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Jack Kemp
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Jack Kemp commented on David Lawrence's blog post Starbuck's Arrogance
"There was a famous white guy in the 1980s who used to talk and write books about innovative companies over hidebound ones. I forgot his name but it may have been Peters. It wasn't Peter Drucker. He even had shows on PBS. He praised Fed Ex, etc.…"
Carolyn Sue Brannon commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"To Juan Pablo... To some people it does not matter what anything tastes like so long as it costs 5 times what a better product costs. I worked for a company that had one of these self-centered punks as their paymaster. One day another office…"
Carolyn Hamilton commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Personally I had doubts if this was really legal.. These persons known as Barrista's, can barely make change in the morning, much less speak intellectually about anything..They work for tips and why should they peddle the BS this Shultz…"
Clinnon commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
Mar 23
Clinnon commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
Mar 23
Juan Pablo commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"StarBucks overpriced coffee tastes like Crap; my Wife & I are not alone with that opinion. Dunkin Donuts & McDonalds coffees taste Superior to Starbucks', we also are not alone with THAT opinion, either. PERIOD !!!"
Mar 23
Janice Thomas liked Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
Mar 23
Metalchemist commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"I'm sure hat idea blew up in their faces. Thou shall not get in the way of the government controlled disinformation campaign, taking full use of the " Useful Idiots" they have produced through all the entitlement programs of the past…"
Mar 23
sharon ostwinch commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"First they did not approve this in the White House.  Did he really think would do anything.  Nice to try but since Starbucks is not in any area with ethnic problems it was a bit out there."
Mar 23
Steve Merkel commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"I worked for a very successful company whose CEO had his MBWA (Management by walking around). He knew his employees, didn't live in a fancy house, drove an old VW bug. I worked for another successful company whose CEO was strikingly similar. He…"
Mar 23
Clinnon commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
Mar 23
Clinnon commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Vote with your dollar. Don't patronize stores, products, politicians or entertainers who support values opposite your own. "
Mar 23
Al Premo liked Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
Mar 23
Jimmy Hight commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Heck Obama's talking Nuclear access with Iran so why can't Star Bucks be just as stupid, they are two peas in a pot. There are racist in every race of society and that will never change. We need Whites and Blacks to find a way to become…"
Mar 23
David S commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Schultz has a history of trying to promote his social agenda using his position as CEO of Starbucks.  I also recall the encounter at a shareholders meeting when a shareholder objected to his embracing the Gay agenda at the company and being…"
Mar 23
James William Olmes Rogers commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"
"Starbucks and CEO Schwarz should pursue coffeeology, not sociology.....  Their coffee is as bad as their prices are high, and Mr. Schwarz' nose is even higher....."
Mar 23

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Starbucks ends "Race (Talk) Together"

Posted on March 23, 2015 at 9:18am 14 Comments

Jack E. Kemp
American Thinker notes that  ; Starbucks has officially ended its ridiculous attempt to get coffee servers - baristas - to talk about race with patrons. I guess this will also stop Exxon from asking its gas station…

Comment of Day on Starbucks

Posted on March 17, 2015 at 3:00pm 29 Comments

Jack E. Kemp

Starbucks´ push to make baristas

talk about race sounds like

it could be disastrous
Original Article

Starbucks has launched an initiative to encourage its employees and customers to…

Hillary goes full Baghdad Bob

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 8:30pm 16 Comments

Jack E. Kemp

How's this for a quote?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton deleted nearly 32,000 emails she deemed private from her time in the Obama…


Kyle Smith Details The Cult of Hillary

Posted on March 8, 2015 at 4:30pm 9 Comments

Jack E. Kemp

Darn, I wish I could have written this. Kyle Smith, in today's NY Post, explains to a realistic degree why Democrats still love Hillary as if she were Evita Peron on steroids.
Here is the link and some ground breaking insights:…

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At 2:55pm on July 11, 2013, Paul J. Ayres said…

Isay send one of your guards over to guard my family like they do yours.

At 11:32am on February 26, 2013, SgtGrumpy said…

Jack, thanks for your suggestion. I am not a blog writer, haven't wrote any paper since SNCO school in the 70's. I will check with MI Open Carry Assoc. for an update. You are a good blog writer, so this might be a good story for you.

Semper Fi

MSgt Gerry Burman 

At 7:42pm on December 22, 2012, Susan J.Morningstar said…


Thanks you for including me in among your friends.

My comment about not knowing what my Pakastini doctor was talking about was tongue in cheek.  He speaks broken English, and I'm hard of hearing.  His nurse is a go-between.

There's a bit of wry humor, for Obamacare caused my doctor of many years to give up his practice.  Believe me I had a heck of a time finding any doctor who "didn't already have their quota of medicare patients."  That's why I wind up with a foreign doctor.  I just pray he has respect for women; he's a Moslem.

This country is so messed up by this Chicago mob.  I can't believe I have to live the remainder of my life like this.

At 7:35am on August 11, 2012, Jim Coles said…

Got it...already copied down...thank you, sir! Have enjoyed this conversation...

At 7:30am on August 11, 2012, Jim Coles said…

I sure hope so, Jack!

I think I'd like to give the article a try after the basic idea is a Swiss-style system...I think that tiered reserve, coupled with reasonable equipment expenditures, relocation & re-sizing of overseas forces to places that will let us protect sea lane choke points & defend regional threat areas -- and not simply pump money into host nation economies -- will give us the flexibility we need...a deep, deep 'bench' and the cultural involvement to fully support defense of our real international interests.

We have the territories and possessions that will enable us to forward-assign properly structured units where they can defend sea lane choke points and provide regional quick reaction forces to assist key allies & friendly nations without having to station them in host nations...Korea, Japan, and Western Europe don't need garrisoned troops there anymore but we need to keep flexible, fully capable forces near those areas to keep the Oriental Russians and Chinese in line in the Pacific; and the Russians-Muslim expansionists  at-bay in the West.

So my thinking goes a bit further than just the initial issue I tried to see my dilemma, I think...if I write about this stuff I'll end up getting into lots of weeds...the kind of stuff that makes most people's eyes glaze-over. 

At 7:06am on August 11, 2012, Jim Coles said…

Jack...I know all of those sites them every day or nearly every day...let me think about it...I'm not keen on 'publishing' these days...more or less burned out...and I'm very busy with the Alabama Republican Party's campaign operations...I'm Vice-Chair of our county Executive Committee and am working for several statewide campaigns...

Like I said, I'm old and beat up...only have so much energy...but if I do write the piece A-T will get it first...I really enjoy that site.

At 4:41am on August 11, 2012, Jim Coles said…

Jack ... you post some amazing and very well reasoned articles...I admire your work...always provocative and useful.

all best,


At 11:15am on May 10, 2012, Debrajoe Smith-Beatty said…

You are very welcome.

At 8:18am on May 10, 2012, Katie Kalpin said…

Hey Jack,

Thank you so much for the add!! It's great to have so many Patriot friends in one great place. :) It's nice to be able to have a good chat about how great America is and how annoying liberals are with out being attacked lol. I have alway's enjoyed reading your comments, I have learned a great deal about Politics and how this country is run because of people like you. :) God Bless America.

At 7:43am on May 10, 2012, Debrajoe Smith-Beatty said…

Thanks so much;. I have a website if you want to post any articles you are welcome. The forum page. Incidently I posted this article on the website. It is vital.


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