How do I control which Emails I receive?



In the spirit of Freedom of Speech, only the Member has control of Emails they receive!

Management shall not, in fact cannot, intercede in the member's decisions in this matter.


So, How do I change my settings?

  • From the top line of Tabs, click on "MY PAGE"
  • Scroll down. On the left hand column, you'll find Manage My Page or Photo.  Click on  My Page
  • On the left hand column, you'll then see one option entitled Email    Click on it!
  • Want a shortcut? JUST CLICK HERE
  • You will now be presented with a whole series of check-boxes. Check those items you wish to receive Emails about, un-check those that you do not wish to receive emails about.
  • When you are satisfied with your selection, click the  Save  button

You are now done! You are cautioned that all settings under the heading of My Page are controlled by the you, the Member! Any changes made by the Member can again be changed by the Member, and only by the Member!



Addendum: Should you reply to a discussion and start getting responses that you don't wish to receive, Click on the second link of the email , entitled To stop following this discussion, go to:

Or, if you want to change settings on the TPN page, or confirm settings:

Set this way means that you do not get emails.




And set this way means that you do get email updates of all future activity within the Forum Discussion or Blog presently open, and on your screen!

Clear enough?

Enjoy your Settings!


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