by Burt Prelutsky

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Two people, say a liberal and a sane person, can see the same thing—perhaps a presidential debate—and will very likely respond in opposite ways, as if they had viewed two entirely different events. That’s because their personal beliefs color their perceptions. Whereas one person would see liar-Hillary Clinton as a paragon of virtue, as someone who has dedicated her life to fighting for the underdog—especially female underdogs—and as someone who has always put her own self-interests second to America’s, another person, one with 20/20 vision, would see a witch who has been motivated throughout her life solely by an unquenchable desire for power and money.

All of that is perfectly understandable in a nation as partisan and as evenly divided as ours.

What is not as inevitable as death and taxes is the response we too often see played out on TV and in the press. As often as not, that is a staged charade bought and paid for by the likes of scum-George Soros. When you see the masked Antifa thugs on college campuses rioting because a conservative is showing up to speak, those goons have often been hired for the occasion, the same as when the detestables who comprise the Black Lives Matter movement show up to tie up traffic and chant insipid slogans whenever a cop shoots a black hoodlum in the line of duty.

The beauty of scum-Soros’s agenda is that he doesn’t have to keep paying them. After a while, the ignoramuses understand, like Pavlov’s dogs, exactly how they’re supposed to respond to certain stimuli.

scum-Soros didn’t invent the technique; he merely adapted it to his traitorous purpose. It actually began in show business. People of a certain age will recall that when young crooner Frank Sinatra would perform at a New York venue such as the Paramount Theater, young girls labeled “bobbysoxers” would swoon in the aisles. They weren’t really fainting because of his singing, but because publicists, either Sinatra’s or the theater’s, would pay them to faint for the newsreel cameras. After a while, the girls in his audience would swoon on their own because it was expected of them.

It also worked that way with Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Teenage girls, as the press agents knew, were very susceptible to suggestion.

The tipoff is that after a while, as their careers took off, the swooning stopped.

A variation was created by the handlers of singer Tom Jones. In his case, the gimmick was to have women in the Vegas audience toss their hotel room keys on stage.

scum-Soros has become very proficient at staging events that serve to promote his communist agenda. I mean, really, if you believe that all the folks who showed up at Trump’s rallies during the campaign to start fights with the candidate’s supporters were all there on their own, I’m guessing you probably also lose a lot of money betting on wrestling matches.

⦿ Thanks to an item in The New American, I just discovered that the Chinese government is up to somewhat similar shenanigans. As you may recall, in 2015, when President Xi Jinping visited Washington, D.C., on a state visit, the streets were lined with hundreds of Chinese college students carrying signs and flags to welcome him. Those students, it seems, were paid $20 for their services.

The article went on to point out that when Shuping Yang, a student at the University of Maryland, gave the commencement speech that used the comparison of air quality in the United States to that in China as a metaphor for the difference between freedom and tyranny, Yang was immediately attacked by China’s paid stooges in our country. When the video of her speech went viral, China posted its own video denouncing her as a traitor.

⦿ Speaking of things we have cause to fear, at or near the top of the list should be electromagnetic pulses (EMP). The danger is that, whether through solar surges or the explosion of a nuclear device in the atmosphere, it could put the nation’s electric grid out of commission. That would immediately send us reeling back centuries because everything relying on electricity, which in America would be just about everything you can imagine, would stop working. That would include computers, refrigerators, gas pumps, radar, air-conditioning, etc. Planes would be grounded, bank records would disappear, illumination would be limited to candles. It would be as if Thomas Edison and Bill Gates had never existed. Perhaps worst of all, you would stop receiving my articles.

Fortunately, Donald Trump is the first president who has set out to protect the grid from failing, whether by accident or through evil intent. It’s just one more accomplishment for which he will never receive his due, for as someone pointed out, if the man cured cancer, the media would report that he had put medical researchers and health care providers out of business.

