Yesterday, something stunning happened.  Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

A lot of people did not see that coming.

Now it is time for change.  During his victory speech last night, Donald Trump called for unity.  That is a good start.

During the campaign, there were serious divisions in the Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party activists.  Some people supported Donald Trump whole heartedly. Some were never Trump because they simply did not believe he would govern as a conservative.

He is now the President-elect and now we will find out.

It is time for everyone to unify.

In the campaign, when Trump was on message, he called for the repeal of Obamacare, the lowering of taxes and his biggest call was to “drain the swamp.”

Is Donald Trump serious? Will he keep his campaign promises? If he will, conservatives have a great opportunity for moving the conservative agenda forward in a way that has not happened in a very long time.

For those who were Never Trump, it is time to work with the Trump administration, unless it turns and goes full left.  For those who were militantly pro-Trump and had things to say about the Never Trump movement, it is time to realize that President Trump will only succeed with a conservative coalition.  The election is over.  It is time to get back together to advance freedom and liberty in America.

If Donald Trump does what he promised on the campaign trail, this could be a defining moment for America.  It is up to conservatives of all stripes to aid and assist the Trump administration when it advances a conservative agenda; and if necessary fight the Trump administration when it doesn’t.

It is time to get to work.


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  1. Jerry Todd

    “Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below. Praise him above ye heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” Thank you Lord for giving us another chance. Please give us the grace and wisdom to do your perfect will. Thank you for giving us a whole and perfect triune form of Government structure for our President to work with. Executive, Legislative, Judicial. May all follow the wonderful gift of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Beauty, the Ethics and the Logic of a whole nation ruled in righteousness.

  2. Bryan Wilkins

    Where does the author get that the TEA PARTY was “ripped apart”? I’m still standing, and my views have not changed one little bit. This president, and our representatives, still must adhere to The Constitution of The United States of America. I’m here to make sure that happens! I’m not going away! III%NC

  3. Dennis L

    The largest Tea Party Group supported Donald Trump and why not? Conservatives will now populate the Supreme Court, illegal immigration will be curtailed, businesses will be brought back , better trade deals negotiated, jobs will be created, all of Obama’s executive orders will be recinded, energy independence will be promoted, the military strengthened and law and order will be restored. Additionally the Vice President is a traditional conservative and the both houses of congress are now Republican. We will see Rance Pribus, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Ben Carson in his administration. I don’t know about yourself, but I am jumping for joy with our new populist president.

    1. MUG

      Dennis, everything you say “will” happen is not certainty but speculation. You are speculating that Trump will follow through on what you think he intends to do. I hope he will follow through, but his history suggests he might not. I agree with Judson, it is time to come together and help Trump follow through however we can, but also to fight him tooth and nail if he doesn’t follow through. I hope especially that pro-Trumpers will not concede him free license but will cooperate with all of the Tea Party to hold Trump accountable and make it clear to him that he has to earn our support and respect.

    2. Larry Wallenmeyer

      You Trump-bots are greatly deluded.
      DT is already backing AWAY FROM:
      1) building the wall,
      2) FULL Repeal and Replace of ObaMarxist care,
      and is EMBRACING:
      1) AMENSTY,
      2) Nationalised Child-care(?) which is just more Marxism.

      DT IS THIS: America’s Communist Future.

      and THIS:
      We Were Warned in 1963: Has Communist Ideology Overtaken America?

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

      1. Mike Patriot

        I voted for Cruz in the primary, he lost. I voted Trump in the general, he won. You NeverTrumpbuffoons are putting yourselves in the globalist, leftist camp … you lost … get over it!!!

  4. Ray McCall

    There is little left to be said. Wikileaks, pay-for-play, Ben Ghazi, her ties to Obamacare and her endorsement of payment of billions to Iran, all served to fry her butt. She got what she deserved. Very happy now.

