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Robert Camp
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Robert Camp commented on Tim Lee's blog post How Republicans Win an Hispanic Majority...and Stop Illegal Immigration
"They come for the freebies that are given by our government. If the RINO's think that they will be getting cheap labor they are terribly confused because they will not be working but attaching themselves to the government teat. I wish I was…"
Dec 9
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The coming, complete collapse of the Republican Party
"I'm with you David, I will not vote for another RINO Republican no matter what. I will vote for a Constitution Party candidate in the coming elections."
Dec 9
Robert Camp replied to Walter Cleveland Tune's discussion ARE WE WITNESSING THE DEMISE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?
"Right On Ernest, sorry to say that when Repubs are running for election or reelection they sound like one of the Founding Fathers but when they get to Washington they begin to act like Karl Marx."
Dec 8
Robert Camp replied to Walter Cleveland Tune's discussion ARE WE WITNESSING THE DEMISE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?
"You are wrong about Mark Levin. He is calling for an amendments convention so we can put forth amendments to our current Constitution. The current Constitution is great but certain things in it need to be clarified for our Judiciary."
Dec 7
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion John Boehner: Screwing the American People
"The House has all the power it needs to shutdown O's immigration and o'care. The House has control of the money and they don't have to appropriate money for anything they don't want to.  All they need is a set of balls and…"
Dec 6
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion John Boehner: Screwing the American People
"If conservatives walk away from Republican Party then they will never win another election. There reallly isn't much difference in both parties it's just that Democrats will run us over the cliff faster than Republicans but we still run…"
Dec 6
Robert Camp commented on Morry Markovitz's blog post Recall John Boehner
"The people of Boehner's district had a chance to send him walking but they are too stupid to send him packing. There are just too many dumb people voting and more are on their way. "
Nov 22
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The RINOs try to surrender
"It's all talk that conservatives will walk because we wont. We will come up with an excuse that we need to take over the Republican Party but we can't because RINO's control all the seats of power in DC.  See what happened when…"
Nov 21
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Will the Republicans take a stand?
"The GOP is afraid of it's shadow when it comes to taking a stand on unconstitutional action by this president or any president. I believe they are more concerned about the lobbyist on K street than they are about their voters because they know…"
Nov 16
Robert Camp commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post GOP Should Take Advantage of Midterm Momenum
"1/2 penny national sales tax, if started, would soon blossom to an untold amount. Remember the income tax when it was first enacted was supposed to be for only the rich but now it is everyone that is soaked. Don't let the camel get's its…"
Nov 7
Robert Camp commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post "Red State" Convention Could Doom GOP
"Sorry Gene Swank but true conservatives have already lost because it doesn't matter who wins we still loose."
Sep 6
Robert Camp commented on Jeff Dover's blog post Conservative Disagreement With GOP Is Fundamental
"I wholeheartedly agree with you Jeff. I am a registered republican but I won't vote for one in the general election. I am only a registered republican so I can vote in primaries. I figure that when the republican party tells me to get lost and…"
Aug 25
Robert Camp replied to Lance Thate's discussion Tea Party answers to a higher calling
"Don't give lying republicans your vote because if you do then it will only encourage them to keep on lying. America First."
Aug 17
Robert Camp commented on Jeff Dover's blog post Head ‘Em Off At The Pass!
"Right On! "
Aug 16
Robert Camp commented on Jeff Dover's blog post Why Conservatives Must Leave The GOP
"WAYNE SMITH: What is your alternative because we are already losing. I had rather go down for a cause than just sit here and loose anyway."
Aug 7
Robert Camp replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
Jun 13

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At 12:32pm on May 25, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…


I share your frustration with McConnell and I live in Kentucky. But I would choose Mitch over Nancy Pelosi and you likely would as well! In Grimes, you would get a 35-year-old Nancy Pelosi. All of the left wing PACS are pouring money into her campaign. If elected,she will serve them. Essentially Kentucky would elect a "rubber stamp" for the Obama agenda.  

At 1:08pm on January 7, 2014, Herrmann Glockler said…


Unfortunately in any Article 5 convention, liberals would take over the Convention, as they have the US Hose and Senate, while Conservatives would be denied any majority vote.

I am convinced it would be a total free ride of liberals destroying what Obama has not yet accomplished in destroying our Constitution, only then it could no longer be challenged  on Constitutional grounds and original intend

At 3:10pm on November 30, 2012, joseph C Avila said…

Robert: go to this web site and see what it means to be a  conseravtconservative.

At 10:36am on November 7, 2012, Robert Campbell Sr. said…

Rino Romney never brought up in the debates O'Buzzards videos where he bragged about his and his families muslime faith and history. Or the video where he spoke to a small crowd bragging about the money he spent to hide his true birth and school records. Or the fact that he had radical friends and muslimes at the white house for secular and religious practices and kicked out Christians. Or treasonous trade treaties used to outsource our jobs. Or the executive orders Sheikh O'Buzzard made undermining our govt process, freedoms, borders and economy. Romney was full of BS and played the same old tired out kiss arse politics and parroted the same BS issues. Small voter turnout and win by default again. No real or good Constitutionally Conservative American candidates to vote for. Petitions, voting, rallies, strikes, or boycotts no longer work for the people. The old so-called lesser of two evils card again.... Did I leave anything out???

At 12:45pm on July 12, 2012, Russ Henry said…

Mr. Camp,

Are you a member of a Tea Party? You and I are the same age and I am a chemist living on a limited income.  But, I am Chairman of my local Republican Precinct in North Carolina, I am a very active Tea Party member,, have been in Washington DC twelve times over the past 2-1/2 years to demonstrate and visit congressman.  I have been in my congressman's office three times and four months ago I hand delivered a five page letter with fifteen supporting documents to Congressman Coble (Judiciary Committee) describing the illegality of Obama.

The Tea Party is robust and growing. The Tea Party participated heavily in Governor Walkers stunning victory and will do more to elect great Americans locally and in Washington!

Please don't complain and be defeatist! SUPPORT THE TEA PARTY!  Look up your local Tea Party at

At 12:38pm on June 18, 2011, Katie Baker gave Robert Camp a gift
Welcome to Tea Party Nation! Please let me know if I can assist you with anything on our site and also please request to be friends so we can share information! Have a wonderful day! Katie & Jake
At 12:17am on May 22, 2011, Marcia Wood said…


Welcome to our Tea Party Nation, please get comfortable and then help us "take back our Country.


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