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Paul Szemanczky
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  • Rocky Hill, CT
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How Obamacare Is

Started Oct 5, 2013 0 Replies

What is Obamacare really intended to do? Haven't you analyzed it enough? I did. THIS IS THE SHOWDOWN, the HIGH NOON moment, and there's a few most obvious reasons WHY -whether you have the stomach…Continue

Sample Letter To Major Gun Companies - Stopping Fascist States!

Started Feb 17, 2013 0 Replies

This is a sample letter to be addressed after C&P to major companies who've I purchased from. It is a reaction to the previous news articles about Olympic Arms, and their decision to not deal at…Continue

What Are The Prisons Releasing These Days To Your Street, Your City Or Town?

Started Feb 9, 2013 0 Replies

****Inside a Prison MS-II Educational System for 16-20 year olds********** - Sometimes the boys or young men I have in my prison classes sound like coyotes in a confusion of calls and yelps coming…Continue

Why The Greater General Freedom Is Lost by 2nd Amendment Restrictions

Started Jan 27, 2013 0 Replies

***- Over 300 testimonies are being read by pro and con gun control advocates tomorrow, 1/28/13, at the Hartford, CT Capitol Legislative Bldg., Room 2C. This is my stance against the state's leaning…Continue

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Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Blue lives matter
"Now how many copy cats will follow: a policeman will have to patrol with 360 degrees of surveillance now. Everyone who carries one C&C be aware that you my friend are now a 2nd defense for our officers. Only we can help them protect us from the…"
4 hours ago
Paul Szemanczky replied to Alan Caruba's discussion Liberals Will Get Us All Killed
"It's only a matter of time (days, not weeks) before liberals (too many to name within 1,000 miles of us) are stabbed or shot or blown up in al-Quad or ISIS plots realized and deployed. Perhaps some will be BIG NAMES: like Hollywood actors, or…"
4 hours ago
Paul Szemanczky commented on Robert J. Mack's blog post A Churchill for Our Times
"If only Netanyahu would wipe out every frail tissue of Hamas and then swing its purge against ISIS, but that would be letting Obama off the hook. In June of 1934 the plot to destroy SA leader Roehm by Himmler and the Gestapo was being outlined, then…"
Paul Szemanczky commented on Tim Lee's blog post Cheer up - We just Witnessed the Changing of the Guard
"Also see Brett Baier's interview with him on Fox @ 6pm eastern where he says Harry Reid would have mad the same damn 20 appointments today and yesterday because it's all part of the Harry Reid/McConnell plan. Cruz is the right man to lead…"
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Sydney will happen here
"More and more smart conservatives are going everywhere C&C for business, a weekend, a day-hop, and a pass through...through the hallways and by-ways of NYC, Balt., Philly, Hftd., Albany, Boston, and more, wearing the protection needed against…"
Paul Szemanczky commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post African-Americans Self-Destructing in America: Here’s Why
"There is a growing epidemic of black on white killings in the Obama-endorsed "I can't breathe" new legality leading us toward a race civil war - whites here and there are CATCHING ON FAST!!! Be armed everywhere you tred."
Dec 14
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion America killed by the Cronybus.
"There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will curtail and seal off every EXIT PLAN. Making heroes out of black, sub-human serial killers will be relevant to the continuance of Obama's megalomania - so I urge all citizens and friends here to…"
Dec 14
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion America killed by the Cronybus.
"With the destruction of the economy will come the greater push to begin destroying human beings by fear and retaliation foamed on by the Obama Progressive Race Civil War being plotted and re-generated in our cities. The persecuted e.g.…"
Dec 14
Paul Szemanczky commented on CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE's blog post Democrats Coddle Thugs Foreign & Domestic
"CB: Obama has one card left in the deck to throw: at the right moment he will begin the orchestrated multi-cities race riots to BURN THSE B****ES in their WHITE HOMES! ~ He'll have 10,000 operatives fro SEIU, OCCUPY WALL ST, the radical…"
Dec 13
Paul Szemanczky commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post African-Americans Self-Destructing in America: Here’s Why
"One day soon, my friend, it will be 60,000 blacks killing each other every year as they race to their self-destruction....Obama-mites and Sharpton-lemmings headed over the cliff. Well done!"
Dec 12
Paul Szemanczky commented on Jim Delaney's blog post Is America's Transformation Inevitable?
"...not sure where your leading rhetoric is headed? But since you believe the Founding Fathers would have been 'astonished', I surmise that they as a collective body they would have met once if they surveyed our situation with Obama and…"
Dec 11
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Defeat is victory
"Boehner definitely will end up like Huey Long, or be so afraid by February to show his face without 21 (Bloomberg) body guards. McConnell I believe will cave like a pathetic milquetoast once 5 or more Tea Party people talk to him behind a…"
Dec 10
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The coming, complete collapse of the Republican Party
"As I reported yesterday (from the words of Michael Savage, who I would like to praise as a voice that WON Senate seats in huge numbers of his fan base in at least 5 races on 11/4/14) we need to get a man with balls of iron and a "law and…"
Dec 9
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The coming, complete collapse of the Republican Party
"Nothing will happen unless we destroy the leadership in the NEXT 30 DAYS removing Boehner and McConnell. We don't need RINO Senators and Representatives who are proconsuls to regime Obama and lack the vision or will to DESTROY THIS MONSTER once…"
Dec 9
Paul Szemanczky commented on Robert J. Mack's blog post The Incarnation of Neville Chamberlain
"I know with the tenseness riding on 2016 I throw my hat in with Michael Savage the radio conservative who says we only need 1 candidate to BEAT Clinton: a "Law and Order" candidate, which he believes doesn't exist in the mouths of the…"
Dec 8
Paul Szemanczky replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The death of Obamacare?
"Roberts will never sell out his 'signature Obamacare' writ of history; he might just as well initiate a witch hunt to find his doppelganger as the incriminatory factor as to why he voted wrongly. But when has any Justice ever said:…"
Dec 8

