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$35 Million Obama Mansion in Hawaii

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Take a look at the $35 Million Obama Mansion in Hawaii! Wow! It's a good thing Barry is gonna raise taxes on the wealthy to make them PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE. Anybody ever think you and me would ever be…Continue


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Explosive Raw Video Surfaces in DOJ-ATF Gunwalker Scandal: http://is.gd/sXBs3T Important!  VIA ANTHONY MARTIN OF THE…Continue

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My thoughts after Nov. 6, 2012 loss to the communists

I'm really just a simple American citizen who grew up on a farm. Have two brothers, one 3 years older and one 5 years younger. I loved showing the boys up when we were kids. I walked beanfields, pulled sunflowers and cockleburr weeds taller than I was. Carried 2 5 gal. buckets of food and water to our pigs, thru blizzards, rain storms, whatever. I helped fill planters with 40 lb bags of seed, planted and weeded gardens, canned vegetables and I loved it when I was done and my hands were dirty and I was exhausted. But our lives growing up were chaotic with alcoholism raging in my dad. I wasn't good in school but I remember a teacher in 5th grade, her name was Miss Kuhn. She was an older lady, walked crooked due to a spine disease. She was a great, caring teacher and when one of the other  5th grade male teachers always picked on me, Miss Sadie Kuhn jumped all over him. She could see it in my eyes I guess, the sadness, fear and shame I felt. We didn't have a lot of money, my clothes were homemade. She showed me kindness and understanding and when I put my trust in her, I got straight A's that year. Don't get me wrong, I loved my dad dearly and only wanted to make sure I didn't make him mad at me. I hated when anyone was mad at me. So when chaos would start, I went outside to my refuge and the only loyal things I knew....my cats. And me and dad shared the love of animals. Another love of dad's and mine was fishing. I could filet and clean fish when I was 10. I would wake dad and my brother up at 4 in the morning so we could get going to the river to fish. We would catch carp and my brother and I would use it for catfish bait. Dad always was the pro, always caught the most and biggest fish. Then in later years after I was married, he and I would go catfishing at a river where my grandma had a home on the river bank. We would stay out in the boat all night long. One time I was 7 months pregnant out there in that boat all night and boy the bathroom sure was great when we quit fishing. I didn't care, I was having the time of my life. So always when dad would clean catfish, I could NOT stand it when he would twist their heads off so I showed HIM how to clean catfish. I cut the skin behind the fins by the head, take a pliers, pull off the skin and filet it the same as a walleye or northern. My dad was really impressed and I was really proud of myself. I miss him so much. He and I spent many hours, many times a week, talking politics. He got sick in 2009 and passed in June, 6 months into the usurper's term. So 2009 was one of the worst years of my life and after tonight, Nov. 6, 2012, what now?

I wouldn't give up what I was able to experience raising orphaned wild animals. I raised a baby squirrel that a cat had in it's mouth. His little eyes weren't even open, he had just grown his hair. I bottle-fed him with whole milk with a touch of corn syrup and I kept him warm with a heating pad. He grew up and was so funny. I had named him Magoo because his eyes were not open yet. When I got a siamese cat, that cat thought he was so tough, he would chase Magoo across the back of the couch, and while the cat was looking over the edge of the couch looking for the squirrel, Magoo would come running up behind the cat and jump on top of the cat. It's a "had to be there moment" I guess. Out of 18 orphan baby raccoons thru the years, I only lost 2. I fed them the same, whole milk with a touch of corn syrup. Oh my goodness, to watch them grow and play and love you like you were their mother was only something I can thank God for, the miracle of these wild animals is amazing. About 5 years ago, my dad hired me out to raise one baby orphan raccoon and on the very same day, I took him to show my best friend. When I was leaving, I turned and looked at the side of the house and there was another baby orphan raccoon. Found them on the very same day, about 70 miles apart. The second one was crippled and could only drag himself to get around, he had been injured. The first one had a very mean streak in him when he grew up. The crippled one would lay on my lap, the other one wanted to play and would nip at the crippled one, so my hand took a beating when the crippled one got mad cuz he was being bitten a little too hard. I've got the scars to prove it. Somehow the crippled one got out of the garage and was gone for 3 months, in the dead of winter, after about 3 huge blizzards, I just thought he was gone. The other one I took to dad's farm and let him go do what he needed to do. One night, my daughter looked out the deck doors and said, Mom there's a raccoon at the door. It was the crippled one, he had survived all that weather and had grown so much. He came in, gave me so much love and trust and ate a good meal. He then laid flat on his back on my lap in my rocking chair and passed out. I was so happy to see him, but he again found his way out. We lived in town, right across the street from a highway patrolman. Well, he was very good. Instead of turning me in to the DNR, he would come over and watch and laugh at them. Great guy.He is now a pastor at a church there in the town we lived. I mean, we had raccoons climbing the big tree in our front yard and jumping on our roof. What the other neighbors thought? Don't know. Then came along a baby squirrel my daughter brought home from her vets office. His name was NutNut. He was one in a litter of 4 that had fallen from their nest. The other 3 were kept by the vet's wife. They all died. She fed them bread and water. Well, duh. My little NutNut made it and was so much fun. Every night when it got dark outside, he would be laying in my lap, he would then take the same path, everytime, up across the fireplace mantle, over a couple chairs, and back into the sunroom where I had a box with old towels in it. He would go in that box and sleep sound all night. I took him to my inlaw's farm and that was his home, but I didn't get to see him again. He had the wild instinct which is something you can't change. They are so much happier being free, just like us humans, well most of us. Last spring, my friend called in a panic and said there was a tiny baby kitten at her door and her back leg bone at the hip was sticking out. She was so so tiny, grayish color and her little nose was shiny gray. She was so special. I took her to the vet, he fixed her leg without having to amputate it. I loved her so much, her and I had a very special relationship. She didn't have one name, it's whatever I called her, she would come. She got sick about a month ago. Took her to the vet and he said he just couldn't save her. He xrayed her lungs but he couldn't even see her lungs because of something there. He was perplexed and said she was suffering so much. So I had to make the call to put her to sleep which he was glad to hear me say because he knew she was suffering. I was so sick and I still am and I miss her so much. Without even asking him, he did a post-mortem on her because he was so curious as to what was wrong. He found that she had a tear in her diaphram that had gotten bigger as she grew. He believes it may have happened when her leg was injured. Her internal organs had begun growing into the tear and she wasn't able to breathe. Poor little girl. She appeared out of nowhere after we had a terrible wind/thunderstorm the night before. I think she may have been picked up by the wind and thrown against a building very hard or something. I tried to save her, she was doing so well. I guess God needed her on the rainbow bridge for something more important.