  5. Daniel Stull

    Trump is a winner and a fighter. Unlike the Republican Party and the sorry ass candidates they have been selecting as our Presidential Nominee. He got elected because he was the only one to call out the Democrats and the main stream media for the corrupt, lying and treasonous people that they are. None of the other Republican candidates including Cruz would get nasty and down and dirty when the Democrats and media attack us.
    Real Americans love a fighter and despise losers and wimps.
    He won because he never retreated and never played defense. He was always on the offensive and responded immediately to any attacks on his person or the American People.
    We need to rid the Republican Party of all the RINO’s by Primarying them with Tea Party candidates and others who know how to fight. Remember we are fighting not only the corrupt DNC and their minions. We are fighting against a lying, corrupt main stream media machine and their corporate allies, (foreign and domestic).
    The media will most certainly try their hardest to bring Trump down during his Presidency.
    Everyone knows this.
    The main stream media have no credibility at all. They have been exposed through Wikileaks as the DNC’s propaganda machine. Those people who were unaware of this fact cannot plead ignorance now. The media no longer tries to hide it.
    The real battles have yet to begin. Keep your powder dry.

  6. Mary

    No one “ripped the tea party apart”! I’ve been a tea party member sicne the movement began, and even tho Trump was an “unconventional” candidate, he totally shares all of the same values and wishes for our Country that I do.

    I was a Cruz supporter in the beginning of the primaries, but when he lost, went very easily to Trump. I prayed and prayed he would win, and I am hoping everyone conservative, tea party or whatever will support him whole heartedly with all he wants to accomplish!

      1. Larry Wallenmeyer

        You Trump-bots are greatly deluded.
        DT is already backing AWAY FROM:
        1) building the wall,
        2) FULL Repeal and Replace of ObaMarxist care,
        and is EMBRACING:
        1) AMENSTY,
        2) Nationalised Child-care(?) which is just more Marxism.

        DT IS THIS: America’s Communist Future.

        and THIS:
        We Were Warned in 1963: Has Communist Ideology Overtaken America?

        -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  7. Theodore Dugan

    I agree that it is time to unify. I think this election woke up more Christians than ever before. Many prayed for Donald to win. Now it is time to pray that he will put God back in the government and seek his advice first. It is also time for all Tea Party people to come together in unity behind this new government and put this country back on the right path. We need to put aside the negative, learn from our past, and work forward to better America for all.

  8. jalina s stutte

    I was a Never Trump but when Cruz said he would vote for Trump for the Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court picks, I was all in. Now if Trump goes left we will stop him and expect him to keep his promises. Until that time it’s time to unify. I will always be a Cruz supporter.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      Hi Jalina. I, too, was a Cruzer, as you know. I began to revisit my decision, first when Trump chose Mike Pence as his VP nominee. At that time Trump was all over the map and it took Kellyanne Conway to rein him in and focus on issues Americans were yearning to fix.
      Then I learned Newt was on board. He is the best teacher Trump could ever ask for.
      Slowly his policies began to emerge like the new contract with America. I knew Newt’s hands were all over it. Now rumor has it that he will be offered the position of Secretary of State, an excellent choice.
      In the meanwhile Wikileaks was divulging astonishing reports about Hillary and her corruption, daily. I started believing that if she wins we would never have the chance to recapture our nation’s values and glory. Finally, Ted Cruz gave his endorsement and I knew that I had to vote for Trump.
      He still has a long way to go to earn my full trust, but time is on my side. He had a good start, let’s wait and see.
      I heard a pundit say, that yes the tea parties were hurt by Obama’s administration, it did change, but it will emerge differently and even stronger. I thought that was a positive assessment. I’m still here, aren’t I?
      I am thrilled Hillary lost and continue to pray that we will return to our glory with our new administration. Amen!

      1. MUG

        Agi, you are such an inspiration to me, how you explain yourself so well and avoid negativity. I too through prayer and all the reasons you mention, came to the realization that Hillary must be defeated. The MSM is making a big deal out of the fact that Evangelicals turned out in bigger numbers than past elections and voted 81 percent for Trump. I’m pretty sure Christians are not embracing Barabbas, but are spurning Caesar.

        When I was in Basic Training in the Army, I had an amazing Top Sergeant, First Sergeant White. He was a big black man from New York and had been a prize fighter before the Army. I’ll never forget what he told us recruits. He told us that he knew we were unsure how to deal with superiors who seemingly had all authority over us. He said he and his drill sergeants would make us into the kind of soldiers our superiors would trust and know they could rely on us. But even more important he said he would teach us to command the kind of respect that would allow our superiors to accept correction from us.

        My hope for the Tea Party going forward is that we will show Trump he can trust us and can rely on us to help him achieve his campaign promises. But even more important that he knows we will hold him accountable and that he will respect us enough to accept correction.

