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Who are the Neo-Cons"

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jeff B. Willis Apr 15, 2013. 1 Reply

Please visit www.eagleforamerica.comThis week's post tackles a long awaited question: "Who are the "Neo-Cons?"Are they the "R.I.N.O.S?"Are they true…Continue

1913 & 2013- Different Players, Same Discussion

Started Mar 25, 2013 0 Replies

Please visit www.eaglesforamerica.comThis week's post exposes a secret that has taken it's time unfolding! The ;results aren't flattering.The question…Continue

Resetting America...

Started Mar 17, 2013 0 Replies

Please visit www.eaglesforamerica.comThis weekend's post picks up discussion from the previous two posts. The subject is "contraction," how it would…Continue

Selling Contraction to America

Started Mar 10, 2013 0 Replies

Please visit www.eaglesforamerica.comThis week's post picks up on last week's thought, "the contraction alternative."Why wouldn't contraction work? Who…Continue

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Frank Chance Chenoweth commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Would it possible to get CSPAN or some other network to televise it, or portions of it?  Would that be a good way to garner additional support from conservative voters nationally?  (Maybe have people watching be able to call in or e-mail…"
Jeff Dover commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"That's a great idea that deserves some thought and planning.  How about 3 days?  Convention center, tickets by invitation, speakers by invitation too, no honoraria unless we can find some serious funding.  We'll need that…"
Charles Lincoln liked Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
Frank Chance Chenoweth commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Jeff,      You did a great job with this post!  I agree with all your points with one small caveat: add the repeal of Sarbanes-Oxley to bulletpoint #10.      However, I must also state my belief that the…"
Juls commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Ratify the 16th Amendment?  Why would you want to do that?????????"
Peter Ballard commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Great Ideas (Davis Morton, Barb Ott, Gail Engelhadrt, esp...) here.... Too bad nobody in Washington is listening. I can hear crickets chirping. I think it is going to take MORE than another 2010 election cycle to wake these people up and even then…"
Davis Morton commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"I would suggest that the salaries and expenses of Senators and Congressmen revert to the states so that the state legislatures become responsible for the major costs of the US Congress."
Suzanne Curran commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Oh wow, this sounds absolutely fabulous!!!  I attended the first Nashville tea party convention in February 2010, it was THE BEST!!  I have begged and pleaded with Judson about the need for another one..........this is so timely, and will…"
Peter Ballard commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"I agree with several of the "planks" except for the half-cent national sales tax. This is a DIRECT violation of Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution and it will not do anything to address the problems of healthcare ACCESS (unlike…"
David Sucharzewski liked Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
George Green commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"The 16th amendment did not institute the income tax as is commonly believed.  Much of today's tax code predates the 16th amendment all the way back to 1865.  The 16th merely reversed a previous ruling in the Pollock case excepting…"
Barb Ott commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"I would add that all federal employees cannot belong to any union."
Robert F Wray commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"I'd add repeal the 16th Amendment and replace with the Fair Tax. The IRS could be drastically reduced since it would only collect taxes directly from the States. Responsibility for auditing compliance by businesses, who collect the taxes, would…"
Clinnon commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"I'd say repeal the 16th amendment altogether. But in general, as for this plan - it could happen.... "
George Green commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville
"Gail, the Constitution needs not so much amending as adherence.  As for the getting the government out of our schools: I posted this on another thread yesterday - The Department of Education is not what you have been led to believe.  It…"
Vern Shotwell liked Jeff B. Willis's blog post All Roads Lead to Nashville

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Jeff B. Willis's Blog

All Roads Lead to Nashville

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 7:38am 16 Comments

"All roads lead to Nashville, it's never far away..."

Such would be the theme of a proposed "Red State" Convention. The site would be Music City. The time- late March or early April, 2015. The theme: "redefining or replacing the modern Republican Party."

The party has become too fractured. Maybe it's due to a base that wasn't around at the party's inception. The time has come to look within ourselves.

The origin and history of the GOP is not the subject of this post. Of…


Saperstein's Proposal Might Create Problems for Obamabatts

Posted on August 24, 2014 at 9:51am 11 Comments

Yesterday, on ABC's website, I noted a blogger who referred to the Tea Party as "right wing nut cases and kooks!" It demonstrates how the left continues to harbor misnomers about "who" actually makes up the Tea Party movement. I guess it is rather complicated.

This opinion is not unique. 30-35% of the American population continues to stand with Barack Obama. True, there are two million less Americans working full time than in 2008. Yes, the debt is spiraling out of control. No…


Travis County Indictment Reflects Dems Double Standard

Posted on August 17, 2014 at 3:57pm 12 Comments

Malice cannot be proven.

This is the most significant axiom learned in any Communications Law course.

