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Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along?

Started this discussion. Last reply by robert barnes Feb 5. 66 Replies

     I wasn't around for the "First Red Scare" of 1917-1920, nor was I around for the "Second Red Scare" that lasted from 1950-1956. No, I was born in 1975. So in the scope of time, that still makes…Continue

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Caleb White replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Danger ahead
"If this gets passed, we deserve everything coming our way in the form of pestilence, famine, financial collapse, and rampant crime.... "
Caleb White replied to Alan Caruba's discussion The Fourth Horseman Has Arrived
"He's a savage!!! And a Communist!!! Its all being done on purpose to bring us to our knees and remake this nation. If it means people dying in the process, than so be it. That is this President and his federal minions. I can't believe no…"
Oct 9
Caleb White replied to Nancy's discussion Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General
"Yeah, really!! C'mon Vern!! Bad form. This is serious stuff and a real bad time for our country. I'm all for humor, but choose your moments wisely for Christ's sake. This man helped do so much harm to our country with his counterpart…"
Sep 25
Caleb White replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Every sane American should fear liberals.
"Civil war is coming folks, and its going to be due to the crazed political, leftitst, ideologues in this country who are nothing more than a consortiam of despots. I say Bring it!!! I'll take out as many of them as I can.…"
Sep 24
Caleb White replied to Alan Caruba's discussion Obama's Ignorance
"Dennis: Bill Clinton said it best to senior White House correspondent, Sarah Mclendon back in 97 or 98 (I forget what the topic of the interview was) and it was startling. As if he was trying to tell us something back then: "Sarah, there is a…"
Sep 24
Caleb White commented on Kathryn McEwen's blog post DISTURBING VIDEO OUT OF SAN DIEGO PROMPTS TERROR CONCERNS
"This all being done by design. Send in 3 thousand of our boys and get them infected, with the great potential of it being brought back here. There is no logical or logistical, or even medical reason to send in the military to do what??  Another…"
Sep 17
Caleb White replied to Alan Caruba's discussion The U.S. No Longer has Influence in the Middle East
"No s***......"
Sep 3
Caleb White commented on CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE's blog post Fires of Fergueson Already Lit In The Hood
"I fear we are on the precipice of a full scale race war fomented by antagonists such as Sharpton and others, and embraced by those of a certain segment of society actively engaged in the looting and rioting in the streets of Ferguson. Those who have…"
Aug 21
Caleb White commented on John Wiseman's blog post The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again In Iraq
"Islam is EVIL and will always be an evil "religion" as long as it is practiced. There is no moderate muslim. Where are the voices in the "Muslim" community? Why aren't Arab "Muslims" taking the responsibility of…"
Aug 12
Caleb White commented on CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE's blog post Police Shoot- Losers Loot!
"The police should just do what they did during Katrina, shoot any and all looters who use travesty as an excuse and opportunity to take what belongs to others who had nothing to do with that particular incident. And yes, the police did shoot and…"
Aug 12
Caleb White replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Do you think we matter?
"I've been thinking this was the case for years....."
Aug 12
Caleb White replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Obama will take care of us
"Revolution/Civil war.....its coming folks, and don't think for a second it is not.  The flashpoint for it is not matter of if but when and what the flashpoint will be. Maybe it will be all of this imported poverty "
Jul 28
Caleb White commented on Jack Kemp's blog post Ann Coulter's Prescient Reply to Sheldon Adelson
"Screw Adelson!! Whats good for Israel is not good for America!!?? I don't think so pal!! If he's so hot on protecting Israel's interest and national security, then maybe he ought to leave my country and go back to Israel. He seems to…"
Jul 14
Caleb White replied to Alan Caruba's discussion Mexico is Deliberately Aiding Illegal Aliens
"As Bill Clinton once said to senior White House correspondent, Sarah Mclendon: "Sarah, there is a government inside this government and I don't control it." Or Eisenhower's farewell speech where he warns: "In the councils of…"
Jul 13
Caleb White commented on Craig Andresen's blog post Weekend Edition: Hamas Has Had it Coming
"The only good muslim terrorists are dead ones.....down with the whole damn middle-east. These people are INSANE!!! Its in their DNA"
Jul 12
Caleb White replied to Vern Shotwell's discussion Hear anything of Gov. Perry's meeting with Obama last evening?
"Jesse is another liberal troll, trolling just to stir up trouble..."
Jul 10

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Perhaps McCarthy Was Right All Along

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 5:27pm 1 Comment

  I wasn't around for the "First Red Scare" of 1917-1920, nor was I around for the "Second Red Scare" that lasted from 1950-1956. No, I was born in 1975. So in the scope of time, that still makes me somewhat of a young'n at 38 yrs old. What I know about those events in history I learned in the history books in my formative years as a boy in school, as did many. My household was split in its political positions, my father a more Republican leaning, capitalist, finance guy, and my mother an…


Your Local Law Enforcement Officers: The Last Official Line of Defense of Our Constitutional Rights

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 8:30am 1 Comment

     As you all know, there has been a ferocious pursuit by our federal government to confiscate our firearms and infringe upon our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd amendment. That right shall not be infringed.....PERIOD!! Here in New York, where I'm writing from, Our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, in his grand wisdom and delusions of grandeur, has taken steps that not only infringe upon the rights of the citizens of the state of New York, but also its officers. What many of…


Newt.....What a Rascal!

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 10:49pm 2 Comments

I wanted to share this little excerpt on Governor "Mittens" with the members of Tea Party Nation at a time when the political environment as of late has been so serious and at times downright nasty. As many of us may know, Newt has been known for his controversial remarks and has an uncanny knack for unmerciful comebacks when he is the object of attacks and is forced to defend himself as he has recently. Lets face it, he's one of the most controversial political figures of our time, which I…


For the Sake of Solidarity: In Defense of Judson Phillips

Posted on November 1, 2011 at 3:00pm 1 Comment

Remember what Newt said at the western debate in Nevada? That "maximizing bickering is probably not the road to the White House." Can't we just show some modicum of solidarity here folks?? Our liberal counterparts seem to have all the solidarity in the world with one another. So much so that they hold the monopoly on the MSM......and always to their advantage!!!! Yet, a lot of people here seem to like to give each other a lot of unneeded grief. Cut the crap, cut the… Continue

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At 9:10pm on February 8, 2012, Elizabeth Shea said…

Thank you for inviting me to be your friend, Caleb.   It is my pleasure to be a friend, and I'm glad you enjoyed the painting.'



At 8:16am on January 23, 2012, Carole Wilson said…

I agree Newt does not have the even temperment to become President

At 8:51am on December 2, 2011, Vern Shotwell said…

It's a fun site to bang around ideas, isn't it? Enjoy your remarks, Caleb.


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