        1. Agi Yaeger

          MUG as always I look forward to your common sense answers to all those who still think only one way, emotionally and blindly. We can’t afford to go forward with blinders on. There’s too much unrest, intolerance, and more indoctrination going on by the losers. It worries me that it is even more important that President-Elect Trump stay on course by surrounding himself with real conservatives and at the same time listen to their advice and not return to his old ways.
          There hasn’t been a better supporter for Trump than his buddy Rush Limbaugh, yet yesterday he honestly showed concern, as well.
          I know he was talking about his concern about the left. However if you read between the lines of what he didn’t say, as a true conservative, Rush, too, is worried about him as you, Judson and I are. I
          I watched yesterday’s Levin TV episode and lo and behold, he was echoing the same as Rush and us. We are not out of the woods by any means. Those who are still mocking the cautious ones here, better pay attention or we can lose everything.
          Rush Limbaugh feels that the calls for unity are a subterfuge to take away the power Republicans have won by winning the election. Rush states the following:
          And I want to take some time today to try to explain why I’m nervous and destroy some myths that seem to always pop up after elections about unity and crossing the aisle and working together and almost apologizing for winning.
          I’m sick of it. I’m fed up with it. I have watched it happen for now 29 years, and I’m not gonna sit here and stand or sit mute while it happens again. Rush Limbaugh is rarely wrong. Read why he is concerned.

          1. MUG

            Obama said he wanted unity and cooperation, and then said “elections have consequences” and advanced his Progressive agenda without including Republicans in the discussion. Now Obama and the Democrats are saying they want unity and cooperation for the good of the country. Trump is already saying he will not repeal all of Obamacare, but will keep some of it. He is compromising his Muslim immigration ban to just thoroughly vetting refugees.

            I am worried. His history of deal making demonstrates that “Everything Is Negotiable,” including his “Pinky Swear” Promises.

  9. Steve W.

    I actually sat an listened to Hillary’s final speech. And, I do hope to God that it was her final speech. Now, maybe for the first time since the early 80’s, we will have finally seen the end of the Clinton/Bush Cartel in the Federal Government.

    I thank God for this chance. This is our chance to get our country back on track. It may be our last. It is gonna be a busy four years. Lets get to work and help make America great again.

  10. bill589

    Billionaires from around the world met with the GOP Elite to start ‘Never Trump’ groups and stop Donald. The DC Elite, both R & D halves, opposed Donald.

    All of the enemies of our Republic opposed Donald like they have done none other.
    Donald fell into being a leader of a peaceful revolution of The People against these DC Elitists.

    The People w/Donald beat DC w/Hillary.
    God bless our the restoration of our Republic and it’s patriots.

  11. Bruce Deitrick Price

    Trump announced more than a year ago that he intend to eliminate Common Core (this at the same time that Jeb was emphasizing his support for CC). Here was bold leadership indeed, exactly what the country was looking for. I knew Trump could win (and could save the country from one of the worst liberal excesses, the tendency to subvert education).

    I predicted Trump by a landslide. I’m having a good day.

    Obviously to me, all Conservatives should support every aspect of Trump’s work that they can possibly support. Trump is not doctrinaire and doesn’t deal in labels. But in the main he is a right-of-center person. In addition to decrying Common Core, he announced early on that Hillary was crooked and should be in jail. What else could you possibly ask for?

  12. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    The, “Tea Party” was never in danger of being torn apart from any endevors resulting from Mr. Trump’s efforts. The only danger was the members themselves ripping into each other’s opinions as to who would best fit as to the ‘Ideal’ candidate agaist Hillary. Many of us have always supported Trump, mainly for the reason that ‘He’ did not need funding from the Republican Party, nor any Special Interest Groups. He ran for the office as a, “VOLUNTEER CITIZEN.”
    The ‘Original Tea Party’ did not have any backers either. They followed what their hearts and minds told them was best for our soon to be Nation.
    Trump is our last, best hop of saving this Union, and the American people have spoken.

    1. MUG

      If I am not mistaken Lynn, the American people have spoken and Hillary won the popular vote by about a hundred thousand. The Electoral College elected Trump. I am thankful to God Hillary is not our next President. I will wholeheartedly support Trump in any and all efforts to follow through on his campaign promises.

