Why are Blogs, Photos, Videos and Events Moderated for Approval?

The recurring question of moderation in some site areas deserves presentation to all members.

Why are some things not immediately posted on Tea Party Nation? 

Note that for nearly a year,  everything was posted automatically and immediately! The few problems found were cleaned up, and we moved on...

Then some serious problems occurred, as we became an obvious threat to the Left!.

We began finding  many quite pornographic posts.Photos as well. Videos?

People peddling used cars, with high res photos, nationwide. Advertisements from the Communist Party of the USA....Racist and antisemitic articles. Anti-Tea Party, and pro-socialist postings. Hate mail and obvious copyright infringement. You name it! Quite simply, attacks of all kinds, embedded within our archives.

So, TPN instituted the present approval system, and must continue this approval system!

Rest assured, we do have some amongst us who wish us, wish this Conservative Movement ill. Being quiet, not revealing themselves. Waiting for an opportune moment, a critical time. Not going to happen anytime soon, if we can help it!

Please note that we'd rather not moderate posts! It's extra work, slows things down and does prevent some things from being said here. Thank goodness for that! There  are other places for X rated videos and hate mail, other than on Tea Party Nation.


The old adage that  "one rotten apple spoils the barrel" is true, in many ways. We  must adapt to conditions as we find them. And, we must all live with these inconveniences, unfortunately.

All submitted items in these categories are vetted, to a greater or lesser degree. Some minimal standards exist, such as 500 word minimum blogs with reasonably discernible intent. And, occasionally, something still slips through that is untoward. Or links that just don't work, or something. On occasion, a post is so poorly written that the author's intent is not easily discerned. Or, a bare link is provided, without even a paragraph or two explaining it's importance. The title is sometimes longer than the content! Why waste the space, and the time of the reader on on such, with thousands of good articles provided to choose from?

As a general rule, blogs accepted will be from a couple paragraphs to several hundred words in length. If the author cares so little of the of the subject as to present little more than a link, rejection is likely to occur.

Editing of any kind to a post by moderators never occurs. Not so much as a single character is ever changed, and remains entirely the work of the author. (A title may be changed, for clarification)  It stands or fails on it's own merits. A note, on occasion, may be sent to the author as to why something was rejected.Resubmittal then becomes the option of the author.

Automatically running Audio and/or Video may cause Blog rejection! Opening a blog to read does not grant the author permission to override the reader's audio settings. Also, remember that some users have slow connections: videos can cause such systems to lock up. Be nice: give them a button to start either audio or video, at the user's choice!

It is also noted that comments to Blogs are sometimes moderated, preventing immediate posting of comments. If so, this choice was made by the author, not the site moderators! While this option remains available to the author, we would prefer that comments not be so moderated.


Argumentative blogs are invited, as are informative ones! We thrive on controversy, haven't you noticed?

Whatever we can have the author fix before placing before tens of thousands of people, we try to clear up. Why waste the time of so many thousands? We wish you to learn, to be involved, and contribute!

If you find a problem within moderated pages, feel free to report it to the janitorial staff using the TECH ISSUES pull down tab under help. Attempts are made to clean up problems of all kinds....

And there may be a bit of a delay in approval! We don't always have somebody standing by, awaiting items submitted for approval. A FIFO policy is standard.

At this moment, I see 23 such items. Everybody is busy on other more immediate stuff, I guess. Or on coffee beer Tea breaks or something...

Thank you in advance for your forbearance. And have a nice day!



Authors remain free to modify their posts, as it should be. Modified postings and/or articles are again subject to approval, and become unavailable during the interim period. This is to prevent an innocuous approved article being replaced in content by a "nasty" post. Yes, such things have happened and such possibilities become greater, as  elections approach!

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