Deletion of Lengthy Replies

On occasion, members copy/paste information, sometimes full page or more in length, as replies or comments to forums or blogs.  If the document source is not credited, plagiarism may be being committed.  Often such long posts are off-subject and/or carry personal advertisement links, restricted to personal "My Pages"..

Members are reminded that the thousands of other members may not wish to page through lengthy unsolicited information.

As well, remember that many members do not have high speed connections. Lengthy responses  may actually slow them down in their desire to access information they feel is  important to them!

You are reminded as well that many members follow on their small phone screens, rather than monitors. Keeping it compact and not repeating yourself helps some, too!

Be kind to your fellow members! A link to such information, preceded by a short description, is strongly recommended. Links save time and space, and allow the reader to decide how much information they wish to see.

Lengthy posts may well be deleted out of hand by the TPN staff. Should postings by any member be seen repeatedly, it may be seen as Internet Spam and be dealt with as spamming our members.


Multiple discussions on the same subject may face deletion as well!

Rather than replying either pro or con to an active discussion, some may post new discussion, pushing all other discussions down thereby. These may face deletion, while leaving  the popular  existing discussion standing.


With tens of thousands of other members participating, we must do our best not to injure  others. Leave such tactics to the left!

Thank you for your forbearance.

And have a great day!


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