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Ron Wiggins liked John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
Mar 11
John Knight commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"IN 1965 we had twice as many manufacturing workers as government workers. Now we have twice as many government workers as manufacturing workers. How did that help?"
Mar 9
John Knight commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"We used to spend 3% of GDP for"health care" but it is now 18%. Our global economic competitors are at 2% We used to spend 3% for "education" but it is now 9%, and our competitors are at 2%. We used to spend 2% for our justice…"
Mar 9
John Wiseman commented on Donna Gail Garner's blog post TRUMP CAUGHT LYING ABOUT TRUMP UNIVERSITY - BY DONNA GARNER - 3.7.16
"As it turns out, the BBB denies having sent any such fax to the debate last Thursday evening.  Here is what the BBB has to say about Donald Trump's…"
Mar 8
John Wiseman commented on Donna Gail Garner's blog post TRUMP CAUGHT LYING ABOUT TRUMP UNIVERSITY - BY DONNA GARNER - 3.7.16
"Jean, the Better Business Bureau may be the single most worthless measure of anything on our planet, and Donald Trump using that obviously worthless measure as the only defense of this scam speaks volumes to me and anyone else tired of being taken…"
Mar 8
William Carter commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"We need to get behind Ted Cruz and support him to the Presidency!  Just say "NO" to Clinton, Sanders and Trump!"
Mar 7
Gary D. Skeels liked John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
Mar 6
joseph C Avila commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"John: I had to look up the meaning of nihilism and I found a definition which captures it very closely, and one we do not have to look up. IT's "bull shxt"."
Mar 6
joseph C Avila commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"Well, I have proposed in past years that we should have 50 political parties. One exclusive party in each state. Exclusive because it would be unlawful, prohibited for any state party to accept financial support from sources outside their…"
Mar 6
John Wiseman commented on Craig Andresen's blog post The Fraud Behind the Curtain
"Craig, he didn't even get 63% of the delegates if we only use the two states he won, by razor thin margins.  It takes a true moron to buy Trump's snake oil.  It takes a delusional moron to not notice the obvious collapse.…"
Mar 6
Paul M Yoder liked John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
Mar 6
Norma White liked John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
Mar 5
John Wiseman commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"Lynn, I don't know where you read this bizarre alternate history, but wow, is it out there.  I would suggest for you some of the free only courses offered by Hillsdale College as a beginning point.  Take the one on the Constitution in…"
Mar 5
Lizzie liked John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
Mar 5
Kenny Sono commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"Lynn, the mistake I think you're making is essentially THIS: The left is no longer the balanced side of the American people to keep the government working smoothly, truly representing all of us.  No / that's no longer the…"
Mar 5
Jim Delaney commented on John Wiseman's blog post Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism
"GREAT post! We can only hope that it shakes the Trumpists out of their starry-eyed stupor and permits them to see beyond their wrath. Making decisions when one is angry is a notoriously bad idea."
Mar 5

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Donald Trump And The Politics Of Nihilism

Posted on March 4, 2016 at 4:44pm 24 Comments

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Let me just offer a bit of opinion and thought to those who offer up fraud, theft, and waste as the great budgetary savings avenue that will save our nation from default. I can not stress this enough. This is the world's stupidest argument ever proffered up by anyone, at any other time, in all of America's political discourse. It is the politically intellectual equivalent to mental retardation. Last night was of course the first time I've heard it offered as a budgetary…


John Boehner, What Ever Else He Is, Perfectly Embodies What's Wrong With The GOP

Posted on September 28, 2015 at 3:34pm 10 Comments

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

I'm going to start this one off with the money quote, at least as I see it. It is provided to us via the New York Times, so take it with the usual I smell Bull Spit grain of salt one usually thinks of when referring to a newspaper repeatedly caught lying over many decades now.

The Article:

Here's The New York Times' Boehner Write Up.



Simulator Reconstructions For 9/11 Flights With ATC Recordings Synced.

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 10:41am 13 Comments

It's time once again to debunk the 9/11 fantasists. Here are the Black Box flight simulations for all four flights on that day, with synchronized ATC recordings. It may take you a moment or two to get used to the dialect of English that these professionals who keep us safe in the air use, but it's well worth that effort. One thing that you will undoubtedly notice is the chaos which led us all to many of the misconceptions which came out of that morning. It should also disabuse anyone with…


Help Us Trumpiwankenobi, You're Our Only Hope!

Posted on July 12, 2015 at 7:45pm 44 Comments

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Apologies to Doriangrey, who's line I've borrowed for my headline. I find it to be as prescient today as it was when he originally wrote it, almost exactly four years ago.

From the headline, you may have guessed that I'm not a fan of, "The Donald." If you've guessed that, you'd be wrong. I am a fan of, "The Donald." I'm just not a fan of the prospect that we may actually see a, "Nominee Donald," or worse yet, a, "President Donald." I'll watch the spectacle of rats…


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At 12:17pm on March 14, 2015, M Steven Gronka said…

Working on a national convention to arm patriots with the legal remedies to hold politicians accountable for violating their oath of office and for committing other crimes against the people! Let's join forces! We have a massive citizen army banding together!

