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Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on Pre-Emptive War

As a Constitutional conservative, I will only work with the powers vested to me in Congress within Article 1, Section 8. I am not conceptually an anti-war candidate. As a commissioned officer in the Navy during the Vietnam era, I believe we must maintain a strong military, superior to that of any other nation, and provide our soldiers the necessary equipment for them to perform optimally and protect them from harm. While war can be considered justified and essential under certain circumstances,… Continue

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Taxpayers paid $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze'


WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Taxpayers paid $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze'

Speaker's trips 'are more about partying than anything else'


Posted: January 29, 2010

12:20 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh



Part… Continue

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POTUS vs. SCOTUS, Or The Arrogance of Inexperience!

The aftershock of the State of the Union address to the nation will reverberate for some time to come. We have grown to understand the constant rhetoric coming from a president whose only worthwhile capacity is that of a consummate pontificator, or in street corner terms, a union or community organizer capable of manipulating the ill-informed. If our President were stripped of his academic book smarts, he would have little to offer beyond his skills to talk a good talk. His practical skills and… Continue

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I have written a booklet, an old fashioned pamphlet in the spirit of Thomas Paine, designed to help recruit members to different groups focused on the Constitution. It is short, less than 50 pages, but it is full of arguments both pursuasive and legal for reinforcing the Constitution.

It can be used to ask specific questions of our government officials concerning their attitudes towards the oaths they have taken and what that means, what sort of laws they are passing and what… Continue

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Environmentalism Not About the Earth But About Control, Part 2

Those still not convinced should ask themselves before they run off and join such groups how much control they want to cede over their lives to the beneficence of the collective. For once one signs over the very right to ownership to one’s dwelling and possessions, where does it end?

Willing to relinquish rights to the conjugal affections of your spouse to the group? Don’t snicker.

In many cults, those not willing to surrender their spouses to the group are labeled as… Continue

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State of the Union - Reality Check

Friends and Fellow Americans:

On the 27th of January, 2010, the 44th President of the United States delivered his “State of the Union” address to an assembled Congress and invited guests. Here’s the reality of what should have been addressed, as opposed to re-election campaign speech we were given.

Mr. President, Members of the assembled Congress, and honored guests:

President Obama, you made an inspiring opening comment – “One year ago, I took office amid two… Continue

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Long live the Republic

"...For the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God..."

When I was a child I repeated these words each morning prior to the beginning of class. Our teacher selected one student for a one week term to lead the class. To be picked to lead the class for an entire week in the Pledge was a post of honor and reward for behaving in class and minimally passsing the previous weeks spelling test.

One particular morning our 4rth grade class had an early morning assembly that… Continue

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Lech Walesa speaking to Illinois Tea Patriots

The Tea Parties of Illinois

Are gathering at the Federal Plaza,

230 South Dearborn

On Friday

THIS FRIDAY, January 29 at 2:30 p.m.

Lech Walesa, a REAL Nobel Peace Prize winner, Solidarity Co-Founder and former Polish President, will speak to the tea partiers about the strong sense of conservatism that unites our cause and about the ills of socialism!

Lech Walesa is going to meet with all the Tea Party and Patriot groups from around the state at… Continue

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More half truths, promises with no backbone, and outright deceiving lies ignoring the will of the people. Again, we've heard him blame President Bush, blame Wall Street, blame the GOP, and now a new enemy, attack the US Supreme Court for upholding 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. I hope that the American people can cut through the BS and the two faced promises from Mr Obama. There is no change in behavior or policy direction, he still wants to force his liberal agenda down your… Continue

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Obama doesn't care!

After listening to one of the most boring speaches Ihave ever had to force myself to listen to it has become quite obvious that Obama doesn't care about the voters! He is NOT LISTENING and isn't going to! He by his own admission going to go down the same path with the same failed policies as he has in the past year. The only way to defeat Obama is by defeating him in Nov. He knows damn good and well that he is going to lose the House and more than likely the Senate in Nov and he will march his… Continue

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Keith Ellison, the Islamic congressman from MN, submitted a letter demanding Israel open it's borders. He has talked 53 other congressmen into signing this anti-Israel, pro-Hamas letter. Ellison got his start with CAIR...which tells you where he's coming from! Check out this article to see which congressmen receive funds from CAIR, and support the terror of Hamas.


