Since Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the Presidential race in May, Tea Party Nation has had a singular mission.  Our mission has been to make sure the Republicans kept control of the United States Senate.

After the events of this week, we are asking one simple important question.

What is that question?


Why are we even trying?

This week, the Republican controlled Senate, along with the Republican controlled House of Representatives, passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded for about nine weeks.

That budget funds everything the Democrats and Obama want.  The Republicans balked at buying Flint Michigan a new water system. It was only an extra $200 million.  The Democrats threw a fit, and threatened to hold up the entire continuing resolution.  This would have resulted in a government shutdown.

What did the Republicans do?

They hauled up the Republican freshly laundered white flag of surrender.

The Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted and what did they get in exchange?

Not a thing.

The Republicans did not even block Obama’s Internet giveaway.

But this gets even worse.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said yesterday that during the lame duck session of Congress that will happen in December, the Republicans will consider what are known as energy tax extenders.

The government wastes billions of dollars in tax credits and subsidies for so-called “green energy.”  Liberal billionaires like Tom Steyer and Warren Buffett make a lot of money off of those subsidies.  A couple of years ago, Buffett even told CNN that the only reason he invested in some of these green energy projects was because of the tax subsidies.  As he said at the time, “Otherwise, they would not make sense.”

Liberal billionaires like Buffet and Steyer give millions to Democrats to help get them elected.  Then the liberal Democrats will vote for this green pork.  But their back up plan is to just let the Republicans vote for it. Either way, they win.

In 2010, the Tea Party swept Republicans back into control in the House of Representatives.  We waited for the Republicans to do something.  To do anything.  All they did was surrender time and time again.  They said we need the Senate.

In 2014, America gave them the Senate and what has happened. The GOP has surrendered again and again.

Albert Einstein described insanity as trying the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result.

If anyone wants to know why Donald Trump had such a meteoric rise, look no further than the Republican freshly laundered white flag of surrender.

For the last five months, we have been working hard to keep Republicans in control of the Senate. Today, we have to ask why?

Some friends of ours are working on a new conservative political party.  The question we should be asking is, “Why not?”


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  1. Disillusioned Lizzie

    Hey, Judson. I’ve been wondering about this for years: how do you hold the GOP accountable, other than by refusing to hold our noses and vote for their squishes? How do you hold a party accountable, when it is playing a game of chicken with its own base?
    I know you waited many years before coming to the conclusion: you don’t.
    I’ll be reading up on this movement, thanks for linking over to it.

  2. Occam's Stubble

    It took the progressives over a hundred years to get from where they started to electing Obama. We have to be in it for the same long haul or we might as well give up.

    That said, in order to start a real conservative party, you first need the GOP to go the way of the Whigs. The good news is that with all this capitulation and the nomination of a Democrat for the presidency, they’re well on their way to the dustbin of history.

  3. Terry T

    Just what has the Republican Party accomplished in the post-Reagan era?
    Have they implemented a market-based, high-quality, affordable health care system?
    Have they stopped illegal immigration and visa overstays?
    Have they halted the flow of jobs overseas?
    Have they simplified the tax code?
    Have they stemmed the growth and reduced the size of the Federal government?
    Have they killed the Department of Education and returned the responsibility back to the states?
    Did they maintain the balanced budget success of the mid-1990s?
    Have they made the US energy independent?
    No – no-no-no-no-no-no!
    Politicians (especially republicans) are all talk and no action – the Republican Party should be apologizing to the American people, and should be grateful Donald Trump came along.

  4. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    I will vote on the following basis:
    That the candidate has never been an attorney, nor held a degree in Law;
    That the candidate will follow and stay within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution to contain the powers of the government from being used against the people, and their rights;
    That the candidate will remove all unconstitutional laws and amendments from our Constitution;
    That the candidate will assure that all of our history is available and taught to our students, the positive with the negative, from the primary grades through higher education;
    That the candidate will assure the passing of ‘Term Limits’ in both houses;
    That the candidate will bring their salaries and benefits down to that of our ‘Middle Income wage earners.
    These are the qualifications that I, as a citizen seek. Those who meet the most of these requirements wil get my vote.
    This has nothing to do with ‘Political Partys’ as they have failed time after time to meet their promises to whomever they plead their case for election.

    1. Mug

      Lynn, your only concrete condition is the first – never been an attorney……..
      Everything else you say is a condition is a speculation bassed on being told what you want to hear. No different than voting for Obama because he said what his supporters wanted to hear and he hasn’t come through and neither will Trump.

  5. Kenny Sono

    Judson, the formula for this suggestion (replace the worthless GOP with a NEW / far better party) is actually simple if you ask me.
    Find a way to finance roughly five or six questions that are compelling, to get people who are not white middle aged males……. interested in conservatism and then systematically find a way to REEL them all into the boat. Here are some examples:

    To women / especially young women (between about 13 and 33):

    “The next time you get a chance to speak with a 2 year old human, look in that person’s eyes and ask yourself: Is THIS somebody that could have been terminated by a choice?” See if you can do that without crying.

    To blacks who live in inner cities and other poor areas:

    “If you EVER personally received a chance to improve your entire life from any government, exactly when was that? If the answer is NEVER, then maybe you need to help change the people running the government / don’t you think?”

    To young people involved in college and its fees:

    “Since it’s obviously not realistic to get your college tuition paid for entirely by the government…… how is it that SOME politicians actually believe you are that stupid?”

    To people who own a business:

    “If you don’t feel as if you pay enough taxes and that you are not already dealing with enough government red tape…… do you need to know who to vote for, or do you simply not think it’s important to vote at all?”

    To middle aged and older people:

    “How long do you think it will be until twenty TRILLION dollars in debt will prevent all government checks from going out?”

    To those in the military:

    “Do you see any evidence that Hillary Clinton would make a GOOD Commander in Chief?”

    To those who are unclear which candidate to vote for / frequently, in all elections at all levels:

    “If you don’t see any evidence that we have a political party that represents traditional, patriotic, family values Americans who cherish honesty, hard work and have Faith in God…….that’s because we no longer have one. Would you join us, if we were described as a NEW GOP party?”

  6. Phyliss

    A new conservative party is a great idea, but NOT NOW! It’s too late for this election. Right now we have two choices, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Not voting or throwing your vote away will only elect Hillary and we can say good-bye to America. Swallow your pride, hold your nose, whatever you have to do and vote for Trump. He is our only hope right now. We do have a few, nearly zilch, honest Republicans to hold Trump in check. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HAIL HILLARY OR OBAMA FOREVER? Obama has no plans to leave the WhiteHouse and he’s using Hillary like he’s using the dummies that go out and riot for him.