This is why we need Red White and Blue Fest National Patriot Rally and Convention! Take back our Government, take back our Country, break the power of the power brokers!!! May 1-3, 2015 learn how to get the job done and let's get on with it!!! Sunny Hills, Florida north of Panama City, www.constitutionalpatriots.org Please spread the word!!!
Red White and Blue Fest info is at: www.constitutionalpatriots.org

Here is the information about Red White And Blue Fest National Patriot Rally and the action event, 9-11 Patriot Ride 2015 where Gold Star Moms and Dads are going to serve Citizen Warrants on obama, biden, senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, et al who have violated their oath of office and/or committed other crimes against the people. Please feel free to share the information below with any and all groups and individuals that you want! Along with teaching how to do Citizen Warrants and Citizen Grand Juries and other legal remedies for removing politicians and bureaucrats we will have a Biker Rodeo, Trucker Rodeo, Veterans and Law Enforcement Marksman Championship, Civilian Marksman Championship and product demonstrations for archery and other products. Andy Ross the country singer and bow hunter with shows on the Sportsman Channel wants to sing and give demonstrations at Red White and Blue Fest. His big patriot song right now is “Cold Dead Hands”! There will be a tent city and camping village that will include RVs, Coaches, Tractor & Trailers, and recreation for the whole family including fishing, swimming, swimming, golf, tennis, bike trails, and sports fields. There will be three nights of country music and folk rock concerts featuring three acts per night. This is going to be a great family event and the teaching will include kids as well with We The Kids History Clubs. Sunny Hills, Florida north of Panama City May 1-3, 2015.

Paste this for Twitter: Gold Star Moms to serve Citizen Warrants on obama biden senators congressmen et al www.constitutionalpatriots.org Help go viral pls

At 3:55pm on October 2, 2013, Juls said…

Thank you for the extended friendship John.  Glad to accept.  I do enjoy reading your blogs on this sight.  Remember to keep your sense of humor!

At 9:13pm on January 31, 2013, Ron Wiggins said…

John,  Thank you for the note, and the "friendship" here.

Like I said I rarely have time to read any of the blogs,  but really appreciated this one.

At 8:37am on December 27, 2012, Jeff Dover said…

John, you wrote "Mitt ran so that no actual conservatives would end up winning the Republican nomination..."  Did Tagg Romney's essay actually state that in so many words?  I've searched for the essay but can only find a Boston Globe article written by M. Kranish.

If true, this is a very, very important revelation which needs immediate attention.  Where can I see this essay?

At 11:02am on December 15, 2012, Jeff Dover said…

John, "conspiracy theory" is a derisive phrase concocted by the Left, used as a pejorative.  Its intention is to brand anyone who publicly espouses ideas of "conspiracies" in government as a nut case.  There's probably a reason why they do that.  If it didn't interfere with those who might be behind the curtains, then why would they care?

Common sense, however, tells us otherwise and it's not nuts to suspect a "conspiracy" when what is said is at odds with what is visible.  Human history is full of conspiracies in which a person or group of persons uses deception in an attempt to gain power and/or wealth. They occur in private life and they have historically and often, massively, figured into public life.  If you have not, study the formation and governance of the USSR from October 1917 through the 22nd party congress, 1956.  The history of conspiracies is in no way limited to this episode.  Turn on the television any evening and count the number played out there...

At 10:00am on November 14, 2012, Richard Curtis said…

I attended a Real Estate Investment group meeting last nite. The leader said the impending tax increases (and inflation, my words) will prevent folks from being able to save enough money for the newer (or older, if you prefer) down payment requirements, so, there will be more renters instead of buyers in the near future. I supplement my Social Security with a few rental houses. Given the problems with SS, I worry about my other income, given Obama's proclivity for sharing other peoples stuff (money, bonds like at GM, and I hope he doesn't decide to share houses). So I feel that both of my income sources are at risk. I will be glad to hear what you have to say when you return from your seminar.



At 7:24pm on October 17, 2012, Shamil said…

After watching "Dreams of my Real Father", I feel sick. There is no 'right' or 'justice' or reasoning anymore. The corrupt Obama machine is just too big. How can an honest, hard working, logical man win? Evil has encompassed this nation.

At 3:30pm on August 25, 2012, J.R.Wallon said…


At 9:49pm on July 29, 2012, Art Ellingsen said…

I don't know if this comment is public or private, but I've seen the evidence that Walid Shoebat is a fraud at least when he claims that there are Arabic words in the Greek New Testament.

I'm a local TEA Party Leader, a local supporter of Joe Walsh and I became an Evangelical Pastor back in 1974.  I've studied Greek and I converse with two of the top Greek experts in the world, that is experts in the Greek New Testament and these experts agree that when Walid Shoebat speaks about the Greek New Testament he does not speak the truth.

This blog is written by Daniel Wallace, from Dallas Seminary.  I was the one who sent this video to Daniel Wallace, and I have also sent it to Larry Hurtado, Professor of New Testament at the Unversity of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Just type "Larry Hur" into Google, without the quotes and you'll find Larry's name pop up.

I got to know Larry when he was Pastor of one of the few Evangelical Churches in Skokie, IL back in the 1970s.  Larry and Daniel agree that Walid's comments in this video are not correct.


I know Joe Van Koevering and Joe has been horn swaggled by what Walid says in the video which is referenced at the above blog site.

I urge everyone who reads this to beware of Walid Shoebat.

At 3:03pm on July 29, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

John - Please do me the honor of accepting my “friend request” and also my personal INVITATION to read my ENTIRE short mini-book FREE at http://davesbookpdf.blogspot.com/


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