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Gene Swank commented on John Wiseman's blog post Forfeiture Jackpot: Is Your State Playing This Exiting Budget Fixing Game?
"This all comes down to crooked Attorneys and politicians!!!! An elderly woman in Fontana Calif. Had to fight to keep her 2 houses because she had rented one house to a minor drug dealer. They tried to take both of her houses as they were both on the…"
Aug 14
Gene Swank commented on George Green's blog post Correcting the unconstitutional acts of government
"I will abide only by the Constitution!!! I will disobey any other laws that are unconstitutional, which is my right. When will our military arrest the fraud traitor in chief and try him for treason. As far as I am concerned anyone who votes for an…"
Aug 2
Gene Swank commented on David Lawrence's blog post I Saw the End of Israel Coming
"Diane; You are 100% right. God will stand by Israel and I believe he will stand by the USA, even though many of our people have turned there backs on God. Many damocrats claim to be Christians but they dont read or understand the Bible. The Bible…"
Aug 1
Gene Swank commented on Timothy Birdnow's blog post The Road to Hell is Paved with Seat Belt Laws
"I started racing when I was 12, All racing required seat belts. I have wore them ever since. That does not give the government the right to force me to wear one. It is my choice as a free American Citizen. More lives are saved with seat belts then…"
Jun 14
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
"Ilegal is ilegal, many are criminals and are taking the jobs away from Americans. I regretfully spent 35 years in So Cal. I know what I am talking about!!!!!!"
Jun 12
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
"We need Sarah, a Real American Patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jun 12
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
"Sorry, not a natural born citizen!!!!!!!!"
Jun 12
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
"Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen, so do we braek the law, constitution like the damocrats did and elect someone who does not legaly qualify to be our President???"
Jun 12
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Rand Paul is voted off the Island.
"But Cruz IS NOT a natural born citizen, just like obumer."
Jun 12
Gene Swank replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Obama’s red state revenge
"If we had a congress and repub leaders with cajones obumer would be in prison waiting trial for treason!!!!!"
Jun 8
Gene Swank replied to Andrew Cochran's discussion Which "Sacred" Right Isn't Included In Any "Conservative Governing Vision" - YET?
"I would not trust a Liberal on anything, they are all mentally defective!!!!"
Jun 6
Gene Swank replied to Andrew Cochran's discussion Which "Sacred" Right Isn't Included In Any "Conservative Governing Vision" - YET?
"There should be caps on settlements, there are times when juries give insane amounts in settlements that do noting but cost everyone one. Loser pays is also good except for a trial by Judge only, Judges make rulings just bec ause they dont like the…"
Jun 6
Gene Swank replied to Myrnalynn Bennett's discussion Teachers' Scheme to Turn Kids into Hitler Youth Is Thwarted
"I took my children out of rialto school district in the 90s. They were insane then and way to far to the left."
May 29
Gene Swank replied to David Farrar's discussion Does the Tea party support amnesty?
"And whose side are you on ????? Only 1 tea party candidate didnt win there primary. If the people wake up and get out and vote we wont have jeb bush, there are several others that are true conservatives that would make great Presidents but we also…"
May 14
Gene Swank commented on Craig Andresen's blog post Obama Regime Tries to SILENCE Show and Station
"doug nicholson. If I had the money to be there I would be but I would also bring my guns. No one can legally violate the second ammendment. All gun control laws are a violation of the second ammendment. No one tells me I cant obey the constitution,…"
May 13
Gene Swank commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post Jeb Bush's Path to Victory May Lie Through Rand Paul
"Rand paul just stated that we dont need vboter ID and that it is racist. He has lost his mind. Bush wants to give the illegals amnesty, I can not vote for either one."
May 10

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At 5:45am on November 14, 2011, Charlotte Hendershot said…

Gene after reading your comment I thought you undoubtedly didn't hear when Cain said that for low income people the tax plan would be 9-0-9.  We, too, are on a fixed income and after hearing that I felt somewhat comforted.  Check it out. Have a good day.

At 11:18pm on September 23, 2011, Nelson E. Mallory said…
What people have against Bachman is she is unelectable. Her attack on Perry regarding the HPV was totally irresponsible because it was based on a conversation with some crack pot she met in a crowd. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a worn out talking point. Perry is the candidate we need to get behind. We cannot allow the media to choose our next president again. The last choice they made is herrendous and he is killing us.
At 6:47pm on May 22, 2011, American Infidel said…
Hi, Gene! Please join us in Citizens4Cain, right here on TPN!
At 11:37am on May 18, 2011, tina frost said…
this sounds just right to me Gene. This unconstitutional muslim needs to be tried for treason. They used to hang horse thieves,oh,and this is much worse. The biggest crime in the history of the world.
At 10:35am on May 18, 2011, Karen Bracken said…
Meant to say they have 60 days to stop an EO but they never even try.
At 10:34am on May 18, 2011, Karen Bracken said…
GENE....Obama hands are tied only if we get a super majority in the Senate and in 2012 we would have to win all but 1 seat. That will be next to impossible. Our Congress today has 60 day to stop an RP BUT NEVER EXERCISE THAT RIGHT. Wonder why??? Hmmmm
At 5:46pm on May 9, 2011, JOE EARL ADAMS said…
Gene, you nailed Ron Paul right. He's an IDIOT!!!
At 11:46pm on March 26, 2011, Joseph C Skues said…
Hi Gene,  Thanks for your comment.  I'm 67 retired long haul trucker and I saw all this hoping for 20 years to see wages rise.  This essay has so many passionate people tat I'm makin friends here.  These folks will bring America back to life.  Lets build strong families.
At 7:53pm on February 1, 2011, Katie Baker said…



Thanks for adding me as your friend and I look forward to working with you in 2011.

At 6:26pm on December 12, 2010, Katie Baker said…

Welcome to Tea Party Nation!  Please request to be friends so we can stay in contact and share information.  Katie & Dr. Jake Baker



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