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JC Patriot replied to Rob Bachmann's discussion WHY IS THERE NOT A SARGENT AT ARMS AT EVERY US SCHOOL??
"Heck, why stop there?  How about we have one at every house that has children in it?  Or better yet, how about one in every kid's bedroom.  It can be paid for with more pretend money, fresh from the printing press."
Oct 22
JC Patriot replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Obama, the greatest scumbag in the world.
"Political correctness has proven itself to be no better than the actual blasting of entire groups.  It's about time that people admit to each other and themselves that we are all human and will make mistakes in speech and everything…"
Aug 9
JC Patriot replied to Alan Caruba's discussion A Great Plan to Replace the EPA
"I disagree that the creation of the EPA in 1971 was a good idea.  Dealing with the issues that led to the creation of the EPA was a good idea, but creating the agency ... Just like virtually every other issue you might think of, creating…"
Aug 9
JC Patriot replied to Virginia Gomez's discussion SEE HOW TO OPT OUT OF OBAMACARE BEFORE 3/31! HURRY
"Many people have medical problems.  Many people have financial problems. The best solution is not to use laws like the ACA to forcibly confiscate the property of some to alleviate the ills of others.  That in itself is just a tricky way to…"
Jul 30
JC Patriot replied to Janet Klien's discussion Expect Senator Majority leader Harry Reid to scream about ClivE Bundy and Gun Control tomorrow on the Senate Floor
"Let me remind you that obummer appointed a tax cheat to be the his first treasury secretary, so I suppose you only hate tax cheats if they're not "gimmedats.""
Jul 30
JC Patriot replied to Randall Woodman's discussion Bundy Ranch and Harry Reid
"Not sure this is relevant, since most of the video is about the inaccuracy of other stories.  Late in the video the narrator asks the question if Reid is specifically involved in this story, and says he…"
Apr 24
JC Patriot replied to Alan Caruba's discussion Americans are Drowning in Lies
"You hit the nail on the head.  But not only are lies running rampant, but so has the penchant for the politicians like Durbin annointing himself as a deity that is capable of judging what is unfair and unjust for everyone.  This of course…"
Apr 6
JC Patriot replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Run Chris! Run!
"The message could be simple:  big government takes money from the people, wastes it or gives it to their buddies, and distributes a pittance back to some people to get their votes -- all of this if the people consent to give up…"
Feb 6
JC Patriot replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Run Chris! Run!
"When the two parties can hardly be differentiated from one another, there is no "bad guy." The fear of "splitting the vote" has been going on for far too long, and is precisely why we have ended up with a two-party system of two…"
Feb 6
JC Patriot replied to Judson Phillips's discussion How we win
"So many errors. Liberal policies benefit China, as inflated union wages here make it impossible to compete. Leaving abortion alone is like leaving a murderer alone -- silly strategy. The only ones interested in forcing religious beliefs are islamic…"
Feb 3
JC Patriot replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Time for impeachment?
"Before you ever repeat the Clinton/budget surplus nonsense again, you should educate yourself with the following link:   Also, you mention that you think the tax code is unfair for the middle class -- just…"
Feb 3
JC Patriot replied to Caleb White's discussion Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along?
"In other words, you're saying he was kinda like obummer, just not as extreme."
Jan 2
JC Patriot replied to Caleb White's discussion Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along?
"What's faulty is that line of reasoning. Fighting on the same side as the communists against the nazis does not mean our country embraced a communist way of life.  What made our country different was that the founders realized from…"
Jan 2
JC Patriot replied to Caleb White's discussion Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along?
"They know what it means -- they are attempting to fool people into believing that nazis and fascists are "right- wing" or "conservative." It is best to use terms that describe whether or not the government is in control or the…"
Jan 2
JC Patriot replied to Caleb White's discussion Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along?
"It's more appropriately called crony socialism, since it has nothing to do with free-market capitalism."
Jan 2
JC Patriot replied to Alan Caruba's discussion Supreme Court is Undermining Science and Society
"Carl, I think you helped write obummercare."
Dec 27, 2013

a brazillion

The Dept of Defense briefed the president this morning.  They told President Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq .
To everyone's surprise, all the color drained from Obama's face. Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears.
Finally, he composed himself and asked, 'Just how many is a brazilian?'
This is not surprising, since he obviously has no understanding of billion or trillion either.

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At 1:13pm on July 4, 2013, Diane Rufino said…

Hello JC Patriot, 

Thank you so much for friending me. It's wonderful to meet you.  My blogsite "For Love of God and Country" - -  is a wordpress site and should be perfectly safe. I don't know why it would give you such a message.  Maybe it's because I'm a "rightwinger."  I'm in the process of finishing an article on the history of the federal income tax, the Sixteenth Amendment, and the IRS, and including a section on the Fair Tax as a meaningful way to reform taxation and end the evil that is the the progressive income tax/IRS.  I'll be posting very shortly. Again, I'm so very happy to meet you.


At 12:08pm on October 11, 2011, Land Shark aka Bob E said…

That happens when tea parties leaders do not get involved in actually "doing" something.  The first main goal for a tea party group is education.  After that, it 's to use the education so that each member can get involved where their interests lie. 

You are in a good place here in the Constitution study group.  PH is the best!! 

 Let me know if  you want to get more involved and I will be happy to throw some ideas at you.


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