Therefore, Democrats should not be surprised when their claim that Texas Governor, Rick Perry's alleged abuse of power isn't upheld. It could ultimately blow up in their face!

April 12th, 2013 Travis County District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg shook the very fabric of Austin's Democrat Establishment with an untimely D.W.I.. Yes, the D.A. was drunk. Very drunk,…


Contrasting Ted Cruz and Rick Perry

Posted on August 10, 2014 at 9:08am 88 Comments

This past weekend Conservatives attending the Red State Convention heard from both Texas Governor, Rick Perry and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The looming question is "will one or both throw their hat into the 2016 Presidential ring.

Both are Republicans. Both hail from Texas. Both are classified as "Conservatives." From there the similarities become more vague. The most important consideration amounts to "readiness"…

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At 11:03am on March 10, 2014, Roc29 said…


You're Welcome.

At 10:01am on February 25, 2014, Jeff Dover said…

Jeff, thanks for your thoughtful comment.  I'll give Rubio another look, but I'm deeply skeptical of politicians with nothing for experience other than law school and government.  They are creatures of government and books.  How can such a person understand what it takes to meet a payroll or get a sale in the real world?  They would be easy to sway, lacking that understanding.  I don't doubt, however, that personally Rubio would be a fine guy.

I like Rick Perry and could see how a Perry/Rubio ticket could be a winner, though I don't like the failed Republican practice of parsing the electorate, that is, by "calculating" what it takes to win this or that "community" or sector.  I vastly prefer a candidate, like Reagan who you cite, who will simply talk to the nation's people about the things which concern all of them, Democrats included, regardless of race, sex or any other consideration.  The practice of pandering to this or that sector often paints candidates into corners and makes them appear to be less than honest.  In fact, to me, it's a sign of weakness in a candidate.  Such pandering is a necessity for Democrats, because everything about them is a lie anyway.  They absolutely need those calculations.  However, when armed with the truth, it's not necessary to listen to (again, failed for the GOP) "strategists" who have us mimic the Democrats.  When we do that, we look just like our opponents and it confuses people.  We appear to be talking down to them too.  Most people, however, know the truth when they hear it...and "most" is good enough to win.

At 11:44am on December 8, 2012, Jeff Dover said…

Hey Jeff,

I read your comment on my post and, yeah, it's all a crap shoot.  As I see it, with a party structured along conservative lines, who would stay with the GOP, and why would they stay?  What is there about us that wouldn't attract money, which you correctly note is key?  In a very short while, after the mainstream media are done blaming the the GOP for the economic situation, their name will be mud anyway.

As for Rubio, he's a RINO.  His credentials are perfect: no meaningful private sector employment on his resume, attorney, and one government position after another.  How can he not be a part of that machine?  It's his bread and butter.  He does what he's told.  And who's telling us he's a "conservative"?  The Establishment!

At 9:18am on November 19, 2012, Robert Bechtel said…

Jeff I read and reread your post in secession fever and I think you are right on all counts.I also read your blog reaching out to the midwest and you are right . I truly think we the people must push secession. But I live in PA. I do not think PA. secede. Philly, harrisburg, and Pittsburg will not let that happen.

At 2:40pm on August 21, 2012, Lori Gibson said…

Jeff, Unfortunately Obama would not likely accept the seccession of any states if they wished to separate from WH ??   I'm sure he would rather imprison or shoot any who defied his Communist takeover of America !

At 10:43am on June 10, 2012, Donald Vastlik said…

What Ron Paul should be able to do is influrnce the Republican platform to a more Liberai nian view.

At 11:41pm on June 1, 2012, Elaine West said…

Jeff, you are honestly a very nice person and I'm sure you are sincere in your beliefs.  However, I will always hold a different view than you on the Constitutionality of our politicians.  My research has taken me to all the thoughts of the day, when the Constitution was written.  Our forefathers never wanted an executive with split allegiance - of course they were concerned that a Britisher could somehow be elected and put us right back where they started.

I believe Sen. Rubio is a good man and capable politician.  However, he has already proven to have an undue allegiance to his heritage.  It is his goal to make life better here in America for the some 20,000,000 illegal hispanics.  I have been a citizen of Arizona since 1953 and I've seen our state be driven downward towards 3rd world status because of the insurgence of these millions of illegal aliens.  His actions show that he is willing to side with one faction over another in this issue - and I do believe it to be the WRONG SIDE.  I agree with Eisenhower's "Project Wet Back" - removing these felons from our shores and allow them to come in through the proper channels.  See for the video "Immigration by the Numbers" for the very clear answer to this problem.

I am weary of fighting this fight and fighting against some very miniscule issues when our very foundation is being torn down before our eyes.  Please understand that there are millions like me, who have educated themselves and are preparing for the fight of our lives.


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