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The Establishment Clause

Started Nov 10 0 Replies

It seems as if every other day there is another story about a sports team or a classroom or a university where religion is under attack. The assault on religious expression has reached a…Continue

The Clinton’s weren't bad, eh??

Started Oct 28 0 Replies

I received the following email:The Clinton’s weren't bad, eh??Amazing to me how much I had forgotten! When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care…Continue

Police under attack

Started Sep 21 0 Replies

We have a crisis in law enforcement. Not many people understand how a society best fights crime.In a country that cherishes liberty the police do not prevent crime: They cannot prevent crime. This is…Continue

New World Order: The End of Liberty?

Started Jul 20, 2014 0 Replies

I came across a video by Dick Morris titled: One-World Globalism Run Amuck! Here is the link:…Continue


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"Hey, give him a break, you cannot expect a Kenyan Communis,t who worships Islam,to know our Traditions.  Maybe our expectations are just too high for this POS.    In so far,  as Old Geezers go, buy or "Pull Up" some…"
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"You have described my childhood to a tee.  I am 71 years young and I still respect everyone with a yes ma’am or yes sir.  I still dp this until they show me that they didn't deserve my respect.  I didn't think about my…"
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"Good one, William!  He is a babbling idiot!"
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"Just think of all the damage and destruction this Muslim Communist Lying pResident and his regime have done to our country in just 6 short years? We've been hypnotized and in a dumb down stupor the entire time doing NOTHING! "EVIL EXISTS…"
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Presidential Sophistry

Posted on November 27, 2015 at 10:17am 9 Comments

Our sophist in chief has the temerity to compare the Syrian refugees with the Pilgrims.

First, the Pilgrims were escaping religious persecution. The Syrians are not being persecuted for their religious beliefs, if anything they persecute Christians.

Second, the mass immigrations from Europe at the turn of the 20th century mostly had as the foundation of their culture the Judeo/Christian Bible the same bible that was the foundation of the American…


Hate as a Political Weapon

Posted on June 18, 2015 at 8:00am 4 Comments

The tragic news of the church massacre in South Carolina got my attention.

I've held the view that love is passive/hate is dynamic for decades. I wrote and filed an essay on the subject in March of 2007. The massacre that took place in a place of sanctuary made me think that maybe i should publish it. For what it's worth, here it is.

Hate as a political weapon

Resentment turned to anger turned to hate, along with fear, has become a political weapon. Hate…


Governments Consume

Posted on January 21, 2012 at 3:19pm 1 Comment

Governments don’t produce wealth. If this were not true, why do governments collect taxes? Why don’t they just pay their bills out of the wealth that they have produced? The fact is that all governments, from the very first, consume wealth. Everything that the government does, even if necessary or important, is consumption.

Prior to the 18th century, all Governments acquired wealth by invasion, conquest, enslaving the conquered, various forms of subjection (serf, vassal,…


Government and the Redistribution of Wealth

Posted on August 31, 2011 at 9:58pm 0 Comments


Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines socialism: b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. (Emphasis mine. )

Production controlled by the state, or socialism, has been around for as long as there have been governments. The taking of the fruit of the labors of those that are productive and giving it to those who are not is the method by…


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At 10:55am on March 10, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…

Thanks, ROC 29, for sharing that link!

If Republicans can figure out the key to reaching the people, they can win the election. The main thing to keep in mind is they don't trust government!

At the same time, they count on government to keep it's promise to follow through with their Social Security and Medicare Entitlements. When politicians start talking about "austerity measure," they interpret it to mean that the little they are expecting to get, will be taken away.


At 8:37pm on January 3, 2013, Jeff Dover said…

Thanks for the note, Roc29,

Here's the thing: my organization is based on a conservative agenda.  You can see it if you go back a week or so in my blog.  We don't have "party control" right now, we have the control of the very, very few individuals over the many.  My concept would be made of state and national councils all of which would have to stick to the agenda, posted for all to see prior to our voting for any member of this party and sending them to DC.  Lobbyists would be out of the picture.  We know what works in government and what makes sense.  The constitution spells out powers.  Take the whimsy away from individuals in office and the possibility, to the extent possible, that they can be corrupted, base it on that agenda, posted for all to see, and I think you've got a winner.

Finally, it's as clear as day that the status quo is a loser.  I prefer action to doing nothing.

"Hope" is bulls***.

At 2:04pm on January 3, 2013, Jeff Dover said…

Hi Roc29,

The post was my recommendation on how to change it.  Change the party rules -- or change the party.

At 9:40am on July 28, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

"Roc29" - Please allow me to share with you this link to read my ENTIRE book FREE


At 9:46pm on May 6, 2012, James R. Norris said…

Few of us know and understand the crisis that is at hand.  I think it's too late.  The young will not listen to reason, and I'm too old to fight.  I'm working on having enough cornbread and chicken to make to the end.  Good luck to you, and may GOD bless, z

At 1:47pm on March 17, 2012, Donald Vastlik said…

Your comments are right on.  The Democrat mindset doe's not allow them to win a war.  They like to win a battle and then forsake a war victory.  Bush made a similiar mistake after the Irac win to reshape the country into a Democracy.  I say, bomb, figh, and t win the battle and get out. We cannot reshape the world.

At 8:45am on October 18, 2011, Charles H. Sims said…
No, redistribution of wealth is from the producers to the non-producers.
At 1:17pm on June 18, 2011, Katie Baker gave Roc29 a gift

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