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Contributions to TPN

Started Dec 11, 2010 0 Replies

 Is anyone else having trouble contributing to TPN. I have attempted twice and the last time I tried to make it a monthly but when I hit the contribute button it goes away just like it was completed…Continue


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Jimmy Hight commented on Seton Motley's blog post Aren’t We All Looking Forward to ‘Internet at the Speed of Government?’
"If you ask Obama, He is saving the entire world. The world has never been more peaceful? If you don't believe it, ask Him?"
11 hours ago
Jimmy Hight replied to David Farrar's discussion 'Thousands' of Unaccompanied Children Still Crossing Into U.S.
"The picture says it all! These are your new American voters and your neighbors. Why wouldn't you want to make them feel at home? The MSM will show you pictures of little adorable young children needing your support but the reality is the…"
Jimmy Hight replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The larcenous class strikes again.
" That will be the day? You are absolutely right but they have no incentive to reduce their voter base!"
Jimmy Hight commented on Jim Delaney's blog post "Birthright Citizenship": Politics v Rule of Law
"I still can't believe TPN would decide to back a candidate that would split the Tea party entirely. It has done more harm than good for sure, especially when the candidate is one who would make a very good President if He were eligible."
Jimmy Hight commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Hysteria Over Cruz Illustrates What We're Up Against.
"Victor,             They no longer allow that kind of talk here? They have fallen and can't get up! Those Quotes are amazing and I hope I can find them. Thanks for sharing…"
Jimmy Hight commented on Donna Gail Garner's blog post GOV. SCOTT WALKER NOT THE MAN FOR THE WH -- BY DONNA GARNER - 3.27.15
"Helping kids find a job when they get out of school is a good thing. Promising them jobs if they go to college and then they still don't qualify is a bad thing. Kids who don't see college in their future should have the options of several…"
Jimmy Hight commented on Craig Andresen's blog post Having the Mindset of a Terrorist
"Your logic is right on seeing how Osama says we are all terrorist. I'm glad that I can't comprehend the mind set it takes to do something as horrific as this. As Americans we know that if we crawl into a corner and never fly again then…"
Jimmy Hight commented on Dan Short's blog post Has our nation, America, so veered from our principles we could not accept an American as president?
"Yep           It's that bad and worse, we can't even get the people we voted in office to stop the madness! Obama is changing anything and everything so fast they can't keep up and He is…"
Jimmy Hight replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Another great Obama deal
"That's what I said, He is playing the entire world for fools."
Jimmy Hight replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Another great Obama deal
" Obama doesn't even know which muslims to help? He is trying to give Iran the bomb while helping Saudi with Yemen, this idiot is playing the entire world for a fool and we just let it happen. We deserve Obama!"
Jimmy Hight replied to Judson Phillips's discussion GOP hypocrisy again
" I hear unconstitutional with no explanation and that leads to dumb followers. You need to explain how you see it unconstitutional?"
Mar 25
Jimmy Hight commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post Part 2: Immigration Shutdown Now—Tragedy of the Commons
"Sad but true with the only hope being the next election time and time again. When will sanity come back to America? When I was a young man they talked about families slowing the birth rate down to preserve the earth and now that we have slowed it…"
Mar 24
Jimmy Hight commented on Darwin Rockantansky's blog post CRUZ Missile Launched At White House
"The MSM and the democrats wouldn't dare touch this one. I am a big fan of Ted Cruz and if He is the nominee I will gladly vote for him and I know He will make a good President commanding respect for the office while showing respect for the…"
Mar 23
Jimmy Hight commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Heck Obama's talking Nuclear access with Iran so why can't Star Bucks be just as stupid, they are two peas in a pot. There are racist in every race of society and that will never change. We need Whites and Blacks to find a way to become…"
Mar 23
Jimmy Hight commented on Donna Gail Garner's blog post TO TEXAS LEGE: DO NO HARM - BY DONNA GARNER - 3.22.15
"Thank you Donna for telling it like it is and I wish more would understand the necessity for English only not as a racist thing but as a community bond type requirement. This allows all races to assimilate into society much faster tightening the…"
Mar 23
Jimmy Hight commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post A Pumphrey Tale
"Lloyd,            What have we learned from this young man, nothing and it is much worse now than then. It baffles me to see Martin Luther's dream fall so fast. I don't think He would know…"
Mar 22

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At 12:16pm on March 14, 2015, M Steven Gronka said…

Working on a national convention to arm patriots with the legal remedies to hold politicians accountable for violating their oath of office and for committing other crimes against the people! Let's join forces! We have a massive citizen army banding together!