        1. Mike Patriot

          are you now denying Scripture that clearly states there is none in authority that are not there by the will of God? In your case it seems Rev is Revolting. Pathetic … and I’m a Ted Cruz primary supporter. I see you not much different from the wah, wah, wah leftist protesters … Get over it snowflake

          1. Larry Wallenmeyer

            God allows Hitlers and Stalins.
            God is NOT for Hitlers and Stalins…witness their demise in God’s judgment. God let’s US get what WE CHOOSE, see:
            Joshua 24:14, 15
            Deuteronomy 30:15-20
            Deuteronomy chpt. 28
            Leviticus chpts. 18-20, 26

            Here’s Deuteronomy 30:15-20-

            Deuteronomy 30:15-20 King James Version (KJV)

            15 See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;

            16 In that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that thou mayest live and multiply: and the Lord thy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it.

            17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them;

            18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it.

            19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

            20 That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.

            WE CHOOSE DT- NOT God.
            DT is our “King Saul”- NOT our “King David”

            -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    2. MUG

      The fact that Hillary won the popular vote says to me that this might be our last chance to win the Presidency by campaigning on a Conservative platform, unless Trump actually effectively follows through and changes things.

      1. MeMikeT

        Hillary won the popular vote IMH because many that voted for her, those that are diehard liberals and many first time voters, wanted and voted for the first woman president. Without that ‘feature’ many would have had no reason to vote.

      2. Agi Yaeger

        I agree MUG, he must follow through! Levin is still worried about one major point. Trump is a deal maker, but will he be swayed by the best deal maker in the senate Chuck Shumer the senate minority leader? After Shumer makes his deals, you better believe he can stab you in the back. Hope and pray Trump will stand his ground.

      3. Mike Patriot

        hillary did not win the popular vote … not even close. 18Million fraudulent democrat voter registrations; 3 million illegal aliens voting; 7Million fraudulent votes … and counting. Reduce her votes by 1million and what does she have?

    1. Mike Patriot

      but not all republicans are equal. very few are conservative … most are globalists and big government. Unless House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell are replaced … this election will mean nothing for the changes we all want.

  13. Mike Meeks

    Judson, WE are more than a little pissed with you and your lack of support. Millions of us would fight to the death to keep the Clintons out of the WH. You turned tail and ran. You embarrassed us in the time we wanted your leadership. Why should we stand with you now?

    1. MUG

      Being willing to fight to the death to keep the Clintons out of the White House is a good thing Mike. Making sure who you put in the White House can be trusted to follow through is even more important. Trump has never had the idea that he has to follow through to keep his support. He actually said he could commit wanton murder in public and his supporters would still lick his boots. How about joining Tea Party efforts to hold him accountable and make him earn his support? You’ll feel better about yourself as a guard dog for the Constitution and for We The People than as a lap dog for Trump or anybody.

    2. Joe

      Mike your so right about Judson. All he’s done was divide the tea party instead of supporting the candidate to keep Clinton out of office.

      1. Agi Yaeger

        Supporting just anyone who comes along is not what we do at TPN. Many here just fell in lockstep as good progressives, without examining every aspect what he stood for.
        Trump really didn’t become statesman-like until Conway and Gingrich began to polish the edges. That is just as important to becoming a president.

  14. Mike Meeks

    It is time for the double standard to stop. The new attorney general needs to prosecute Hillary
    for the way she mishandled TOP SECRETS. A sailor is serving a year for taking 6 pictures of the submarine that he served on. A 4 Star General facing 5 years for a lot less. Show the world
    that she is not above the law

  15. Kenny Sono

    Nice one Judson / there you go; right AGAIN! I was disturbed about a ton of things I observed during this election and decided I’d just make a quick summary about that here:

    following the 2016 Election; let’s get back to WORK!

    Subject: ISSUE: Solution(s):

    1 Women Vulnerability to macho pigs
    “Keep in MIND (yours) that people who have little moral character
    regarding sex and/or women’s bodies, are still human, still have other traits, and ”
    “after all it’s YOUR responsibility to dismiss such behavior and TRY to keep it separated from all the other things in life and/or about that person. ”

    2 Women Politics
    When you’re trying to make decisions regarding politics, you need to
    learn about the “policies” the politicians are promoting. Using simple
    logic, you should be able to determine what WILL WORK and what is
    mostly just “smoke and mirrors.” Seek different sources of information!

    3 Government Government employees
    We need to all pay close attention to scandalous things people in Government do
    blatant disregard for the and how and why they get away with those things.
    Voting is critical! The reality that WE SENT THEM there to do that job for US.