Let's pray that these men and… Continue

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In light of the spin we will inevitably be subject to tonight, let's get some real figures down. Firstly, a freeze is not a cut, and in order to get a grip on reducing our deficit, you have to reduce spending, Mr. President, but you already know that. That's just going to be Spin No. 1, and the most critical to our existance. Everything else takes a second seat, because if this county goes backrupt, the rest cannot be dealt with.


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The Tim Tebow Doctrine

I know you guys have heard about all the progressive screaming about Tim Tebow and his mother's video about the decision Tim's mother made while pregnant with him. The doctors said she cold die if she did not abort him. She refused. Now Tim and his mother are telling there story and all the " Right to kill children," organizations are trying to do what they always do, shout loud enough to make them stop. I believe the only time you should allow an abortion is if the mother will die if not, or… Continue

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Alert---Special Rally in Chicago this Friday

The Tea Parties of Illinois are gathering at the Federal Plaza,

230 South Dearborn St, Chicago, Illinios

on Friday,

THIS FRIDAY, January 29 at 2:30 p.m.

Lech Walesa (former leader of poland, co-founder of solidarity) is going to meet with all the Tea Party and patriot groups from around the state

He is going to rally our cause of Freedom and he is going to speak about the ills of Socialism.

Please have positive signs and lots of flags waving.

We need to… Continue

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The Dying Fish Stinks First At the Head

Well get ready folks for another State of the Union address by our Tax n Spend Commander in Chief. I suspect that it will be filled with a lot of rhetoric, more blame on President Bush and the GOP, more promises that will be broken, outright lies, and smoke n mirrors to make the President and his liberal democrat cronies look like they are listening to the American people. Obama (or should I say, his teleprompter) is going to tell the American people what they want to hear, but are they really… Continue

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Obama's Political Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

Ten months ago, I wrote the following piece which appeared at the American Thinker.com. I am reposting it here as a primmer for tonight's "State of the Union" show which is just another excercise in bait & switch Liberal delusions.

Print it out and keep it handy - as an anecdote to the propaganda that the Teleprompter in Chief will inevitably spew.

Remember: He lies.

In the field of Psychiatry, Munchausen by Proxy is a disease of a child's custodian, usually a… Continue

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Not For Sale

Our latest in our line-up of "fair & balanced" music...lol...(see this article for a liberal perspective of the Tea Party movement in general...Scott Brown, Fox News, my songs, and this site!!):


Not For Sale

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;

when the government, there is liberty." ~ Thomas…

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We Are Heading For Victory Through Prayer and Our Adversaries Know It!

I just thought I would chime in late and add some inspiration to the fire. Uncle Teddy's seat is now on our side.

I live in IL and I don't fully understand what problems you are referring to. I will go to any blog or any place where I know that believers gather to defend this nation. We can't be stopped because the Internet brings endless places to gather, encourage, and bring down evil. This country was founded by those who step out of the shadows and defend Jesus and his teachings.… Continue

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Decisions and things to think about

Decisions lead us through either the path of least resistance or the path that seems like we are dodging avalanches every step of the way. My decisions up to this point have been very few, I am at College because I have to/want to be.When I was in High School, all the decisions I made was what I wanted to eat and to Join High School Marching band. I go to Church because I want to, but even if I didn't I still would have to go. When I was a child, all the decisions in the House where made by… Continue

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To Article 5 Skeptics

Problems exist every where, and with every thing. An article 5 convention will happen one day if not now then sometime in the future be it when I'm still alive or dead. And if not by us then by whom?

Those videos are sketchy arguments at best. I have not heard one thing on them talking about what the Founding Fathers said about this. I have heard a lot of things that lawyers and Judges have said in those videos. Yet you don't convince me. Why, Why then, if this is so dangerous did… Continue

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