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Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post Part 5: America and Western Countries: Becoming the Third World’s Refugee Camps—Linguistic chaos & worldview
"We played Cowboy & Indians!  The next game will be Cowboys & immigrants, it will be just as bloody as cowboys & Indians.  It is a shame our government is going to force the American People into a civil war that will kill may…"
20 hours ago
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Craig Andresen's blog post Nobody Left to Blame – Part 1 of 2
"I enjoyed reading the article. Maybe just maybe, we will see a change in the black block voting. My warning to black Americans is don't depend on any party!  The Republicans are no more trustworthy than the Democrats! A well written…"
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post Just Plain Stupid: Obama Sending Troops to Ebola-Ravaged Africa
"IT IS NOT OUR PROBLEM!  NO TROOPS NO MONEY FROM A BROKE UNITED STATES.NO Visas for anyone for west Africa!  Seal it off and let nature take its course! Hard fact of life, but no we are going to import it to the United states! If hundreds…"
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post A New Beginning in the New America
"There could be something that would unite the citizens of the U.S. into one movement.  I can not see anything on the horizon that would or could unite us. The established government (Senate & House) will never relinquish power to…"
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Timothy Birdnow's blog post Whatsoever Things are Honest; RINO Republicans are Not
"This article is 100% RIGHT ON! IT IS TRUE I DESPISE THE DEMOCRATS!  I despise the Republicans just a little less. My Senator is a liberal (John Cornyn - TX) my representative is a liberal ( Jeb Hensarling - TX).  Both claim to be…"
Oct 14
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Judson Phillips's discussion No Please No!
Oct 13
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Alan Caruba's discussion A Supreme Court, Not Supreme Wisdom
"Your premise is completely wrong. The founding fathers wishes are of no consequence!  The Supreme court is packed with men and women who despise the Constitution.  They are unelected but they have become the most powerful arm of the…"
Oct 12
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Nick Short's discussion America In Retreat
"Most of us could care less about who used Chemical Weapons.  If it was up to me, I would be funneling weapons to Bashar al-Assad as fast as I could.  The best way to stabilize the middle east is to support dictators!  THE MORE…"
Oct 12
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Nick Short's discussion America In Retreat
"It is hard if not impossible to have faith in the future of the United States of America. The President hates the people and the country.  The House of Representatives is lead by a fool, who is only interested in getting reelected.  The…"
Oct 12
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Obama’s war on America goes fatal.
"I am not a happy camper!  My son lives in Dallas and I live 90 miles from Dallas. I am not sure the first victim of Ebola could have been stopped but what about all of the infected visa jumpers who are on their way over? It is time to stop…"
Oct 12
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Why must liberals lie?
"I agree with what you said but you didn't go far enough!  Many Republican and most Democrat politicians are liberals. Liberals like communist see nothing wrong with lying.  Any lie is OK as long as it advances the cause. Few liberals…"
Oct 10
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Is Eric Thomas Duncan about to become a mass murderer?
"Obama is getting even with Texas for not supporting him! Ever wonder if the rest of that group are illegal aliens.  Girlfriend, and family?  It they are illegal not monitoring they should be on their way back to Africa!"
Oct 8
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Jeff Dover's discussion Friday Night Chicken For All? GOP, Be Specific!
"DO NOT WORRY THE COUNTY WILL MAKE IT OK UNTIL 2016!  But by 2022 there will be no United States of America!"
Oct 7
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to Jeff Dover's discussion Friday Night Chicken For All? GOP, Be Specific!
"I agree but there are still many here who believe there is a future with the Republicans. MY QUESTION IS:  DEMOCRAT OR DEMOCRAT LITE ? ? ? If the Republicans had 175 votes in the Senate they would do nothing!  THEY ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL - GET…"
Oct 7
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on John Wiseman's blog post New Take From Chicken Little: The Sky's No Longer Falling, We're Floating Towards It!
"BRAVO!  A good article. I laugh every time I hear global warming or global climate change. Then I tell the person that there is no evidence to support their argument.  They quote the un-named scientist who support this fraud.  When I…"
Oct 6
Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. replied to John Wiant's discussion Look, the GOP actually SPEAKS!
"Yes, I got one also!  They don't have time for the little people! (Everyone who is not Politically in line with the RINOs) I WOULD JUST AS SOON GIVE MONEY TO THE AMERICAN COMMUNIST PART AS TO THE GOP! They would never use the money to back…"
Oct 6

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At 7:18am on March 17, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…

Good morning, Richard!

The November 23rd post, "All Roads Lead to Nashville," essentially proposed "replacing" the Republican party. The idea centers around, all Republican Congressmen and Senators quietly changing their party affiliation. They would be joined by four or five Democrat Senators and perhaps eight to twelve Democrat Congressmen. The only thing that would change would be the label and the Republican Party leadership, as well as platform. I don't think that there would be a mountain of resistance. Even the old timers would realize that the time had come!

Facts are facts! The party base is no longer in the Northeast. We need a chairman from a "red" state. Not Wisconsin, which last voted Republican in 1984. This proposed platform includes real reform. Beginning with term limits for Congressmen and Senators! I sincerely believe that if we were to adopt the 15 plank platform outlined in that post, we would emerge with an increase in membersship.This "replacement" party,(I call it the Jeffersonian Party), would make "10th amendment literalism" the centerpiece of what they stand for. You'll notice that nine of the 15 planks, Governor Perry has already introduced.

I support your Governor because he is the consummate "10ther.! And, frankly, it's going to take that kind of a leader to do the dirty work that is necessary to return America to her original standard! We are likely talking about one million jobs that with either be eliminated or downsized. "Pink slips and pay cuts" for federal employees may sound invigorating to some. In reality, it will be a blood bath! But I genuinely believe that Governor Perry would be tough enough to expedite this dirty but necessary job!

While I admire Governor Huckabee greatly, I don't think he would follow through with it. Sarah Palin might. But, she is needed in the Senate! Alaska is a wonderful place with huge potential. But, it needs to be sold to Americans. We desperately need people to move up there. Alaskans are begging to renew homesteading. They had it until a certain "peanut farmer" president slapped a moritorium on it!  Senator Palin would get that moritorium removed. Especially if she were working closely with a Perry Administration.  

A more literalistic interpretation of the 10th amendment would be a "godscend" to states like Alaska, Kentucky and West Virginia. True, Democrats remind those residents that they "receive two dollars for every dollar" that they send to Washington.But all three states are rich in resources. They would gladly return their dollar if they could return the "meddling hands of Washington" with it! 

Governor Perry is seen all over the Northeast, advertising to companies inviting them to move their headquarters to Texas. Smart move! We all know that the population needs to be better distributed. That's always been an American thing; "to go west!" People living in those states have a different mentality when it comes to taxes. It's time for the Northeast to de-populate.

At 2:44pm on January 9, 2013, Chawnaw Hershel Kahn said…

Dear Richard,

Why have any laws at all?  After all people aren't going to listen to them!  This is why police give tickets!

All the best,

Chawnaw Hershel Kahn

At 2:00pm on January 9, 2013, Chawnaw Hershel Kahn said…

Dear Richard,

My I disagee wit you!  I am proficiently a great writer and I nose it!  Someday I will become so famous, I won't even talk to myself!

All the best,

Chawnaw Hershel Kahn

At 10:24pm on June 28, 2012, Johnboy said…

You stupid f***.  I hope you like blood in the streets, cause that's what you're going to get.  Tell your stupid f*** of a Preacher that one!  Dumb s***s...


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