By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

Pelosi – ‘Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families’

This unique take on the elections is what many, even on the left, consider an ‘absurd’ analysis offered by House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, in a desperate “talking points” attempt to deflect attention from the real reason Democrats got their collective butts kicked. This has been the echoed and flacid attempt to explain their resounding defeat in the 2016 election, as Democrate failed to take the White House, the U.S. House, or the Senate at a time when every political pundit thought that both the U.S. Senate and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue were a lock for the Democrats.

And as if all of this weren’t bad enough, the Democrat Party and Ms. Pelosi have managed to lose nearly two thirds of all the state houses, which are now controlled by Republicans, along with most of the state legislatures.

Minority leader Pelosi, a California congresswoman, appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and insisted that the massive failure over which she, Harry Reed, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz presided was a not a failure of policy, but a failure of communication. Perhaps we should start with the premise that failure is failure no matter the cause.

Watch the video here:

But more importantly, Ms. Pelosi seems to have forgotten that media apologists gave Hillary about 5000% more positive coverage than Donald Trump during the presidential race and that the media railed against GOP candidates day in, day out while praising and fawning over their Democratic counterparts. Perhaps she has forgotten that Brad Avakian, the pro-homosexual Secretary of State in Oregon, who mercilously persecuted the Christian bakery couple, was defeated at the polls and no one is naive enough to believe that it was a communications failure.

Most objective experts agree that this was not a failure to communicate. This was a rejection of the pro-homosexual bullying, the supreme court’s illegal gay marriage legislation, the black market body parts coverup, the corporate and personal high taxes, the jobless “recovery,” open borders, sanctuary cities, crimes committed by illegal aliens, the Muslim invasion, the racebaiting, the left’s anti-law enforcement stance, and the failed foreign policy of the Democrat party. Here’s a snippits from the interview on ‘Face The Nation’.

DICKERSON: “The Democratic Party is in a moment of questioning about its identity. You were reelected to lead the Democrats in the House. What do you tell Democrats who want a new direction and then, go to you, what are you going to do differently?”

PELOSI: “Well, I don’t think people want a new direction. Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families. That’s one that everyone is in agreement on. What we want is a better connection of our message to working families in our country, and that clearly in the election showed that that message wasn’t coming through. But we are united in terms of the security of our country, which is our first responsibility. To be smart and strong and not reckless in how we protect the American people, strong in how we protect our economy.”

Pelosi also downplayed Democrat losses in 2010 and 2016, telling CBS’s John Dickerson, “You’re forgetting that we went up so high in 2006 and 2008.”

DICKERSON: “Here’s my question, though, Democrats since 2008, the numbers are ghastly for Democrats. Democrats are down 10 percent, in the House down 19.3 percent and in governors 35 percent. The Democrats are getting clobbered at every level over multiple elections. That seems like a real crisis for the party?”

PELOSI: “You’re forgetting that we went up so high in 2006 and 2008, and let me just put that in perspective. When President Clinton was elected, Republicans came in big in the next election. When President Bush was president, we came in big in the next election. When President Obama became president, the Republicans came in big in the next election.”

It seems that, in true Orwellian-speak fashion, Democrats stay in ideological misguided lock step. Rep. Emanuel Clever (D., Mo.) said during an interview Thursday with Craig Melvin of MSNBC that House Democrats do not have a strategy or a plan to try to move forward after the 2016 elections.

“At the present time, I’ve got to say, we have no strategy and we have no plan,” Cleaver said. “But at least we have some proven leadership that can, you know, take us into what’s going to be a new era.” What? The Democrats just lost the Senate, the White and state capitols. Sounds like more of that Obama Administration’s ‘leading from behind.” He continued.

“But think about this, we cannot have as our plan to go to the floor for the next two years only to hit the ceiling,” continued the confusing Cleaver. “That’s not a plan, that’s not a strategy, and that would have been pretty much all we would have had if we had changed leaders abruptly.”

So, for the record, they need new leadership, but not right now. They want to continue to follow the failed path that got them to where they are because new leadership might take them in a different direction and that might lead to … What ? … a new direction for the party and the possibility of victory? Instead, they and their surrogates on the left would rather continue bulllying and jailing people like Kim Davis and bankrupting and fining small business owners, while their lackies at the IRS and other government agencies continue to illegally persecute conservatives and Christians.

Perhaps what the Republicans should do is encourage the delusional Dems to continue this ‘blind leading the blind’ suicidal walk into this dark and devient Never-Never Land of their own making in the blue state of confusion. Their chosen path will undoubtedly continue eliminating many of them from office until before long they are gone altogether. All of this would, undoubtedly, make for some interesting broadcast interviews and commentary over at MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, where they would have to resort to just interviewing each other for their own leftist views, which is not surprisingly, what is essentially already happening.  


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