Crockett was running for re-election to the US Congress…


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Why do I Need Permission to Replace my Water Heater?



I happened to visit the official website of the City of Venice, Florida . The City Commissioners held a meeting on December 14th and reduced governmental fees, a sort of Christmas present to local property owners. Here is what is on their website:



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Why the Left is so determined to tear down Sarah Palin

Our Founding Fathers were Honorable, Successful, Educated, God Fearing, Honest, Family Oriented men who truly believed in personal liberty and freedom to pursue ones own happiness in whatever way they deemed fit.


Who does this sound like to you?

  • Is there anyone in today’s public spotlight who is Educated, Successful, God Fearing and Family Oriented?
  • Is their anyone in today’s public spotlight who truly believes in personal liberty and…

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Calling Out Race Exploiter, Al Sharpton

Keeping my new year's resolutions to lose ten pounds and call out blacks who exploit race, I call out my third incident of race exploitation of the year; this one committed by Rev Al Sharpton.


Sharpton appeared on…


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The True State of the Economy

By Alan Caruba

The mainstream media will fall all over itself to put a good face on the President’s State of the Union speech. Time was when Presidents simply sent a written message to the Congress (Article II, Section 3) to be read in chambers, but we must now suffer through an hour and a half of madcap Democrat applause and frozen Republican silence.

Great television, it isn’t. The worst part, even before the speech, is that everyone knows it will be filled with… Continue

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Right to Work

The principle is not difficult to grasp: if you are the owner of you, then you have a right to work. If you do not have the right to work, then someone else owns you. If you oppose your right to work, but you don't know who else it is that owns you, may I suggest...me.

We'll call it the TimFL-CIO, and here is how it works: the government forces your employer to withhold dues from each pay check and send them to…me. That’s right - you will pay me to take away your…


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American Pie

Here is the difference: socialists fret over giving everyone an equal slice of the pie, while capitalists bake more pies. Which is better - abundance distributed unequally, or an equal ration of scarcity? Capitalists choose abundance.

Wealth is created when materials, labor, and capital are employed to add value. The baker takes $1 worth of ingredients (material) mixes and kneads and rolls and forms it (labor) and bakes in an oven (capital), and creates a pie worth $6 to the market…


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Deist or Christian: In Search of the Truth

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding some of the ninety people who can be counted as Founding Fathers. There is this one thing that just bothers me. I hear many people parroting "The early presidents and patriots were generally deists or Unitarians, believing in some form of impersonal Providence but rejecting the divinity of Jesus and the relevance of the Bible." I've spent a lot of time going through source documents and have come to the conclusion that this absolutely is…


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What Is The Tea Party?

This is a question I get a lot. Since the Tea Party Movement is a grassroots American movement one cannot definitively say or lay claim to the precise platform of the movement, though one can say what most of the members believe, especially members of specific Tea Party groups that publish their platform. 

For example, the question is answered very well on this website and on such sites as What is the Tea Party? and …


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Steal my Anti-Abortion Poster Idea

I'd like to donate a concept for an illustration to this board.


I have created ideas for winning political cartoons posted at American Thinker (the one of the small group of senior citizens cast away on an ice flow and called ObamaCare Senior Alaskan Cruises) and others at Project Shining City and Intellectual Conservative.


My proposed anti-abortion sign has no accompanying illustration because I can't think of one that wouldn't be horrid. The sign would say…


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As the "Boomers" begin their journey into the age of Social Security, let's do a little exercise in the numbers using our tried and true "old Math"...

We all realize that the money we will be getting from the bankrupt Social Security system will be coming from our grandkids and great grandkids...our children are now paying the freight for those drawing Social Security benefits now, as those of us still working are also doing....I will be 62 this…


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State of The Union, or Stae of The Lies?

This up coming week will the State of The union by this so called President. It should be called the State of The Lies which he is very good at. I just wonder what dreams and scams he going to come up with this time. He has lived up to the last one, the Tea Party had better be on Alert cause he going to after us.

This incompetent person does not have the experience to run the outhouse let alone the country that we all love very much.

Even when this guy was running for the job people… Continue

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My Advice to the POTUS about the SOTU

By Alan Caruba

Some of you will have more important things to do on Tuesday evening than to listen to President Barack Hussein Obama’s second State of the Union, commonly referred to as the SOTU and, of course, he is the POTUS.

Is there an acronym for B-O-R-I-N-G and P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E?

Here’s some free advice for the POTUS. The highlight of your first SOTU was the way you insulted the members of the Supreme Court seated in their robes right in front of you.… Continue

Added by Alan Caruba on January 23, 2011 at 7:37pm — 2 Comments

Agenda 21 Part I: A Global Economic Disaster in the Making

Note: this article was first posted at Right Side News last month and has been all over the web, as has…


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Chinese Pianist Plays Anti U.S. Propaganda Tune at White House

Did anyone else see this??  I am appalled! And of course our Chinese brown-nosing administration did NOTHING NOR SAID NOTHING about this direct in-your-face taunt and humiliation!  I am so sick of this Obama regime!

Christina Latchford




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The Economics of Govt. vs. Private Discrimination

Once again, economist and best selling author Thomas Sowell points out another problem of a politically correct government medical system that hires who it considers worthy of employing. This could also extend to the ObamaCare plans for racial preferences in medical school admissions to "make up for past injustices" - by creating new ones. More on this later, but first the historic perspective.


From Dr. Sowell's book "Applied Economics," Chapter 7 "The Economics of…


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Health Care repeal vote coming to the Senate

“Health Care repeal passes the House…… Senate action unlikely.” These are the type of headlines and news crawls that have been flying around DC ever since the vote (link: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll014.xml) of 245 to 189 was announced in the House of Representatives last Wednesday evening.  As a matter of fact, during the C-SPAN showing of the House vote, the crawl that ran at the bottom of the TV screen was a statement by…


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Please support the SB518 Verification of Employment Eligibility Act in Florida

Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement  Alert


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First Black Tea Party Forms in Houston

Anita MonCrief, infamous ACORN whistleblower, went on Sean Hannity's radio show this Thursday to discuss the founding of America's first black Tea Party.




Added by james simpson on January 22, 2011 at 5:00pm — 137 Comments

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