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Gail Cohen commented on Jeff B. Willis's blog post Trump's Display May Finally Force Americas' Hand
"Donald may have been a red herring for the Democrats - he may not be our friend - sine he has supported the Clintons in the past, they may have had him do what he is doing to make sure we have no viable candidate. Ben Carson is a good man - as is…"
Jul 20
Gail Cohen commented on Donna Gail Garner's blog post WHERE WAS TRUMP WHEN WE SO BADLY NEEDED HIM ON COMMON CORE? - BY DONNA GARNER - 7.19.15
"Trump is a loose cannon and may be a plant by the Democrats to screw up the Republican primaries. He has brought up some issues that resonate with people - so people like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson should take up those issues as well as Common…"
Jul 19
Gail Cohen commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post President Donald Trump: A Man for All Americans
"The problem with Trump for me is that in the past he supported Democrats, liked the idea of socialized medicine and never addressed illegal immigration. The Republican establishment has lifted their hands in horror at what he said, so even if he was…"
Jul 15
Gail Cohen liked Catherine's blog post A Reagan v. "The Donald"
Jul 13
Gail Cohen commented on Catherine's blog post A Reagan v. "The Donald"
"It looks like Ted Cruz should be nominated - we should all be putting him on top in polls."
Jul 13
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post I Don't Owe Illegal Aliens Anything
"The anti-Semitic comments are totally unnecessary and wrong - and there are people of Mexican decent in this country who were either born here (of parents who also were citizens) or came in legally - so saying you want to deport all Mexicans is…"
Jul 10
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post I Don't Owe Illegal Aliens Anything
"Except I do not like the derogatory comment about sending Jews to Mexico - true too many are Democrats - but that does not mean to take the Muslim and Nazi stories as truth about them."
Jul 10
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post I Don't Owe Illegal Aliens Anything
"HA! Paul that tells me he may not even be Spanish."
Jul 10
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post I Don't Owe Illegal Aliens Anything
"Geraldo was known as Jerry when he went to U of A - I know because one of my classmates there told me. He sported "Geraldo" to get a job as a "minority" for ABC I believe. He is just a Jewish boy of Spanish decent who happened to…"
Jul 10
Gail Cohen commented on Frosty Wooldridge's blog post America’s Growing Multicultural Quagmire
"Those in charge of this country want civil unrest that is so bad that marshal law is imposed and all freedoms are gone. There are too many "useful idiots" in this country that are helping them -"
Jun 28
Gail Cohen shared Don Davison's blog post on Facebook
Jun 19
Gail Cohen shared Lloyd Marcus's blog post on Facebook
Jun 15
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post Bruce Jenner Always Was And Always Will Be A Man
"The problem is, that this once was considered a mental disorder - and the chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins still does - children sometimes go through gender confusion and now hormone therapy is being prescribed in those cases - there are physical…"
Jun 12
Gail Cohen commented on David Lawrence's blog post Bruce Jenner Always Was And Always Will Be A Man
"People do not believe it, but Satan is taking over those who do not wish to serve God, whether they realize it or not. Sounds crazy, but the Bible says God is not the author of confusion - so guess who is?"
Jun 11
Gail Cohen commented on Bob Bennett's blog post Race Baiting by Officials and the Media Borders on Sedition
"Folks, what is going on in this country is typical of the methodology used by Communists to create chaos in order to promote more government control - Obama wants and SS style state police- and by destroying local police he is on his way.…"
Jun 9
Gail Cohen shared Alan Caruba's discussion on Facebook
Jun 8

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At 12:21pm on March 2, 2014, robert l scalise jr said…
At 4:16pm on January 14, 2014, Tea Party California Council said…

Actually, I think most people, maybe silently, would agree with your analysis.  However, this dialogue of a third party, if loud enough, may scare the GOP into paying more attention to our vision and demands for reform within the GOP.  Most people do not feel an urgency, nor compelled to change unless their stronghold is threatened.  Just like the GOP RINO and old guard style leaderships pander to keep what they hold dear, then get them to pander to us conservatives so they think that making those concessions is the only way they can be re-elected.  At this point, rallies have not been enough. 

At 2:38pm on July 22, 2013, Don Wait said…

Your right on track Gail...

revolts/riots= Martial Law and 'lockdown'


At 6:48am on June 2, 2013, Alan Caruba said…

I will check into why my article was not accessible. Thanks for calling this to my attention.

Alan Caruba

At 6:30am on January 28, 2013, American Infidel said…
At 5:10pm on February 13, 2012, American Infidel said…

Here is the website for the DVD I mentioned:

At 5:08pm on February 13, 2012, American Infidel said…

Gail, you are 100% right about the Mormons. I highly recommend the video called "Mormonism" by Charlie H. Campbell of the "Always Be Ready" Christian ministry. Not only is Mormonism not Christian, it is 100% opposed to Christianity, and dedicated to the destruction of the United States federal government. At the time of the well-deserved lynching of con-men child molesters Joseph and Hiram Smith (the founders of Mormonism), the leadership of the Mormon church swore a blood oath to work diligently to destroy the US government from within. They have done this blood oath every year since then until 1927, when they supposedly stopped the practice, but since everything they do is so secretive, how would anyone really know if they have stopped?

At 2:53am on July 18, 2011, Morry Markovitz said…
Gail, I don't remember the rest of what I'd written, but it was a compliment on your comments in a sort of humorous way -- or what I thought was a bit humorous.
At 11:22am on June 15, 2011, Bill Fowler said…


Gail, I too would love to see Col Allen West become our next President, but realistically that's not going to happen.  He probably senses it's just too early in his political career to run for the highest office in the land. 


May the Lord turn this nation back to righteousness, without which all our political efforts will be in vain.



At 7:40am on May 21, 2011, Gerald H. said…
That's the only and best way. Everything else will fall in place.

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