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The Establishment Clause

Started Nov 10, 2015 0 Replies

It seems as if every other day there is another story about a sports team or a classroom or a university where religion is under attack. The assault on religious expression has reached a…Continue

The Clinton’s weren't bad, eh??

Started Oct 28, 2015 0 Replies

I received the following email:The Clinton’s weren't bad, eh??Amazing to me how much I had forgotten! When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care…Continue

Police under attack

Started Sep 21, 2015 0 Replies

We have a crisis in law enforcement. Not many people understand how a society best fights crime.In a country that cherishes liberty the police do not prevent crime: They cannot prevent crime. This is…Continue

New World Order: The End of Liberty?

Started Jul 20, 2014 0 Replies

I came across a video by Dick Morris titled: One-World Globalism Run Amuck! Here is the link:…Continue


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Dec 30, 2015
Paul R. Bedard commented on Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
"We're all talk and no action! In our government, polititicians blantly break the law and no one is ever convicted and goes to jail! What kind of signal does that send to our younger generations!"
Dec 30, 2015
Joan Manhardt liked Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
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"Liberty and Tyranny. !. We are the 3rd country with the largest population. 2. We are far from being a homogenous nation and itis growing worse. 3.The collective Hispanic population is said to be the largest population in the US. 4.The school…"
Dec 30, 2015
Ron Harders liked Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
Dec 30, 2015
PC PCC commented on Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
"I have always said that American citizenship has a great value and we should be careful whom we allow to have it. People all over the world want to come here just for out brand of freedom. They could stay home and simply adopt our constitution, but…"
Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
Steve Merkel commented on Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
"The nation was founded on Christian principles. Our law was based upon the Bible. Over time, we have pulled up anchor, and are drifting out to sea, headed for the rocks. Our law schools don't teach the Constitution, they teach…"
Dec 30, 2015
Tim commented on Roc29's blog post Liberty or Tyranny
"If the founders were alive today, I bet they would want to determine how best to reorganize state and national governance giveb 330 million citizens. As best I can tell, they would be stunned to find that we had not already applied those principles…"
Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015

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Liberty or Tyranny

Posted on December 30, 2015 at 9:42am 9 Comments

Liberty or Tyranny

Throughout history the natural order for societies has been for nations to be governed from the top down by a ruling elite. This is because man is basically a barbarian driven by self interest and might makes right. Broadly, the structure of nations has been; a ruling elite at the top which has all the power and all the wealth; a security force or army (what Plato called guardians); and the rest of the population—their subjects. The army was charged…


Left and Right Differences

Posted on December 14, 2015 at 10:34am 0 Comments

Dennis Prager is a talk show host broadcasting on KRLA AM870 in Los Angeles M – F 9:00am to noon, Pacific time. He can be heard over the internet here: KRLA AM870

For those of you who may not know he has created a web site called Prager U. It’s a virtual classroom for those who want to know the truth about America and its history as well as examine important philosophical issues. The courses are presented in video form and…


Trump is Right

Posted on December 8, 2015 at 10:35am 25 Comments

A central tenet of Islam is Sharia law. Sharia law violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause. Therefore any Muslim that supports Sharia violates the First Amendment and should not be admitted to the United States.

If a Muslim is willing to sign an affidavit rejecting Sharia law that includes a provision that if they indorse or promote Sharia they will be deported and they meet all other vetting requirements then they can be admitted.

The purposes and meaning of the…


Presidential Sophistry

Posted on November 27, 2015 at 10:17am 12 Comments

Our sophist in chief has the temerity to compare the Syrian refugees with the Pilgrims.

First, the Pilgrims were escaping religious persecution. The Syrians are not being persecuted for their religious beliefs, if anything they persecute Christians.

Second, the mass immigrations from Europe at the turn of the 20th century mostly had as the foundation of their culture the Judeo/Christian Bible the same bible that was the foundation of the American…


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At 10:55am on March 10, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…

Thanks, ROC 29, for sharing that link!

If Republicans can figure out the key to reaching the people, they can win the election. The main thing to keep in mind is they don't trust government!

At the same time, they count on government to keep it's promise to follow through with their Social Security and Medicare Entitlements. When politicians start talking about "austerity measure," they interpret it to mean that the little they are expecting to get, will be taken away.


At 8:37pm on January 3, 2013, Jeff Dover said…

Thanks for the note, Roc29,

Here's the thing: my organization is based on a conservative agenda.  You can see it if you go back a week or so in my blog.  We don't have "party control" right now, we have the control of the very, very few individuals over the many.  My concept would be made of state and national councils all of which would have to stick to the agenda, posted for all to see prior to our voting for any member of this party and sending them to DC.  Lobbyists would be out of the picture.  We know what works in government and what makes sense.  The constitution spells out powers.  Take the whimsy away from individuals in office and the possibility, to the extent possible, that they can be corrupted, base it on that agenda, posted for all to see, and I think you've got a winner.

Finally, it's as clear as day that the status quo is a loser.  I prefer action to doing nothing.

"Hope" is bulls***.

At 2:04pm on January 3, 2013, Jeff Dover said…

Hi Roc29,

The post was my recommendation on how to change it.  Change the party rules -- or change the party.

At 9:40am on July 28, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

"Roc29" - Please allow me to share with you this link to read my ENTIRE book FREE


At 9:46pm on May 6, 2012, James R. Norris said…

Few of us know and understand the crisis that is at hand.  I think it's too late.  The young will not listen to reason, and I'm too old to fight.  I'm working on having enough cornbread and chicken to make to the end.  Good luck to you, and may GOD bless, z

At 1:47pm on March 17, 2012, Donald Vastlik said…

Your comments are right on.  The Democrat mindset doe's not allow them to win a war.  They like to win a battle and then forsake a war victory.  Bush made a similiar mistake after the Irac win to reshape the country into a Democracy.  I say, bomb, figh, and t win the battle and get out. We cannot reshape the world.

At 8:45am on October 18, 2011, Charles H. Sims said…
No, redistribution of wealth is from the producers to the non-producers.
At 1:17pm on June 18, 2011, Katie Baker gave Roc29 a gift

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