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Started this discussion. Last reply by Roger Mowery Oct 29, 2012. 5 Replies

August 24, BH Obama, via Eric Holder reported Arizona to the UN Human Rights Council, for violations. Go to the internet, there are several good articles. Also, Obama claims there are violations to…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob Mac Aug 5, 2010. 1 Reply

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned Corporation: the list of owners unknown. To take back America, the citizens need to do away with the Federal Reserve. The Constitution allows for the USA to…Continue


Started Jul 25, 2010 0 Replies

I was listening to the news this AM, on FOX news. Apparently BH OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER have advised law enforcement officers in the state of Arizona, if they enforce the new immigration laws in the…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Steve Dose Jul 24, 2010. 1 Reply

Seven Latin American countries have joined Mexico in it's legal address to Arizona's immigration law. Boliva, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru. These countries receive…Continue


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Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Bruce Davis's blog post Sorry Dems but Trump is right!
"Three cheers for the Donald. I bet serial liar O can't stand the Donald!"
1 hour ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Independence dies in America
"The US Congress only collects a pay check they do not protect the citizens. They kiss BHO butt."
3 hours ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Fourth of July Freedom Isn't Free - Lessons from a Rear Echelon Veteran
6 hours ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on J. Andrew Reid's blog post A Reminder on this 4th of July
"Happy 4th to you and yours."
20 hours ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Jeff Dover's discussion RINO Primary Antics Running Pro Forma
"The GOP has become disgusting."
21 hours ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on John Wiseman's blog post Happy Birthday America! I Pray We Get To See A Lot More.
"Happy Birthday America."
23 hours ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Jim Delaney's discussion Judicial Tyranny MUST be Resisted
"AND kick Obama out of the oval office, and take Harry, Nancy, Chuckie and Roberts with him."
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Can we finally say Barack Obama cheers for the enemy?
"BHO is the enemy."
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Can we finally say Barack Obama cheers for the enemy?
"He is committing treason every day. WHERE IS THE US CONGRESS?"
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Selena Owens's blog post Why We need a Win for Mike Flynn
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Darwin Rockantansky's blog post Red Ink Flowing:: That Grand Old Flag
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Seton Motley's blog post A Bad Bill + Crony Socialism = An Even Worse Bill
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Judson Phillips's discussion America in the era after liberty
"We The People clean Washington DC out of Boehner, Mitch, Nancy, Harry Chuckie, Obama, and more."
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Nick Short's discussion Suicide of the West
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on Seton Motley's blog post Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong - Or Lying to Us?
"For such an undisciplined person BHO loves to censor We The People."
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty commented on John Wiseman's blog post The Only Debt Limit That Matters Is The One Set By Creditors
"And the USA is stuck with numb nuts O. Cowards Boehner and Mitch were no where to be seen when serial liar BHO signed the bill giving him power to enact treaties."

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At 11:10am on November 26, 2014, Tom Shields said…

Enough of the blathering, nail biting, finger pointing, name calling. It is way past the time when we SHOULD HAVE revolted. It is not too late but,  salvation is no longer available thru the ballot box.       WE THE PEOPLE, the employers of government must occupy, by the millions, all Federal facilities and refuse entry of all elected mis-representatives of both parties, i.e.  everyone who has been in office more than one term.

I call upon ALL Tea Party organizations to show some leadership and convene, and chart a course to LITERALLY REMOVE all entrenched office holders and start over. We need to establish an unarmed volunteer army of citizens to affect a complete overhaul, mostly by elimination.

I think this past election proved one thing; "The People" get it! I'm not talking blood and gore in armed conflict. I'm talking about finding a "house hold name" (who ever that may be) who can get air and TV coverage to convince ALL law enforcement and military types to stand down and let "the people" do what the Constitution tells us to do; "...remove from office...". It does NOT tell us to vote them out. Time has proven that with the current set of Congressional clowns, impeachment is a non-starter. By sheer numbers, we must force that ultimate illegal alien to exit the white house and then WE lock it down. After that we need to render null and void every document that has his signature on it. By then there will be enough capable people from the private sector who will volunteer without pay to come in and administer the re-creation of a much smaller, Constitutionally sized government. Now is the time folks. Start writing up your lists of what needs to be done to salvage and recreate “the greatest nation the world has ever seen”. My list of priorities is 30-40 items long.  NOTHING will change if WE don't march.

It is now or never, otherwise save your breath. We need action, not more analysis. If you are interested in helping, please “reply”.


If you are as angry because of our “do nothing congress” as I am, add me as “A Friend” and I will send you a plan to get rid of the evil in Washington.

At 7:11am on June 23, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…

Alison Grimes would be ten times worse than McConnell. Besides, our primary objective is reclaiming the Senate majority. Isn't it?

At 12:46pm on May 25, 2014, Jeff B. Willis said…


As bad as Mitch McConnell may be, he is still preferable to a "35-year-old Nancy Pelosi." And that is what you would have in Alison Lundergan Grimes! I live in Kentucky. I know for a fact that Mitch will retire after this last six year term, assuming that he wins. There is also a deal in progress that will allow him to step aside from the Senate Majority Leader consideration, assuming that he is reelected and Republicans win Senate majority. To elect Grimes would go a long way toward keeping Harry Reid as Majority Leader. In my opinion, that is what this Kentucky race is all about. We need to "send Harry Reid to the back of the room," at all costs!   

At 1:58pm on February 12, 2014, Gary W Williams said…

Debrajoe - just because O was elected does NOT mean he is legitimate.  The election was rife with errors, irregularities, and fraudulent activities.  Obama is a usurper and does NOT qualify for the office of potus.

At 7:03am on January 2, 2014, Jerry Gardner said…

We will get the answers and ensure Hillary Clinton is never elected presdent.

At 4:54pm on November 24, 2013, Morry Markovitz said…

I really like your to-the-point pithy comments

At 6:38pm on September 4, 2013, Hal Davidson said…

I am the former Chairman of the Republican Party for La Paz county AZ and I believe that any Senator or Congressman that votes for the US going into Syria should face strong opposition next time they run for office.

This is there civil war let them fight it out among there self’s.

Bashar al-Assad vs. Rebels

Ok let me see if I have this right, if we help Assad, the Rebel Muslims will hate us and want to kill us.

If we help the Rebel’s, Assad’s Muslims will hate us and want to kill us.

So please tell me where is the Logic in helping either side?

Let them take care of there own civil war.

So far this is what they have done for us.

Please stay out of Syria.

At 6:26pm on May 6, 2013, Gary Jackson said…

FYI, yes Ted Cruz is eligible to be President. His MOTHER is an American citizen, it does NOT matter where he was born.

Educate yourself, and others

At 12:10pm on February 7, 2013, Richard Harper said…

Debrajoe, I think you should know that when I just clicked on the link to your web site in the comments section just now, it took me to and gave me no way to get to your web site.  I had noticed when you first put up the site that it was done on GoDaddy (that is how I found out about them), but on a second try, I was referred to a site with your address, except it had an "*" as the first character.  You might want to look into what's going on.


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