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The Global Bill of Rights Project is with the Tea Party movement on several issues

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 9:05pm 0 Comments

Just want to mention that The Global Bill of Rights Project ( The book is on Amazon.com, the organization is about to start up. ) is with the Tea Party movement on several issues, including small constitutional government ( ours would be even smaller ), fiscal sanity and RKBA. Only, our right concerning that is more modernized and not as subject to obfuscation:

"The right of Free Adult Individuals to keep and bear arms

Shall Not Be Infringed." - The Global Bill of Rights…


Why should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not be charged with WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Posted on July 12, 2013 at 12:19pm 12 Comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the remaining living Boston Bomber suspect, is apparently being charged with using WMD.

WMD - weapon of mass destruction, is a term that generally means nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. For example, when the U.S. Government gave the aboriginal Americans pox infected blankets,…


Is it time to "do something or get off the pot"?

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 4:22pm 36 Comments

A few people have asked why I haven't blogged here in awhile.

Well part of it is, I feel like I'm just "preachin' to the choir" here.

And the second reason I'm discouraged is that, as much as so many of you seem to appreciate my posts, nothing seems to change with the dismal situation we're all…


Do they REALLY think that if a woman is attacked, having a gun won't help her?

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 6:48pm 12 Comments

Academic Photographic Study

Don't try this at home. The photographer is in her 60's, has been doing photography since the age of 12, and is a trained shooter.…


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At 11:34pm on June 12, 2014, MUG said…

Jane, I live in Lakewood.  This is an email I sent to every conservative in my directory.


I have thought long and hard about this and decided I can no longer keep quiet.  I received my Republican Primary ballot and two of the choices for Governor make me sick to my stomach.  I am a Colorado Native and I am just a concerned citizen.  I’m not part of anything organized or funded.  I’m alone and on my own.  I hope this gets forwarded to a lot of Coloradans who read what I have to say and think it over before they vote in the Republican Primary.
Hickenlooper is the sixth Governor of Colorado that I have experienced as a resident since I graduated High School in 1962.  I was in Texas while a seventh, Vanderhoof, served and know nothing about him.  In my opinion, Romer was the best Governor, Hickenlooper is by far the worst Governor, and the other four, Love, Lamm, Owens, and Ritter were mostly good Governors.
Here’s what is infuriating me.  Four years ago the Republican Party Establishment tried to ram a RINO dishonest plagiarizer, Scott McInnis, down our throats.  The voters rejected McInnis in the Republican Primary and chose an unknown non-insider, Dan Maes to run against Hickenlooper.  The Republican Establishment, including Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo, refused to support Dan Maes, and some of them are on record as stating they preferred Hickenlooper to the people’s choice, Dan Maes.  Even worse, when polls showed Dan Maes had a chance, Tom Tancredo entered the Governor’s race as a third party candidate to deliberately split the Republican and Independent Conservative vote.  In other words, Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo gave us Hickenlooper, they guaranteed Hickenlooper would win.  Now they tell us Hickenlooper is a bad Governor and one of them should replace him.  They deliberately gave us the problem that they now claim they are the solution to. 
Does anyone really believe in their heart of hearts that Dan Maes would have been a worse Governor than Hickenlooper or McInnis?????
Candidate Scott Gessler is a solid Conservative Republican who stands by his Conservative principles.  But, Scott Gessler is a manager and does not show the ability to be the strong leader we need right now.  We need a leader to fix the existing dysfunctional government, not someone to better manage the existing dysfunctional government.
Candidate Mike Kopp is a leader.  He is an uncompromising Conservative who will effectively lead the forthcoming Conservative majority in our Congress.  Under his leadership the overturned ship of state will be brought upright and steered back on course.
I hope Mike Kopp wins the primary, and I hope Beauprez and Tancredo are embarrassed.  I am pretty sure that the fact that Beauprez and Tancredo have the gall to even run for Governor also means they have the gall to again oppose any other people’s choice to run against Hickenlooper.  I hope the people’s mood is to turn out all of the insiders who have given us the existing dysfunctional government and replace them with new solid Conservatives.

”We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo
At 10:32pm on April 7, 2013, Jeff Dover said…

Jane, my wife is a third generation American Jew, though of Russian/Romanian extraction.  At a seder recently I met a friend of my mother-in-law's, Alex White, who wrote "Be A Mensch", describing his youth in Krosno during the war.  Pretty gut-wrenching stuff, but he's (at 90) vital, lucid and very cool.  Don't know if you've read that, but it's interesting.  As with your family, he was the only one of his who survived.

Alex is a physician, not a professional writer, so the book's not quite as polished as, say, "Mila 18" or many of the other things I've read on the subject, but the authenticity is unquestioned.

Needless to say, the Second Amendment is vital to us.

At 6:46pm on January 27, 2013, Merlin Olson said…


In your blog (they are causing a consritutional crisis over the right to self defense) you stated that California would have a waiting period if certian things happened. Be advised they already do. There is a 10 day waiting period on any firearm even after the instant check.

At 3:32am on December 14, 2012, James Petty said…

I read your new party, new system commentary and I approve. I have for years. The Andelkrag society in my Tandra picture story is set up as you describe, though I've never gone into the arrangement in detail. Tandra is high adventure, not a political document. I have all the respect in the world for the Founding Fathers. They were intelligent and rational men, but they were not gods. Any system can be improved upon, including ours. Ayn Rand advocated a separation of economics and state and so does your commentary. Stay safe,


At 11:07pm on November 7, 2012, Vincent Rodas said…

To Jane Gail: You missed the part where I said "not all" and the part where I said "some" By the way here is the statistic on how it went down on the latino vote Obama 71% Romney 27%..sobering. Yes, I was generalizing. My point about "Obama Victory A Relief For Latin American Left" is when I commented about the latino creating HERE (America)  what they left THERE in their country.  I came from a latin american country which is socialist. In regards to your quote from Dr. King I agree. Perhaps you should pose it to our black brothers and sister (90+% Obama). You understand what I am saying. I know the Cuban community very well, lived in Miami 5 years and that is why I sent along the clip from Reagan. I know how Cubans vote. I could not have been prouder when Marco Rubio was considered for the VP spot, perhaps if Romney had chosen him it would all be different.


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