Supporters of Trump were down in the dumps over the past week or so as a number of Presidential polls purportedly showed Trump support dropping like a rock. Many blamed this drop on his response to the staged Muslim rant against him at the DNC convention by a Muslim immigration attorney, who by the way had a personal financial ax to grind, for this slippage.

It was a real mystery how he fell so far and so fast. Guess what? It soon became clear that something was rotten in Denmark! While there was some initial negative response to his comments when he clarified them much of the negative response subsided except with the usual partisan media suspects. Not only that he continued to attract records numbers of supporters at his political rally’s.

It now turns out that not only have a majority of the pollsters turned out to be wildly inaccurate simply due to their poor polling performances, but that many of the pollsters have been playing fast and loose with both their structuring of the demographics and scoring of the polls for months in order to falsely show Hillary Clinton is doing much better than she is actually doing. For example in the lead up to her actual nomination polls were consistently wildly wrong in showing her repeatedly leading Sanders when the actual election results in a number of states resulted in her getting her butt kicked. In fact, they were so wrong so many times it was clear they were being manipulated.

In one case of polling of Clinton verses Trump Reuters over the recent past has been found to have deliberately changed a whole bunch of the criteria for their polls and even gone back and re-scored a number of polls. They have also deliberately skewed the demographics of the polls to allow for a much greater number of Democrats to participate in their polls than Republicans. The net result of this fudging has resulted in as much as a nine point swing in Hillary Clinton’s standing verses Trump. Sort of how the Obama administration shows the almost 10% national unemployment rate as falsely being under 5%. Another game they played was using registered voters rather than likely voters. In some states where virtually every single existing office including the governor, both US Senators and both state legislative bodies were controlled by Republicans they tried to show an inordinately high number of Democrats verses Republicans would vote in their polls thereby giving Clinton a completely unbelievable victory in that state. This is so unethical, incompetent and unprofessional as to be almost beyond belief, but apparently pollsters who are closet and not so closet Liberal supporters had no problem with prostituting their ethics to support the Democratic candidate.

Since as previously mentioned Trump was far outperforming Hillary Clinton in the number of supporters showing up for his political rallies verses her minuscule rally supporter numbers this kind of voting polling discrepancy was hard to believe. Unfortunately for their hope that everyone was as stupid as many Liberals would like to believe, they were so overt in their dishonesty that they have been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. Even some Democratic pundits have admitted these polls were clearly biased for Clinton.

The pollsters also have falsely claimed that the majority of Trump supporters are blue collar workers implying not so subtly that only stupid uneducated voters would vote for Trump. A number of surveys done by organizations including Pew Research and the New York Times show Trump actually leads Clinton in support by college educated white male voters. The fact that many college educated women, many of whom are Liberal educators, support Clinton pretty much evens things out. The real facts are that there is not a significant amount of difference of college educated voters supporting Trump as do Clinton, but these facts are being ignored by these same dishonest pollsters. If one wants to cast stones about the educational background of a particular candidates supporters, like the Liberals have been doing about Trump supporters, one can hardly tout the high college educational levels of the blacks supporting Clinton as this high education level simply does not exist in this demographic.

Sorry Liberals but you can’t have your cake and eat it as well. Even with all of these pollsters unethical manipulations one of the latest polls taken in California now shows Trump being 2 points ahead of Hillary Clinton so everyone is not buying your bovine scatology.

However the American voter needs to be aware of this ongoing attempt to unethically manipulate public opinion by repeated use of the “Big Lie” in order to shoe in Hillary Clinton as the next President.



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