    4 Hispanics-
    Assuming your peers are right; If Hispanics had enough of a population and/or voting block to have allowed right, based on little or no knowledge of the issues, and if Hillary Clinton were to win, we would be FAR WORSE OFF right now, and Hispanics would be more worse off than most others as well. LEARN why I said this and find out WHY I think is so obvious.

    5 Religion Acceptance, respect, and Faith in God is possibly the most important thing in many people’s lives. None of us should boldly claim that some religions are a certain way and/or that anyone who is religious – are easy to criticize.
    Be REALLY careful if/when you assume that somebody is a certain way if you find out what their religion is.

    6 Jobs / Welfare Supporting yourself and/or-others in your family:
    If you are retired, handicapped, a wounded warrior, or too young or too old to work:
    God Bless you / we all hope and pray you will be OK.
    If / however, you can work and are NOT working, your time is now UP; get out there
    and FIND a job and get started as soon as possible. Everything in life happens in very incremental steps and you have to start somewhere. Get passionate about getting GOOD at your job and if you really want another job / then GET another job!

    7 Race / Skin colors and assumptions about people of other races.
    If you wander around the US (and obviously beyond our own borders) you will see
    that people of all different races (and Nationalities) are all over the place. They are all people and there is VERY LITTLE you can say about them as a group that will always be valid and true. Each one is a person a human / just like you. Remember that at all times.

    8 Race
    People stuck in a negative SOME of us have a life where we are generally doing well, we’re “on a roll” so to speak, and life’s obstacles are often just really irritants / not actually major problems at all.
    OTHERS of us cannot get ahead. They cannot get away from uneducated people, those in a Life cycle, who think they cannot get ahead. . . those on drugs, alcohol, those who are physically dangerous, and often those who cannot keep a job. Abuse of all kinds is nearly constant in their world. We need to help them. They need to see positive ways to think, positive ways to set goals and hope they will achieve some of those goals. Negative influences are not that hard to escape if they identify them and realize they can just move on and let go of most of those influences.

    9 Media Mental Diet
    There is no excuse as to why half of the voters in America actually voted for Hillary Clinton. People need to understand that watching MOST of the junk on TV that claims to be (legitimate) news is your mind’s equivalent of constantly eating at McDonald’s.

    10 Habits
    How you spend your time If you spend your time (lots of it) doing things that are NOT helping yourself and/or others, chances are you have lots of problems that exist as a direct result of your neglect.

  16. Ronald W. Graham

    I can’t believe the crap you put out starting early in the Primary process even up to yesterday. I could not believe the words you wrote against Donald Trump. I washed my hands of you. Now you want to kiss and make up.
    I could never figure out how you came up with the crap you and your pals spouted.
    You were wrong about Bush, Your Pal from Arizona John McCain and Mitt Romney. I supported you and your T P friends for years. I’m done with you all.

    1. Judson Phillips Post author

      I ignore most of these but in your case I want to ask, are you normally this ignorant or are you making a special effort for us? Bush, no. McCain, no. Romney no. You were never a part of the Tea Party. You wouldn’t even know the Constitution if it bit you.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      G-d’s anointed candidate? Are you now immortalizing a human being? Let’s be logical and not mystical. He is a talented man who can tap into emotions, but hardly anointed.
      Let’s treat him as any other president elect and wait on the verdict of how well he will do after a few months in office and see which direction he will take us.

    2. Larry Wallenmeyer

      God does NOT anoint sin and wickedness, which DT is full of and brags about, and THEN says he has NOTHING to repent about!!!

      Frank Nutty does NOT know ONE thing about God, The Bible, God’s anointing that is even one bit Biblical.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  17. Tom Kopper

    Most of the others running for the Republican nominee, were of the Establishment, Rino’s. He’s an outsider. And you didn’t want him? Where have you, gotten your facts? From the media, all out against him. Who’s side are you really on?

    1. Agi Yaeger

      Agreed he was an outsider, but he’s quickly learning politics. I’m on the side of G-d and the constitution of this glorious nation. Without them, we cannot survive.
      Just because I question things that are happening I’m against him? Here is what happened in the past two days.
      After some new developments in the transitional stage, I have more trepidation, few are talking about. Will it really be Reagan’s “Morning in America”?