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An Escape From A Stalinist Manifesto To The Obama Penal Colonies

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments

The Endomorphic Escape: the forced near-volcanic inclusion of molten radicals into the normal arteries of purity to corrupt a host unsuspecting. THERE IS NO EXIT OR ESCAPE! <> That is where we stand as this change of socialism sweeps into vast numbers of pockets in this nation's cities>suburbs>rural towns in hidden hilly passes and snow-receded mountains of the Green and White regions. Where hippies lingered and relaxed by sanctuary tucked inside NH and VT for decades are only…


To Know Mandela's Realm: Examine Zuma and Malema In South Africa

Posted on December 5, 2013 at 8:05pm 0 Comments

In July, 2013 I completed a last article, the 6th I had written for the Afrikaneer Press out of Johannesburg for their editors. In that piece I tried to weigh the residual decay of the Obama administration so supportive of the on-going 20-year pogrom that followed the ending of the presidency of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. It was a project and association I had started in '10 while writing for Project Shining City website out of Long Island, NY when I began to examine the large-scale…


Obamacare Holes In Middle Class Heads: Drilling For Ignorance

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 8:38pm 10 Comments

It appears the middle class will benignly accept the 'placid role of spectators' as we see today, where with Obamacare incompetence, for example, we are witnessing a GROWING level of ignorance. It is a rich, highly relative and not vital 'shock-ignorance' that doesn't transfuse into open debate or close scrutiny (both Democrats and Republicans are in perpetual recess or hiding). It is therefore extremely tolerant behavior and far too forgiving, but it is being fed to us that way. In…


What Is Obamacare Really Intended To Do In October?

