Off Topic Replies

A continuing, perhaps again increasing problem is that of off topic Replies and Discussions.

Literally 10's of thousands of Forum and Blog posts exist on TPN. Different subjects: different approaches. The title and location are good clues as to the Author's intent. Members respond about the general subject...much can be revealed in this way!

It's good manners to limit oneself to the author's  intended subject. Not of interest to you? Go to a different discussion! Be kind to your fellow members, don't spam them..

Those known as Trolls purposely disrupt forums, but whether someone intends to disrupt a thread or not, the results are the same.  Off topic replies are non-productive and may be treated as trolling.

Some of our otherwise valued members tend to interject their pet peeve, candidate, philosophy or whatever into totally unrelated discussions or groups. Looking for responses, either pro or con!

Such replies often result in a complete diversion of a discussion thread for some time, from the subject intended and/or so entitled by the author of the discussion. Such Replies actually contain elements of Troll Activity, and are harmful to the orderly flow of the contextual discussion matter and are therefore harmful to the discussion, and therefore the website's purposes!

Advertisements for personal gain or websites are  generally discouraged, and are handled on an item by item basis.

What's on, what's off topic? Difficult to say! If the Author's topic is Apples, Oranges may be appropriately be woven in. But probably War in Iraq replies should go elsewhere!

If nobody wants to talk about Apples, that discussion will go away quickly. But only if nobody comments on it! Allow the system to work.


If the author's discussion is about Muslims in Dearborn, perhaps Mexicans in California might fit. But not Global Warming! There are other discussions for that subject. Your off-topic remarks may be deleted to regain orderly flow of discussion!


It is noted that in early 2010, similar attacks by Third Party Advocate postings occurred.

Hundreds of such replies appeared: it was proposed to be the one and only answer, and interjected into nearly all discussions, often diverting from the core subject of the article! After a time, this problem  was dealt with actively on several fronts. Such off subject responses were deleted. Continued such interjections led to the dismissal of a few members, after warnings!

Having largely closed that hole, multiple new discussions were started, all on third party proposals. All similar!

When we had several of these open, we reacted again! We closed all but one, and directed all comments to one thread left open! No choice really: we had issues other  than third parties to talk about as well.

The third party stuff then died down. We believe that this action helped somewhat in achieving the GOP success in 2010.

 Tea Party Nation remains not opposed to third parties, or other special interests!

But we are more interested in winning,  not pandering to any member, or small group of members who choose to Spam the site! Nor shall it become a single issue or candidate website, e.g. third parties or Ron Paul.


Should any member have a Reply deleted, it has likely been deemed an Of Topic Reply, and should serve as a warning not to continue along this path! Take the reply to an appropriate discussion!

Thank you in advance for complying  with this guideline. We must all try to make learning and communications as effective and efficient as possible.


And, have a nice day!


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