⦿ After Alek Minassian, the loon in Toronto who drove up on the sidewalk and killed or maimed 25 Canadian pedestrians, Dan Parker sent me the following parody of the liberal thought process: “They should require all motor vehicle drivers to have permits. Oh, they already do? Then they should register all … I see, all motor vehicles are registered with license plates to identify them and their owners. In that case, all drivers need to be trained in order to …. Oh, they are? You say they’re tested on their ability to drive and their knowledge of traffic laws? Well, in that case, our only option is to outlaw all motor vehicles.”

Or, as a recent email put it: “Let’s prevent drunk driving by taking cars away from sober drivers.”

Of course, environmental zealots could just wait for a solar surge or a North Korean nuclear device to put gas pumps out of commission before Trump’s technicians finish insulating the grid.

⦿ Because the coverage of the Donald Trump alleged collusion with Stormy Daniels has dragged on for so long, it finally occurred to me to wonder how many of the holier-than-thou male reporters or, MSNBC’s resident lesbian, Rachel Maddow, for that matter, would have spurned the opportunity to have sex with the porn star. I’d like to see a show of hands.

⦿ It’s a provable fact that liberals are stupid, but one has to wonder why they go out of their way to prove it. For instance, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who misrepresents New Hampshire, didn’t want anyone to think that she opposed Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State simply because she was Chuck clown-Schumer’s hand puppet. Instead, she explained that her objection was based on his opposition to abortions. Naturally, what she failed to explain was how that could possibly interfere with his responsibilities as the top dog at the State Department.

⦿ The examples of left-wing hypocrisy are endless but let us recall that they never stopped accusing George W. Bush of lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, even though both American and British spies insisted they existed. But they don’t seem to be even slightly perturbed that Comey, McCabe and Strzok, all lied to the FISA court and used a bought-and-paid-for dossier in order to get Robert Mueller named Special Counselor to investigate the Russian collusion hoax. At least that was its alleged purpose, but, if the rumors are true, Mueller is currently trying to tie President Trump to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

⦿ According to Mark Steyn, Elton John was seated on the balcony of a hotel in Rome when the wind picked up. So, naturally, he went inside. Not to avoid the wind, God forbid, but to phone the hotel manager to complain. The manager no doubt apologized but explained that he was powerless to turn off the breeze.

I didn’t hear how the rock star reacted, but I imagine he said something along the lines of “I don’t think you quite understand who I am. I am Sir Elton John.”

That tends to be what a lot of rich and famous people do when they’re thwarted in any way. They remind you who they are, although if anyone needs to be reminded, I would imagine the celebrity might be plagued by the unsettling notion that perhaps he’s not quite as famous as he thought he was.

For my part, I’m reminded that when I used to work summers at my dad’s cigar stand in downtown L.A., the owners of the garment companies, unlike their employees who would buy candy, gum and coffee, were the only customers who actually purchased cigars. A few of them would buy the stogies on a daily basis and would nearly always get into the habit of snapping their fingers at me when they would stop by. I was supposed to remember which brand they smoked. And of course I did. But I would pretend I needed reminding because I preferred having them think I was a moron than to indulge their arrogance by acting like a trained Poodle.

⦿ Over the past few years, a few of you have asked the status of the movie I wrote and co-produced. I finally have some news to report. “Angels on Tap” will screen for a week in July the 13th through the 19th at the Arena Cinelounge, a boutique screening room located at 6464 Sunset Blvd.

Its purpose is to get the comedy, which stars Jamie Farr (“MASH”), Marion Ross (“Happy Days”), Ed Asner (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Ron Mazak (“Murder She Wrote”) and Alan Rachins (“L.A. Law”), reviewed in order to help the sales agent make a distribution deal.

I don’t expect any of you to make a special trip to L.A. that week, but if you plan to be here on vacation, you might want to take in a movie.

Unfortunately, I won’t know the time of the screenings until two weeks prior to July 13th, so stay tuned.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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