Former President George W. Bush composed a powerful statement in condemnation of the Capitol Incursion.

Too bad he was not as swift and decisive in regards to the pillaging at the hands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Of that he said it was not the time to lecture but rather to instead listen.

So why not extend the same courtesy to those enraged over alleged election improprieties?

Likewise, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser wants those rampaging on Capitol Hill charged with domestic terrorism.

Yet she was so enamored with Black Lives Matter that she unilaterally authorized street art essentially memorializing that protest movement and its revolutionary battlecry.

Statements such as these serve as evidence of just how warped the priorities of the overclass are.

When it is private property, particularly of average Americans, that is destroyed, such deeds are downplayed as acts of vandalism barely worthy of law enforcement attention.

Yet when acts shockingly inexcusable yet nowhere near as destructive are committed in the presence of these exalted elites, the penalty rises to the level of that assessed against mass casualty incidents.

By Frederick Meekins


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