This is why we need Red White and Blue Fest National Patriot Rally and Convention! Take back our Government, take back our Country, break the power of the power brokers!!! May 1-3, 2015 learn how to get the job done and let's get on with it!!! Sunny Hills, Florida north of Panama City, Please spread the word!!!
Red White and Blue Fest info is at:

Here is the information about Red White And Blue Fest National Patriot Rally and the action event, 9-11 Patriot Ride 2015 where Gold Star Moms and Dads are going to serve Citizen Warrants on obama, biden, senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, et al who have violated their oath of office and/or committed other crimes against the people. Please feel free to share the information below with any and all groups and individuals that you want! Along with teaching how to do Citizen Warrants and Citizen Grand Juries and other legal remedies for removing politicians and bureaucrats we will have a Biker Rodeo, Trucker Rodeo, Veterans and Law Enforcement Marksman Championship, Civilian Marksman Championship and product demonstrations for archery and other products. Andy Ross the country singer and bow hunter with shows on the Sportsman Channel wants to sing and give demonstrations at Red White and Blue Fest. His big patriot song right now is “Cold Dead Hands”! There will be a tent city and camping village that will include RVs, Coaches, Tractor & Trailers, and recreation for the whole family including fishing, swimming, swimming, golf, tennis, bike trails, and sports fields. There will be three nights of country music and folk rock concerts featuring three acts per night. This is going to be a great family event and the teaching will include kids as well with We The Kids History Clubs. Sunny Hills, Florida north of Panama City May 1-3, 2015.

Paste this for Twitter: Gold Star Moms to serve Citizen Warrants on obama biden senators congressmen et al Help go viral pls

At 3:45pm on February 2, 2015, Victor Sayre said…

I respect your willingness to look at fact and apply reason. It's difficult, in politics, when ideological drives or wishes impel so many to ignore the facts and forget reason.

Stand tall.

At 12:37pm on May 25, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…


Mitch McConnell isn't exactly my kind of conservative either! But, Alison Lundergan Grimes is a "35-year-old Nancy Pelosi." I can't imagine anything worse than that!

I live in Kentucky. I know, that for all of McConnell's negatives, he still is representing his constituents. Grimes is funded by far left PACS. They will be her master. We simply can't have her win this seat!

At 10:15pm on August 23, 2013, robert schwartz said…

Jimmy,  You touched some correct notes regarding government's intrusion in the lives of children, but equally, you pinned the tail on the donkey, aka, the parents, the correct teachers of their children.  Parents who remain indifferent to schools and suppliers who would allow them to use the pills involved are truly deficient.  Any girl who would want such a pill exhibits a total lack of morals.  But morals are taught at home by the parents and at the church where the parents go.  Third, they are most certainly taught at religious schools, particularly Catholic schools, which reinforce the moral code assumed by their parents and reinforced by the church where the child and parents attend.  So, then, what about the government that thinks it is benign in cutting red tape for the children who will have access?   The governements are at fault for not pointing out the gross moral defects of any child who might want such a palliative.  Governments and schools are remiss in their activities  by their silence on the moral issue involved here.  Those same governments and schools would punish a child if it were caught stealing, lying or acting unfairly towards another student.  Then what law prevents those institutions from teaching students the gross immorality of sex before marriage?

At 6:19pm on May 27, 2013, Chawnaw Hershel Kahn said…

Dear Jimmy, please look at my blog.  I just commented on what you said and wanted everyone going there to see it!  I agree with you with hand to hand combat, but have my doubts about the ability of our troops, may G-d protect them, from doing a massive invasion and for another reason given in my comment on my blog.

All the best,

Chawnaw Hershel Kahn

At 1:11am on December 5, 2012, Kate Bowe said…

Dec. 4

Jimmy Hight, I really appreciate your comments. Love Texas, love conservatives, love God's family, and think you are probably a good hard working man.

My Daddy pastored a small little church in Stoneburg years back when I was a wild teen- ager. It is a tiny little place about 12 miles from Bowie. It was his first church when he got out of Seminary. Fortworth was my favorite place.

I am sure you know, as I read your comment on a recent blog, that God's people don't have anything to fear. Yes, it is sad to see our country beginning to look like Sodom and Gomoro (sp?), but the Lord will see us through until he comes for us.

Just wanted you to know that I think you are great. Hang in there and have a special Christmas. God's gift to us, his precious son. Our gift to him, our life for his service. What we loose here we gain in Heaven. God Bless

At 5:16pm on November 9, 2012, Jeff Dover said…

Hi Jimmy,

Not sure what you saw in my post that gave you the impression we should "lay back".  Hell no!  I totally agree with you and all of what you wrote should be going on as we form that new party.  Done properly, it won't be a third party, because most of the non-official, non-elected people who call themselves Republicans now would come over to us, leaving the Republican leadership nothing but a skeleton of the old party.  It's their leadership we need to shed, not the rank and file, but we can't do it from within the party.  The rank and file are pretty much like us, like you and me.

At 1:18pm on July 30, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

Jimmy - Please do me the honor of accepting my “friend request” and my personal INVITATION to read my ENTIRE short mini-book FREE at

At 1:35pm on March 26, 2012, Jo Gonzalez said…

Bravo Jimmy, loved your letter, Jo Gonzalez,    These dips still can'y understand the fact that a wriiten letter is the one that carries the weight, what happens to e-mails, delete, gone, letters have to be opened, read (hopefully)  then filed, ect.  Thanks again.

At 10:30am on December 30, 2011, marina peterson said…

Thanks Jimmy!  I also pray that the 2012 elections will provide meaningful changes, and not just a change of faces.  I for one am very happy with most of the new crop that came in in 2010.  I am hoping that we can take the Senate!!  Happy new Year!  marina


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