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Ruth Fennell commented on Dan Short's blog post My name is Barrack Hussein Obama (aka, Barry Soweto, foreign student) and I destroyed the last bastion on earth of a nation that had even a chance of preserving liberty!
"Judge Eve Cohen Ellingwood, they released Ted Cruz's mother birth certificate today and she WAS born in Maryland...  try again... "
Jan 8
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Does John Boehner survive?
"Something happened....somebody got to Boehner....  On his Golf Channel interview with Feherty, he said how much he LOVED being Speaker, it had been his dream and he was just having a GREAT time...  for him to WILLINGLY give that up....…"
Sep 25, 2015
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Weaponizing Obergefell
"Judson, seems to me like the Democrats already have (and continue to have) "control of Congress."  Impotent "leaders" like Boehner, McConnell, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (who SADLY "represent" my state of…"
Sep 6, 2015
Ruth Fennell liked Judson Phillips's discussion Weaponizing Obergefell
Sep 6, 2015
Ruth Fennell liked Judson Phillips's discussion Just when you thought they got the message.
Jan 15, 2015
Sep 29, 2014
Ruth Fennell shared Judson Phillips's discussion on Facebook
Jul 25, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Did Obama Admin. Plan Ahead to Facilitate the Children’s Invasion of our Southern Border?
"The other component to think about - yes, it is Cloward and Piven (may they all rot in hell), but it is also George Soros and the "Open Borders" crowd trying to overwhelm the system AND create an "American Union" (just like the…"
Jun 26, 2014
Ruth Fennell shared Dan Short's blog post on Facebook
Jun 15, 2014
Ruth Fennell shared Dan Short's blog post on Facebook
Jun 3, 2014
Ruth Fennell commented on Timothy Birdnow's blog post Saul Alinsky Tactics and the BLM War
"I too understood Mr. Bundy's point of concern over trading one form of slavery for another.  I didn't pick up on any hatred in what he was saying - only a sadness that things have gone in that direction.  We all know that the…"
Apr 25, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion How did Obama win 2012?
"A Democrat judge barred the National GOP from EVER challenging any election due to voter fraud.  The judge has since retired but comes out of retirement once a year to renew the…"
Apr 11, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Mitch gets his gun.
"Thanks, Oscar Booth.  If you can link to Matt's Facebook page or the Bevin Brigade Facebook page, it will also give you updates on his positions and events.  Thank you in advance, on behalf of the Bevin campaign, for your support and…"
Mar 10, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Mitch gets his gun.
"I agree, Juan.  We just need to keep getting the word out on Matt...that conservatives in Kentucky DO have a choice!  Tea Parties, Freedom Works, The Madison Project AND the Senates Conservative Fund have all vetted Matt as to his…"
Mar 10, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Mitch gets his gun.
"Judson, you KNOW that I respect you but we will have a difference of opinion on this issue.  As a "Tennessee Volunteer" who is supporting Matt Bevin, I fully believe that he CAN and WILL beat Mitch "blank check for Obama"…"
Mar 10, 2014
Ruth Fennell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Matt Bevin and the danger of faux Tea Party Candidates
"Catherine - I also read that article and agree with it.  I think it explains the situation from a realistic perspective, and would encourage others to also read it."
Feb 21, 2014

Ruth Fennell's Blog

TSA Screening Procedures, intrusive "pat-downs" and the "Three P's"

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 12:31am 0 Comments

As with most of us in the Tea Party, I've been seeing all the news reports about the “new” TSA process of extra screening procedures and intrusive “pat-downs.” I have several thoughts on this related to the “Three P’s:”…


Reflections from the front line - Republicans vs. Tea Party

Posted on November 9, 2010 at 11:20pm 104 Comments

One week later, …the initial excitement has died down, and are my reflections from the front line and lessons learned for the next time……


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At 9:42am on March 22, 2013, Whitehorse said…

Hi Ruth! I keep up with Fairview & Dickson County Tea Parties via FB. I believe we all need to be connected together as possible & as efficiently as possible.

At 12:19pm on January 14, 2013, Gail E. Engelhardt said…

Ruth, I'm located in the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Cartersville, GA .  In fact, I am the Tea Party Director for the Bartow Tea Party.  Our website is www.bartowteaparty.com and our email address is bartowteaparty@gmail.com.  I am a Certified Paralegal just fighting the good fight to save our Nation from a usurper and tyrannical government.  How about you?

Thanks for tell me you like what I post.  I try to limit it to what I feel is very, very important to saving our Republic.  Gail

At 11:50pm on August 18, 2012, Kate Bowe said…

Wow Ruth, you have quite a page! You must be a really busy person. I don't really even look at my page, as it is all I can do to read what TPN sends me.

I wish that I was in Nashville. I do not like Florida. My sister is in Riverview.

Sure hope Florida goes with Romney in November. Thanks for the friend invite.

At 1:23pm on December 16, 2010, Ted Kornblum said…

Ruth, I am returning a old comment about surporting Kerry Roberts, Was during Aug. Election and I was supporting Lou Ann. I did fully support Diana Black in the election.

I now see that Kerry Roberts is running for 19th District State Senator.  Tell me what I can do to get involved down here in Murfreesboro. Will meet-up with Kerry at Sundays event. If going look me up, Thank you Patriot

At 3:00pm on November 18, 2010, John R. Lancellotti said…
Ruth ... no chance in the world that anyone is gonna wake up and smell the coffee. So far I've lost three friends because I think Obama stinks. And this despite the mess he made of healthcare "reform." Two of the people are experienced journalists ... newspaper people who have been covering politics and politicians forever. And even they are snowed. They're honest people... just sound asleep at the switch. Just yesterday one was begging me to "give him (Obama) a chance," and accusing me of being emotional. Well, I covered politics for 35 years ... and emotional is the last thing I think of when I'm involved with politicians. The only thing I think of is what will these guys do next? Best always, John
At 12:55pm on November 15, 2010, Sue Carroll said…
Thanks Ruth, Proud to be friends!
At 2:50pm on November 13, 2010, Maryanna Kizer said…
You read my last comment! Lock Piatt was in my class at Yuma Union High School class of '61. You're too young for our class but love to have you join Carl & I. Its my 50th but not 'til Oct.2011. Love ya, Sally
At 12:10am on November 13, 2010, C.J.Kallis said…
Thanks for the friend request--Bear with me --I am learning this social networking thing. But I love the idea that folks are getting their opinions out there. Your observations from the front line were very enlightening. Am still collating my ideas about how much we won on November 2--in terms of victories over 1) Progressives, 2) RINO's, and, 3) Obama. BTW, more of my thoughts are expressed in song at my website Teaoverboard.com. It needs a little up-dating, but it's in it's infancy. Feel free to visit--More songs to follow as that is my best way to contribute to this wonderful awakening. Would also welcome comments.
Will look to more of your blog posts--I am imagining you are in AZ and I am always interested in what is going on in other states leading the fight (unlike CA). Thanks again, Ruth--John (C.J.)
At 2:37pm on November 11, 2010, Ted Kornblum said…
Ruth, Proud to be a friend. Been on TPN since 4/2009. Helped start 9/12 Rutherford, and quite active. Volunteered for LOU ANN, worked entire district. You most likely Diana Black. OKAY. I carried her signs entire election. I have faith in her. I attend most events in area . Also known as flagman. Small Don't tread on me, US, Iseral and Bettsy Ross.
At 11:00am on February 9, 2010, Simon Jester said…

Welcome to TPN make yourself at home PLEASE read the FAQ.

Then you may wish to join your State group,


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