Hope you all weren't bored by my story. My husband and I own a smalltown weekly newspaper. We've bought and sold newspapers for 20+ years. At one time, we were doing two different newspapers and then we started another one in a different town. Just the two of us, BEFORE computers. It was all hands-on, cutting, pasting and laying out pages. Best time of my working life. For just 2 people to produce, print and mail out 3 separate newspapers each week was something for us, for sure. And yes, we are still married!! We only have the one paper now and were hoping by this time in our lives we could hand it over to someone we could pay to manage it. We can't even afford help, thanks to our government. This government has only 2 jobs it's supposed to do: National Security and to make it a business-friendly nation. But those of us who work are only punished with taxes, taxes, taxes. I know people who get a food card, a CASH card, they get most of their utilities paid, their homes insulated, new windows, you name it. Then they brag about the the TAX REFUNDS. Tax refunds? Crap, it really makes you feel like crap when I have to write huge tax checks in April because we worked and made money and welfare people get REFUNDS? Without paying any taxes? And some states call it unconstitutional to have welfare recipients have drug tests to get their food stamps. But it's NOT unconstitutional for the people who want to work to have drug tests. Upside down nation we live in. The balance has gone south. The takers outnumber the doers now. We, the taxpayers are the hosts to the parasites. What will the parasites do after they have sucked all the blood out of the hosts? It will still be OUR fault, I suppose.

Dad told me about 40 years ago that some time in the future, we would have to pay to watch TV. He said this at a time when we had to climb the roof to turn the antenna, we had a black/white TV with only 3 channels. He warned me what the teachers unions would do. He was right. He warned me about the Leftists/Liberals. He was right. People like Pelosi, Reid,  Schumer,Obama, Clintons, Algore, elitist Hollywood crowd want to give everyone everything for nothing. Free healthcare, free food, free cars, free phones, free mortgages. But only if it's not THEIR money. I say, let us give our money to whomever we choose to. If the LEFT wants to pay for free birth control, healthcare, etc., what's stopping them? All of them are millionnaires and billionnaires, why don't they take in some of those homeless people into THEIR homes? Liberalism is a mental illness which has turned into an epidemic. These are the people of the Woodstock era who started free love, free sex anytime and anywhere they pleased, free drugs, stupidity plus. They treat smokers like 3rd class citizens. But for heroin addicts, they make sure they have clean needles to use. Instead of teaching kids that abstinance is the ONLY 100% way to prevent disease and pregnancy, they just hand out condoms.

So....hope I didn't bore all of you. Just wanted to explain who I was and what I love most in this world, and on the top of my list is the freedom God gave us. They have no right to take it from us. So if I am forced to worship allah, they may as well shoot me because I will not betray God and Jesus Christ.

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Posted on June 9, 2013 at 2:02pm 0 Comments

This is an article from the Oathkeepers website from yesterday. Communist China. We all knew it I guess.

Now Obama is in California in meetings with China bigshots.



Posted on February 2, 2013 at 5:57pm 2 Comments

Republican senators who shamefully voted to provide Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government with F-16s and Abrams tanks: Alexander, Ayotte, Barasso, Blunt, Burr, Chambliss, Coburn, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Enzi, Flake, Graham, Hatch, Hoeven, Inhofe, Isakson, Johanns, Johnson, Kirk, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, and Wicker.

Senate Republicans Arm the Brotherhood - Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review Online…



Posted on February 1, 2013 at 10:59am 0 Comments

Did these veterans (ERIC HOLDER) brandish a weapon at someone? Did they commit a gun-related crime? Were they seen in some public forum swearing violent intent?…


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At 11:03pm on January 30, 2013, Jim Fogarty said…

Checking out "FBI Director uncertain if Holder allows the President to kill US" on The 9.12 Project Network: http://ning.it/WqSSet


Could you please expand on this FBI Holder thing... if that's a link then it does lead to anything ?

At 12:54am on January 20, 2011, R C Hammer, The Prof said…
Welcome to sanity, Carolyn. Let me know if I can be of any help. Please join us in chat some evening. Saturday nights are Rock and Roll Oldies Nights. Restore Liberty!  Onward to 2012!                        Chat is  http://www.teapartynation.com/chat

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