by Burt Prelutsky

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I have always believed that hypocrisy was one of the more serious sins. That’s because that in addition to behaving badly to begin with, the hypocrites have topped it off with a thick layer of arrogance.

These days, although you will find most of these scoundrels cavorting in the world of politics, you will find a sizable number lurking in the murky waters of what is laughingly called journalism.

Among those who have had credible charges of sexual misbehavior and even rape leveled against them are Matt Lauer; Tom Brokaw; Charlie Rose; Mark Halperin; Jann Wenner, the publisher of Rolling Stone; Geraldo Rivera; Leon Wieseltier, the editor of the New Republic; and Chris Matthews, who confessed to having a thrill run up his leg when he heard Barack liar-nObama deliver a speech.

And although he didn’t live long enough to be caught up in the #MeToo scandal, a friend of mine who worked at CBS in the old days reported that every time he would attend one of the network cocktail parties, he would see Walter Cronkite hulking over a young female intern in some dark corner. Not one to leap to conclusions, I suppose he could have been asking her what she thought about Nixon’s outreach to China. But I suspect the old letch was advising her on the quickest way to achieve advancement in her chosen career.

That is why it disgusts me when I see these holier-than-thou buffoons calling Donald Trump or some other Republican politician on the carpet for not disclosing his taxes or owning up to some alleged moral failing. If I were an office holder and one of these charlatans confronted me with some unfounded accusation, my response would be “You first!”

⦿ It seems at the recent commencement ceremony at the University of Florida, a number of the black graduates weren’t satisfied with simply walking across the stage and accepting their diplomas. Instead, they began prancing around like those idiots on football fields who showboat in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, even when their team is down 42-14 with a few minutes left in the game.

Because these ceremonies are already way too long and as tedious as most Hollywood movies, someone in authority began hustling them off stage.

Naturally, because blacks have begun collecting reparations not through cash payments, but by behaving badly and getting away with it, the bozos complained that the showboating is an important part of their cultural identity. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the university president to offer his heart-felt apology.

One has cause to wonder if when colleges and universities decide to hire deans, chancellors and presidents, the want ads read: “Only eunuchs need apply.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice if America’s first black president had been the sort of man who wouldn’t spend his entire time sniping at his successor and calling for his impeachment, but, instead, used the moral authority that goes with the office to chastise his fellow blacks for embarrassing themselves with this sort of juvenile behavior?

But I suppose that even if the ex-president were an entirely different sort of man, these ignorant young brats who have spent four years studying Black Studies and the History of Hip-Hop, while majoring in Football and Basketball, might be impervious to his wise counsel.

⦿ I always feel a little silly spending time refuting the climate change hoax because, as hoaxes go, it’s nowhere as believable as the Piltdown Man, the Cardiff Giant and Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. However, since the pinheads on the Left continue to lie on behalf of scum-Al Gore, who built a fortune off the collection of carbon taxes, it’s impossible not to engage with the mountebanks.

As reported in The New American, a new book by Marc Morano, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” should put an end to the lies once and for all. But, of course, so long as people like billionaire Tom Steyer is willing to finance the campaigns of any politician who at least pretends to take the hoax seriously, and so long as most universities will only hire and promote so-called climatologists who toe the line, the hoax will remain in the news for the foreseeable future.

The most telling thing about the liars is that they never question why the oceans didn’t rise 20 feet by 2009, as scum-Al Gore had predicted. But of course back in the 1990s, they were still referring to the existential danger as “global-warming.” Their only acknowledgement that it was a large load of crapola is when they disingenuously started calling it “climate change,” which allowed them a fair amount of leeway, no matter which way Mother Nature decided to go.

Although for over 20 years, we have heard the conmen refer to a 97% consensus of experts, it turns out that when Australian researcher John Cook analyzed 12,000 research papers on the subject written between 1991 and 2011, he found that 67% of the papers cited expressed no opinion, whatsoever.

Besides, science is never determined by consensus. Have you ever heard that 54% or 69% or 82% of scientists agree about the speed of light or the distance to the moon?

But, then, you need to remember that these same morons vilified CO2, the air we exhale, along with the vapor given off by the oceans, as a pollutant. Well, perhaps it is somewhat if you’ve been eating a little too much garlic or onions, but otherwise, the stuff is necessary for vegetation and vital for wildlife.

The kicker is that Mr. Moreno isn’t a scientist; his degree is in political science, which, of course, isn’t really a science, but, then, neither is climatology these days.

In fact, it is far more appropriate for someone with a background in politics to write on the topic because it has devolved into a political football, thanks to the likes of greedy scum-Al Gore, the anti-American crew at the U.N. and the Never-Trumpers, who have declared the President a Neanderthal for removing us from the Paris Accords.

⦿ Speaking of Neanderthals, a four-panel cartoon showed mad-Maxine Waters confronting Donald Trump. mad-Waters: “I think you should be impeached.” Trump: “I didn’t know you could do that.” mad-Waters: “What, impeach you?” Trump: “No, think!”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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