The Messaging System

   The TPN messaging system exists to permit members to contact each other, without posting in public. It exists so that our thousands of members need  not be privy  to  personal messages.

Indeed, the messaging system is much preferable to forcing thousands to wade through all that stuff.

    But Messaging is far  more than that! It's also serves as a way to limit the number of unwanted messages you receive.

That's where Friends comes in. Nobody can Spam our thousands of members on this messaging system.

Don't like what you receive from somebody? Use the Remove as Friend  option. Wish to converse with someone? Add a friend!

   Another important feature of the Messaging System is protection of your email address. TPN does not release your email address. Never has, never will.

The use of the Reply button is a handy feature, to maintain context of a thread, a private conversation.


   This system is often abused, however, in several ways!

For example, it should never be used as an alternate Forum. Never. And here's why:

Suppose a member composes a message:  "Support Joe Shcmertz for President "(followed by several paragraphs.).  Assume he chooses Select: Friends on this Network. Bingo!

Perhaps 100 messages go out. And 100 emails go out as well!

Recipient Suzie Q responds with nothing more than "I agree" and selects Reply All.

The entire previous message is transmitted to 100, and 100 more emails are sent!

Four hundred electronic messages have just been sent.

Guess what's the #1 stated reason for members to quit? Too many emails!

   An other abuse that has been observed a few times has been inciting  Spam!

An example of this would be, for instance, a member of a particular candidate support group messaging all within that group to post in a particular discussion of interest. Suddenly, it appears that nearly all members support "What's their Name!" Just a way to stuff the ballot box. We should leave that technique to the left: they are experts!


 A particularly offensive abuse of this system is personal attacks against fellow members. Attacks that do not include the attacked member in the distribution list are in particularly  poor taste. The attacked member is not informed of the attack, and is afforded no way to respond. Complete blind siding. Just nasty!  Summary suspension may occur, under the  TOS/No Tolerance policy.

All No Tolerance Strictures, e.g. free advertising, racism, militant uprisings and so on are not permitted on the Messaging System, as elsewhere on the TPN site. Be nice to your fellow members!


   It is hoped that we all observe these rules and guidelines! We all have more important things to do than to read too many messages, attacks and so forth. Our time on TPN should be used for productive purposes.


Thank you. And have a great day.

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