Posted on October 5, 2013 at 8:47am 3 Comments

What is Obamacare really intended to do? Haven't you analyzed it enough? I did. THIS IS THE SHOWDOWN, the HIGH NOON moment, and there's a few most obvious reasons WHY -whether you have the stomach for this showdown or not- it's here NOW. And it is meant to stay like the cancer it is!
<><><> Why…

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At 8:06pm on December 6, 2014, Gene said…

Paul replying to the message you sent me on my profile page, actually don't understand what the profile page really is? Anyway, I am not sure how all this stuff works on TPN so I hope I am replying correctly. Wasn't sure if I should hit comment to your message or select send message, or what the difference is, so I hit comment. Let me know.  Anyway what archives are you talking about where you posted your 100+ pages with TPN TPP?

At 6:49pm on November 20, 2014, Pamela Harper said…

Paul, It is always good to have a new friend that thinks the same way I do. I hope your prediction of O having only hours on his throne becomes a reality. I want to see America be what she once was & knowing that all of the ones that have given their life for our country was not in vain. Thanks for your friendship......we like minded people will have to stick together.

At 7:30pm on November 10, 2014, Ron Wiggins said…

Thanks Paul for the note and friendship. I really appreciate quite a few here at TPN and just don't have the time to read all of the others. Your comments always ring a good bell.

Thanks again. I am not much of a writer mostly a reader.

At 7:25am on May 13, 2014, Robbi said…
Thank you for the friendship! Interesting last name. My maiden name is Podgaysky but they messed up doing my grandfather's birth certificate. His parents were Podhaski. Hopefully we can change the USA back into what our fathers, grandfathers etc fought to move over here for....
At 5:00pm on April 4, 2014, David Kriegh said…

Thanks for inviting me as a "friend."  Maybe it is to have more direct access to a civil discussion.  I hope so.  My position on amnesty is coming from a practical point of view.  Also, I want to debate the issue.  Too many "Christians"  are advocating almost genocide against the Hispanics that are here illegally.  You are even suggesting it.  Many, many of them are as devoted Christians/Catholics as American (off whites).  Where does man sense of humanity come into play?

At 8:30am on November 16, 2013, Darwin Rockantansky said…

Paul, Interesting that you mention people leaving Iran over the northern and southern borders. Three British couples who were friends of mine literally drove a Land Rover back to England.

The day I left Iran - 1 Feb 1979 - my friend Armen arrived at my house about two minutes after curfew - about 0500 as I recall. I lived just south of the northern bazar in Tehran; about 40 km from the airport. The ride took nearly six hours because it seemed that at almost every intersection someone wanted a "passport" for us to pass through their territory (bak sheesh). My Farsi (Persian language) was generally adequate but if I got into difficulty with a checkpoint my friend Armen would tell them that I was his cousin from Tabriz and I was not real bright; a role I was more than equipped to handle! 

Interesting times indeed.

At 7:03am on July 17, 2013, Timothy Birdnow said…

Hi Paul!

Thanks for a great birds-eye view of the gangsta culture that you left on my Profiling article. I have little doubt you are absolutely correct in your assessment that Martin had every intention of killing Zimmerman.

I work for a property management company, one that is willing to do business in the ghetto areas of St. Louis. While I don't see the real bad-asses you see, I have seen my share, and know that the black culture is the root of their problem. It really is the law of the jungle in the "hood".

Have a great day!

At 2:51am on May 7, 2013, BL Bennett said…

Thanks for the compliment; nice of You to say so. 



At 11:30pm on April 7, 2013, Malcolm H. Rudd Jr. said…

Paul thanks for inviting me to be a friend. It sounds like we're like minded people. I do not see anything changing in this country as long as we have Obama and his cronies in Washington, DC.

At 5:49pm on December 24, 2012, Elaine West said…

Paul, I gladly stand with you.  The first revolution was won, one patriot at a time with a great leader standing up for them.  I'm still looking for that leader - maybe it is you???  lol 

Truly enjoy meeting with kindred spirits.  Everyone else thinks I need a tin foil hat.

God Bless America and God Bless American Patriots.

p.s.  Just finished Skousen's "The 5000 Year Leap".  Very inciteful.


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