by Burt Prelutsky

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At times, it can seem as if the world of academia has lost the last vestiges of its collective sanity, much the same way that, say, CNN and MSNBC have. But it turns out to be not quite true. There are a precious few, such as Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, who haven’t caved to the bullies and babies on the Left.

In his book, “Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth,” he reports that in 2015, he heard from one of his deans that after delivering a chapel sermon based on First Corinthians, in which Apostle Paul spoke about the virtue of love, he was confronted by a student who wanted him to know he felt singled out and victimized because he didn’t consider himself a loving person.

Subsequently, Dr. Piper addressed the problem on the university website, writing: “That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to such a sermon is called a conscience.”

He went on to state: “College is not supposed to be a safe place, but rather, a place to learn, a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up. This is not a day care. This is a university.”

Dr. Piper, as reported in The New American, mentioned that in the wake of an incident during which a jihadist named Abdul Artan first drove a vehicle into a crowd of Ohio State students and then proceeded to stab and slash additional victims, the university invited Nathan Lean, author of “The Islamophobia Industry,” to campus in order to tell students to overcome their prejudice and to value pluralism and diversity. Even if, at least at Ohio State, pluralism and diversity calls for embracing those guilty of committing mass murder in the name of their religion.

Aside from Dr. Piper, I wonder how many other college administrators in America would have read about the goings-on at Ohio State and not agreed that they, too, would have responded to the attack by inviting an apologist for terrorism to their campus.

⦿ I am still seething over the way that the Oscars pandered to the Hollywood elitists by promoting the notion that homosexuality, transgenderism, Marxist politics and pandering to people of color — including illegal aliens who have committed crimes in addition to the initial one of sneaking into the country — are the ideal to which the rest of us should aspire.

To begin with, I was initially offended that they would select one of the more virulent Never-Trumpers to host the event, but then I realized that Jimmy Kimmel hosts a late-night talk show for ABC, which was televising the insipid event. The good news is that the ratings were down an astonishing 20% from last year. That’s even a bigger hit than the one suffered by NFL Football last season.

I found it a tad ironic that on the night that Hollywood couldn’t stop yakking about a new day dawning for women in Tinseltown, thanks to the fall of Harvey Weinstein and a handful of other creeps, an Oscar, along with an ovation from the assembled fools, went to Kobe Bryant, who raped a hotel maid some years ago, but escaped prosecution only because he bought her silence for a few million dollars.

I have never understood why that isn’t a crime in and of itself, but I suppose that would force the rich and famous to face the same sort of justice that the rest of us would have to deal with if we committed rape, or, for that matter, treason, obstruction of justice, political malfeasance and perjury. Which explains why the likes of liar-Hillary Clinton, Jane hanoi-Fonda, scum-Eric Holder, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Lois Lerner and Loretta Lynch, are still walking around free.

⦿ One of my anonymous collaborators let me know that there are 600,000 licensed hunters in Wisconsin; another 700,000 in Pennsylvania and Michigan; and 250,000 more in West Virginia. If you toss in the millions of hunters in the other 46 states, you begin to understand why fears of the federal government confiscating 300 million weapons – most of them in the hands of law-abiding, citizens — is so absurd that only Democrats could be silly enough to think it might ever happen.

As Admiral Yamamoto, who planned the Pearl Harbor attack was alleged to have said, when asked why Japan hadn’t invaded our west coast: “You cannot invade mainland United States because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Apparently, attending Harvard didn’t adversely affect the admiral’s intelligence.

⦿ One of my subscribers, Joe Neuner, who was returning to Kansas from a vacation paused in New Mexico to send me a photo he took of the Santa Fe Indian school. It seems their high school football team is called, of all things, the Braves.

⦿ A different subscriber alerted me to the fact that Trump’s proposed border wall could be extended to isolate California. I let him know that even if it came to pass that California carried through on its threats to secede from the Union and become an official part of Mexico, I couldn’t imagine how my life would be any worse if I were governed by Mexicans than by the likes of Jerry Brown, Dianne Fein-stein, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pulosi,

mad-Maxine Waters, Brad Sherman and scum-Adam Schiff.

⦿ I am presently reading a book, “And the Sea Will Tell,” by the late Vincent Bugliosi, the one-time Los Angeles D.A. who prosecuted Charles Manson and later became a defense attorney.

Because every criminal defense attorney is always justifying using any means possible to free killers, rapists and kidnappers, Bugliosi states that if he wasn’t absolutely convinced that the accused was innocent, he simply wouldn’t accept the case, knowing that there were thousands of other lawyers who would be only too happy to accept the fee.

As he writes: “Although I’ve never been a law and order fanatic, I do believe that those who have committed serious crimes should be severely punished, and I do not want to be in a position of actively seeking to thwart this natural justice.”

To those who point out that everyone is entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, he wrote: “Under that argument, Adolf Hitler never committed any crimes, Jack the Ripper never committed any crimes and the only crime Al Capone ever committed was tax evasion.”

⦿ In 15 words, Winston Churchill perfectly summed up Socialism: “It is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.”

Is it any wonder that Socialism has caught on in such a big way in the media, in Congress and on college campuses?

⦿ After I posted a joke in which a guy assured the local priest that even though he and his wife rarely attended church services, they obeyed the 10 Commandments –she obeyed six of them, he obeyed the other four – I found myself wondering which of the Commandments my readers found the most difficult to honor.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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