      Unfortunately, congress as it stands now, has more RINO republicans who’d sabotage those who voted for Trump. Remember the division in our party is greater than on the left.
      The establishment abhors the working middle class. We are the enemy of the progressive movement.
      When you look at the rest of the world where autocracy rules, there is no middle class just the poor and the oligarchy. Hillary and Obama were banking on destroying the little guys . So we are now the great threat to the left and the establishment..
      Therefore, Trump must make sure that we survive. And if he walks back on some of the things he campaigned on, we become the football between the two factions.
      Understand we, the middle class are the most vulnerable in the scheme of things. We have been the forgotten majority for the past 100 years since progressivism began. This is our last chance to thrive or even survive.
      Trump campaigned on repealing Obamacare and replacing it. Just what exactly would he replace it with is the very reason I became suspicious about the Trump healthcare reform .
      Conservatives like Cruz, Gingrich and Cain wanted complete repeal with federal government hands out of health care. They wanted privatization and move it to be controlled by the states.
      Trump also emphatically stated that he would build the wall. I knew he was BS-ing about Mexico paying for that, but now he’s walking back on the entire wall issue.
      Paul Ryan said yesterday that they plan to make border control the issue instead. No more talk of a wall.
      Now Trump is considering, that pig Lewendowski to be in his cabinet, when he was a disaster and a bully during the primaries.
      Trump was pressured to throw him off the campaign and now he’s coming back through the revolving door?
      I am watching the happenings more carefully than some. Does this mean we are continuing Clinton/Obama policies, just adding some frills and ribbons to make it look more palatable? The purpose of the transition team is to make the passage from one administration to another smooth and remove the kinks before the new government begins.
      Instead of removing the kinks, he is making huge knots along the way. I don’t trust this congress to pick up the pieces after Trump. They don’t trust him in the first place. –

      I just watched a segment of Hannity with Ari Fleischer as guest. What upset Fleischer and conservatives is that after Trump’s meeting with Obama, he stated that he would modify Obamacare and replace the other portions. Say what??
      Fleischer said that was the wrong thing for him to say and do.
      Hannity immediately defended his buddy by telling us that he was only keeping the portion about preexisting conditions and allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance.
      Nothing should be touched in Obamacare. It must all be repealed and start fresh with new mandates. .
      These are indications that we already have problems looming. It is our duty as American citizens to hold Trump’s feet to the fire before more damage can be caused and make sure he keeps his campaign promises. And don’t tell me I’m against him, I simply want promises by him kept. There’s nothing wrong with that!


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  18. Barry Kelley

    We need to keep his feet to the fire and make sure he makes good on all of his promises. He needs to comply especially with building the border wall and deporting illegals, especially those illegals that are criminals. Praise God Hitlery did not win.

  19. Rohl Withit

    I hate the term Conservatrive or as you use it, conservative movement. What we need is to restore the constitution as it was originally intended. That will mean freedom from Government! Trump has allluded to restoring freedom. People hate him because he did not have a specific platform all laid out and easy to read. I have been voting since 1968 and this is the first election I have seen that the people did not elect the candidate that would give them the most! Free college, Free health care, etc. In fact, they FINALLY elected the one who (didn’t promise) but alluded to honoring the constitution! I have also seen that it is impossible to get elected by laying out exactly how you plan to act as president. Ron Paul did EXACTLY that, and look what happened to him. He told every one he would govern based on the constitution. He had been in congress and had a long time successful record of doing exactly that. The public and media demonized ! Crazy old man, isolationist, wants to make dangerous drug available to your kids, wants woman to have the right to control their own bodies and keep the federal Government out of our lives and bedrooms. There is nothing controversial about any of these spin items if you have read and understand the constitution. We have a rule book! I believe, from what little I know of Trump, he intends to follow it! I am NOT a conservative! I am a constitutionalist I would love to repeal EVERY thing/law from 1913 on and start over again.

  20. Larry Wallenmeyer

    You Trump-bots are greatly deluded.
    DT is already backing AWAY FROM:
    1) building the wall,
    2) FULL Repeal and Replace of ObaMarxist care,
    and is EMBRACING:
    1) AMENSTY,
    2) Nationalised Child-care(?) which is just more Marxism.

    DT IS THIS: America’s Communist Future.

    and THIS:
    We Were Warned in 1963: Has Communist Ideology Overtaken America?

    -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.