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The Invaders: A Parable

Undocumented and unafraid

Pulling into our driveway after a relaxing month-long cruise, my wife Mary yelled, "What the...?"  Mexican flags, old cars, discarded beer cans, and trash were all over our property.

I recruited my Spanish-speaking neighbor.  He yelled over the blaring Mexican music…


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Jan Larue, an attorney who is a legal analyst, has explained the “anchor baby” and the 14th Amendment in such simple terms that even I can understand the issue now.  Please take the time to read her astute comments at “Anchors Away” – by Jan LaRue – The American Thinker – 8.27.15 --

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Post American Culture: Silent Death of American Citizenship

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 7: What do you do when your country turns into another country, language and ethos? Are we no longer a country of Americans? Who are we and what are we becoming? A multicultural hellhole stampeding into America.

Americans No More? Multicultural Hellhole!

In 2003, I met DC journalist Georgie Ann Geyer at an immigration conference hosted by Dan Stein at . She wrote a book: Americans No More, which…


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TRUMP: You're Hired!


So much Trump much information, WHAT do we believe?…


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They Are Not In Control: We Are

I watched the movie “Ghandi” last night.  I liked it the first time that I saw it many years ago, as I’ve always loved a retelling of the histories of peoples who threw off oppression.  And though I’m not sure at this point that we Americans, those of us with a regard to our heritage and founding principles of living and governing are what most would call “oppressed”, we are nonetheless staring at an attempt to implement such oppression at…


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Little Darling or She Devil


Maybe journalists should consider taking an oath prior to venturing into the profession, by following in our physician’s footsteps and taking the Hippocratic oath “First do no harm.”

It would be something that politicians might consider too, because at this time they seem to feel empowered by their respective…


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We are not socialists who cling to the idea that we must all be the same by government edict. We are Americans and no matter how many chains the Left Liberal Socialist Democrats try to weigh us down with we are a free people by the blood of those who fought to keep us free. The Democrats only offer candidates who seek to control Americans and legislate our freedoms into nonexistence to fit their agenda.

REMEMBER WHO WE ARE! We must pass…


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Like Vultures, Liberals Circle Virginia Murders

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

It sure didn’t take long did it…for liberals to seize upon a crisis and not let it go to waste.

Yesterday, before the bodies of Alison Parker and…


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Toby Miles’ Emails Targeted in Lois Lerner Investigation

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

Well, Golly gee…what do we have here???

While Hillary’s private email accounts have been the subject of great scrutiny, there are other email…


Added by Craig Andresen on August 26, 2015 at 7:05am — 1 Comment

It's Time to Resurrect a Sixties Protest Slogan - But With a New Twist

Jack E. Kemp

While others were celebrating and drinking, Willie McTear spent the flight home from Vietnam lost in thought. He tried again and agian to remember the faces of his friends Ron Schworer and Forrest Ramos. Already it was getting harder to recall them vividly, which saddened the big man greatly. He didn't want to forget his friends. He never wanted to forget. When he filed off the aircraft in San Francisco he finally smiled. There wa a crowd there cheering, welcoming him -…


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A Peek into Our Future if Obama's EPA Rules Go Into Effect

The Environmental Policy Alliance will go live today with a great ad opposing new bureaucratic and absurd ozone standards proposed by the EPA.

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“Will the Real Donald Trump Please Step Forward”

By Donna Garner



This documentary on Donald Trump entitled “Donald Trump: What’s the Deal?” was commissioned by Leonard Stern in 1988 and was filmed between 1988 and 1991. The documentary had two screenings but was suppressed by Donald Trump who threatened to sue Leonard Stern and his associates.


When Donald Trump decided to run for…


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Trump, Trumpers Trumped by Truth

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

For the past month, and with few signs of letting up…Trumpers, some of them Conservatives…most of them Trump trolls…shills for the liberal/socialist…


Added by Craig Andresen on August 25, 2015 at 7:05am — 2 Comments

How Google Can Rig Everything in Washington, D.C. - and All Around the World

Let us ponder for a moment who and what Google is.  Google has made tens of billions of dollars - being all up in your business.  Uber-efficiently doing what governments the world over have for centuries only at best bumblingly attempted - accumulating reams and reams of data on millions and…


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Generations of Stolen Black Dreams


In response to my article, “Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away”, a sincere black activist emailed asking me with what would I replace it? I asked him to explain. The bottom line of his lengthy passionate reply is “Negroes” are still not free in America. He says America has reneged on…


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I'm Mad As Hell... TEA Party, We Did Not Lose Our Way... Bah... Bah... Bah...

We are sheep being lead to the slaughter...

You pay (if you pay taxes, and I suspect many of us may not) are paying up 45% of your income to the mafia, I mean Federal government for protection insurance...(extortion)

We are afraid of the IRS, we are not patriots we are sheep...

We let the Federal government rob us without a gun... just fear...

All blog... I mean: all talk, not action...

Enough is enough...…


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Post American Culture: Structural Depression With No End In Sight

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 6: Legal and illegal immigration pushes our country toward endless growth while ignoring our foundation. African-Americans thrown under the Obama bus.

Mr. Ed Perlmutter, 7th District, Colorado, my House of Representatives member wrote a response to my concern on immigration: “There are an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., and 180,000 living in Colorado. It is not realistic to think we can deport 11 million people from our…


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John Kerry Said He Wishes WHAT???

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

Considering some of the treasonous utterances spewed forth by our current Secretary of the State of Denial…one John Swiftboat Kerry, friend to the North Vietnamese while others…


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Trouble is coming -- 2 Things we need to do now

Okay, friends--


Anyone who knows anything about financial markets knows that all that was lost last week, and that will most likely be lost this week, that the value was "on paper". Lots of things look good "on paper". At the start of this year's MLB season, the Red Sox looked like world champs "on paper". Trouble came in a hurry, resulting in a couple trades, minor league callups, and then the manager getting cancer. Not good.

The world's economy… Continue

Added by Bill Wierzbinski on August 23, 2015 at 8:04pm — 2 Comments

‘I love America,’ said Donald Trump, ‘and every time you hear me speak of this wonder, I’ll emphasize it more and more!’

‘I love America,’ said Donald Trump, ‘and every time you hear me speak of this wonder, I’ll emphasize it more and more!’

As the press is in wonder why this phenomena of Donald Trump, or as they refer, the ‘DONALD’ is sweeping this nation, is not the reason obvious? How long have we had to listen to the mythomania – the absolute distortion and lies of our current president – on a continuum, advanced by that same press that wonders about DONALD’ while missing what is so…


Added by Dan Short on August 23, 2015 at 6:28pm — 16 Comments

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