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James William Olmes Rogers commented on Yale Schiffman's blog post This Immigrant’s view on the refugee crisis
"Islam has no conscious other than Islam.....  Islam has no morals other than Islam.....  Islam has no love other than Islam.....  Islam has no virtues other than Islam.....  Islam has been, is and will always be a terrorist cult…"
James William Olmes Rogers commented on James Brody's blog post Obama Smoked Paris
"Blunt talk?  It won't be until someone, be it Trump, Cruz, someone, says in a blunt sentence:                                                       "Obama is an Islamist!" I'm blunt in saying it because I…"
Nov 16
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Lance Thate's discussion Bush Not Likely to Carry Florida
"We don't need another BUSH in the Rose Garden....."
Nov 14
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Catherine's blog post Is the Million Student March the Most Important Issue in America?
"So-called "Higher Education" is a bubble that has been pricked by "political correctness," accompanied by the sound of liberal/progressive/communist/socialist windbag deflation....."
Nov 13
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Dan Short's blog post ‘I hate America so much; I shall do everything in my power to destroy this white civilized nation.’ Barrack Hussein Obama
Oct 31
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Robert J. Mack's blog post Benghazi Hearing: The Image Is The Message
"And remember the title of Jimmy Breslin's book: "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight."  Perfect description of the GOP Establishment!"
Oct 24
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Darwin Rockantansky's blog post Red Ink Flowing::Political Correctness Seventy Years Later
"Outstanding commentary, Rock......  "Political correctness" is censorship designed and implemented to fractionalize our common national bond and ignite racial, religious and cultural conflict that can only be…"
Oct 23
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Lance Thate's discussion Public will Defy Obama's Executive Orders on 2nd Amendment
"If only Obama was a communist!  But he's far to the left of communism ~ Obama is an Islamist!  And a step beyond being an Islamist, he's a puppet!  His strings are pulled by the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and the gaggle of…"
Oct 18
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Judson Phillips's discussion A message for Trump bashers
"No we don't, Mike.....  Unless it's Trump or Cruz, there will be no "our candidate."  All the others are hog-tied by money if not conscience to the Washington, DC Establishment.....  Dr. Carson may be an exception…"
Sep 15
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Judson Phillips's discussion A message for Trump bashers
"There is no part of the GOP Establishment that is Conservative.....  If Trump and Cruz can survive the "long knives" of the GOP/Democrat Establishment, the media and the rival candidates for President/VP, they will have my vote....."
Sep 15
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Biased Media vs. Behavioral Standards
" Every time Donald Trump shines the light of Constitutional truth, the socialist, progressive left scurries to the emotional dungeons of darkness, lies, distortions and denials!!!"
Aug 30
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Send in the clown car
"There is no Republican Party!  There has not been a Republican Party for many years!  What passes for a Republican Party today is nothing more than a thinly-disguised coalition of entrenched Establishment politicians who overtly align with…"
Aug 25
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Marcia Wood's blog post Murdoch, Beck& Erickson - Trying to Destroy the Trump Card
"Donald Trump has infused a majority of Americans with an injection of Americanism, sans political correctness!  That infusion may last through the nomination process ~ and through the presidential election!  At the moment, he has my…"
Aug 20
James William Olmes Rogers replied to Judson Phillips's discussion The silence of the fools
""We The People" are no longer represented by a majority of the elected members of Congress, regardless of the label they wear.....  Elected as a "Republican" or "Democrat" by "We The People," they unite…"
Jul 7
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Darwin Rockantansky's blog post Red Ink Flowing::My White Privilege
"No one has better defined "White Privilege," Rock.....   "White Privilege" is simply "Work Hard, pay taxes, and you may have something left over to provide for your family!""
Jun 5
James William Olmes Rogers commented on David Lawrence's blog post THE BDS MOVEMENT MAKES ME WANT TO GIVE BACK MY Ph.D.
"A PhD in Ignorance is held by every person who fails to identify Obama as the Islamic fraud he is!!! Is it because they fail to see the obvious?  Or because they're too cowardly to acknowledge it? Either way, it's a PhD in Ignorance!!!"
May 26

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At 5:51pm on February 11, 2015, J Neil Jednoralski, P.E. said…

I was part of the original TEA Party and Glenn Beck's 912 Project. I was in the 1.8 million on the US National Mall on 12 Sep 2009. I visited ALL the the Kansas US Representatives offices on 11 Sep. The next year I was in St Louis at the Arch. I ran as a Tea Party Conservative Republican for the KS House in 2010, and the TEA Party put up another candidate against me and the incumbent in the Republican primary. The incumbent was re-elected. Meam in the TEA Party say you do it all my way, or forget it.

That is why I am proposing a US Constitutional Party, went the supporters of the US Constitution can get together. I think most TEA Partiers back the US Constitution - Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and even Democrats.

The base platform is following the US Constitution, with I propose deleting the 14th, 16the, and 17th Amendments and adding the 28th Amendment (that Congress passes not law which does not apply to Congress, et cetera), the 29th Amendment (term limits), 30th Amendment (a balanced National budget), and the 31st Amendment (which allows a National Referendum).

I would propose abolishing US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Education, US Department of Energy, US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, US Department of Labor, US Department of the Interior, and US Department of Veterans Affairs, EPA, The Federal Reserve, etc.

Foreign Aid would greatly be reduced

Would you proceed with a US Constitutional Party in your State?

At 11:33pm on September 28, 2014, howard richardson said…

Its hard to think of your own president as a traitor. He has numerous usurpertations of power!!! However it is his arrogance that shows us just how dangerous he is. His mindset & ideology and being the most powerful person in the world, make him more terrorfing  than any group or dictator.

At 8:44pm on May 8, 2013, James R. Norris said…

B H Obama?  Get your head out of the sand.  Just one look-That's all it took. When will they ever learn?

At 12:09pm on July 28, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

James - Please allow me to share with you this link to read my ENTIRE book FREE

at http://davesbookpdf.blogspot.com/

At 11:51am on January 25, 2012, Doc Franklin said…

You are, and it's nice to know were not the only ones who think and believe this way. Take care and God Bless.

At 7:31am on January 25, 2012, Doc Franklin said…

Your post directed to Pastor Brashear was absolutely spot on. Great Comment!

At 1:11pm on February 17, 2011, John Sherman said…
So true - BHO is not stupid - he's anti-American and dangerous.

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