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Thomas commented on Nick Short's blog post Democrat-Media-Complex
"Could the future consist of a country that consists of 50 states and is called The United States of America could come out of the current social, political and economic "funk" to thrive in the future while at the same time the strange…"
2 hours ago
Thomas commented on Nick Short's blog post Democrat-Media-Complex
"Can profound ignorance such as exists in this nation's major city news outlets, both print and electronic, be the product of anything other than rote so-called learning and the most superficial and shallow-minded "thinking"…"
3 hours ago
Thomas replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Trump’s Plan for Muslim Immigrants Doesn't Go Nearly Far Enough
"I Clipped the comment that's in quotes below from another article about another topic.  I think it says much with just a few words.  Far too many of us lack the personal knowledge that's need to accurately evaluate the threat…"
Jun 19
Thomas replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Trump’s Plan for Muslim Immigrants Doesn't Go Nearly Far Enough
"I ran across the quote below in an article that was about an entirely different topic.  I think it says much about why so many people in Europe and The Americas are seemingly so resistant to the idea that Islam is more qualified to be…"
Jun 19
Thomas commented on John Velisek USN (Ret.)'s blog post We Need to Become America Again
"How much 'credit' for the world's economic and political condition can be laid at the feet of that bastion of Scandinavian socialism -- The Nobel Foundation -- which has made no secret of the fact that their awards are most likely to…"
Jun 13
Thomas commented on Jack Kemp's blog post I think Trump just won the debates
"The people in the insular and disconnected so-called "government" of that strange little parasitoidic country that's called The District of Columbia suffer from the delusion that they are all-powerful and almighty when in fact they…"
Jun 13
Thomas commented on Dan Short's blog post Speaking truth is not racist!
"There's one important little bit of this story that doesn't seem to be getting much mention.  I think this qualifies the judge to be considered a militant Hispanic -- or a Hispanic militant -- even if he was born in the U.…"
Jun 11
Thomas replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The insane, out of control government
"Even though it is very unlikely, a federal government shutdown through Congressional pulling the funding from the Executive Branch is probably the only way to save this country.  I think it is too late for an election to accomplish anything…"
Jun 11
Thomas replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The insane, out of control government
"The PA system at my local supermarket was playing The Fat Lady singing "God Bless America" when I was there this past Wednesday.  As Yogi said, "It's not over 'til the Fat Lady sings."  Well, she sang -- I…"
Jun 11
Thomas replied to New Centurion's discussion The United States of Mexico
"This should have happened early on in the first Obama term.  It was not very long after he was sworn into office that his affliction of mental dwarfism began to be apparent.     Remove Obama From Office For Mental Illness Under the…"
Jun 9
Thomas replied to New Centurion's discussion The United States of Mexico
"To expect anything worthwhile from anything federal is to expect something that you will not get.  Think eviction, not secession.  The implosive collapse of the parasoidic government of the strange little foreign country that's called…"
Jun 9
Thomas commented on Seton Motley's blog post In Venezuela, Net Neutrality Does In Fact Mean Internet Censorship
"Be amazed.  This is planet Earth.  Well.....Be damned.  Our imaginations are able to take us to many places and conditions in our wonderings that the laws of nature won't allow us to go in our wanderings.  And those…"
May 26
Thomas replied to Tea Party Nation's discussion The king of debt…or something else.
"Well, Jeff, under the circumstances you described, you would probably need a lawyer more than most folks, even if it is one who is as bitter as Judson seems to have become."
May 10
Thomas replied to Tea Party Nation's discussion The king of debt…or something else.
"One person's "Trump" story (Not mine -- I'm just sharing it.  Any questions?) Subject: VETERANS In 1991, at the end of Desert Storm, a 19 yr old US Army Cavalry Scout Private who had just spent 8 months at war sat out on a…"
May 10
Thomas commented on Ray Tapajna's blog post Trump's message has a life of its own
"Well, gee whiz, Thelma.  Shucks.  You sound like someone who has a heart that's just brimming over with kindness and good feelings toward your fellow man.  Have you thought about the fact that many of the people who are…"
May 8
Thomas commented on Ray Tapajna's blog post Trump's message has a life of its own
"The post below by Steve Jan started me thinking along these lines that are somewhat off topic but I think maybe still relevant: This is a rhetorical question: "Has there ever been a socialist regime that survived long enough for its functional…"
May 8

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At 9:34am on November 29, 2011, joetheeconomist said…

I posted this on Kathline's wall because I didn't think that anyone else would be interested but it answers the same question that you ask :


You asked what we can do: Organize, Organize, Organize.  This is a blog piece from our site about what you can do about Social Security.  But it is true of all aspects of government: http://www.fixssnow.org/blog/post/2011/11/10/Are-You-Serious-About-Social-Security-Reform.aspx


I will tell you that many people don't believe that they make a difference.  This is why they are ignored.  My sister-in-law who has a very full time job told me I am too busy to start an organization.  So I said join an effort.  Then she said she was too busy to find a organization.  She had to know exactly what the organization did and about the money.  I told her to join our effort (which is not even solution specific and we take no 3rd party money)  The name is too contenious.  Register with a bogus name.  It is too much trouble to set-up a new FB account.  So I told she didn't want to do anything - and she told me that she writes her Congressman.   And I told her honestly, you are not writing your Congressman you are writing a 19-year old intern.  She doesn't believe that she makes a difference, and gets mild self enjoyment from writing letters of outrage and indignation.


There  are a lot of people like her.  She votes straight ticket Republican so no matter what they do, they will get her vote and money no less. She is part of the problem.  She is willing to sit in a problem thinking that the Republican version of the problem is smaller than the Democratic version.  She doesn't believe that she makes a difference.


The first thing that we can do - and this isn't just about SS - is believe that we make a difference.

At 9:29pm on July 13, 2011, John Woods said…
Uncle Sam is not dead yet.
At 3:26pm on May 10, 2011, John Mainhart said…


True.  I am sure you are a lovely soul because you are interested in the truth.  I must  insist that every tax paid is in some way connected to what we produce including individual taxes since the money we earn is included in the price of what we purchase.  Since we must pay some taxes I would rather those companies making lots of money share in that process and if the playing field is competitive they may not be able to just add the tax to the price.  I liked the whole system better when the anti-trust laws broke up large businesses.

At 11:20am on May 10, 2011, John Mainhart said…
I see no reason that Big businesses shouln't pay taxes.  When capitalism started in this country by Presbyterians they believed that businesses had a social obligation to help the society from which they gained their largess.  I don't see any mreason why we as tax payers should help big business to make more money.  They should pay taxes, get no deductions especially for their machines wearing out , and they should get no susidies.  The more the people in Washington give to capitalists the more the capitalists give money to them to win eloections.
At 12:14pm on December 30, 2010, joseph C Avila said…

Tom : I read your comment about the feds charging fees instead of the income tax.

I would rather have the feds have only one avenue to tax and that would be a flat rate income tax on the states  gross income.

Then the feds cannot tax businesses or individuals, only the states' treasury.

This makes the state the primary taxing agency for the businesses and individuals within the state's boarders. Each state would have a different tax law so they would then be in competition with each other to attract businesses.

Also, the IRS would only have 50 income tax returns to process.

Yes, this cuts the IRS down to almost nothing.

I explain this all in my blog "Regaining Freedom". 



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