Barack Obama has engaged in treason. There is no other way to describe it.  He has gone from simply cheering our enemies to helping our enemies.

But Obama has done something now that has immeasurably damaged the nation.

There is so much that he has done that falls into that category but this one is worse than most due to the collateral consequences.

What is it?

According to the Free Beacon, Obama has sent $33.6 billion to Iran from the Obama Regime in 2014 and 2015.

Think about that for a second. In the last couple of years, the Obama Regime has given the number one sponsor of terrorism almost $34 billion in cash and gold.

Iran is our enemy. There is no two ways about it. They hold rallies where they scream, “Death to America,” and mean it. They have funded terrorism against America. And Obama continues to do his best to help them as they try to create a nuclear bomb.

To put $33.6 billion into perspective, for that price, the US could build three Ford Class nuclear aircraft carriers.  Or put another way, since the median income of an American is roughly $40,000 a year, 840,000 Americans worked full time to pay Iran.

That is bad enough but there is something even worse.

Where was the Republican Congress?

This isn’t the first time the Obama Regime has abused the trust of the American people.  Since Obama came into office, he has been cheering for the enemy. He has been working to help the enemy.

But what has the GOP done?


They have not cut the Obama budget. They have not used the power of the purse to rein Obama in.  They have not used their Constitutional tools to stop Obama. Instead, they have sat back and idly watched as Obama funds Iranian terrorism with American tax dollars.  Obama has released terrorists, knowing they would go back to Jihad against America. He has done everything short of giving Iran one of our nukes to help them become a nuclear power.

And the whole time this has been going on, the Republican Congress did nothing.

And people wonder why Donald Trump has such support.


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  1. Reuben Grassl

    And “he” chastises Trump for his comments regarding Putin – at least we aren’t in this case,(knowingly) sending aid, money, technology, “aid”, etc. to Russia!

  2. Logan

    I don’t know if you believe the crap you write or why you write it. This is all horse shit and you know it, misinformation is the biggest threat to this country and you are fueling it. If you want facts maybe you should dig deeper than the surface. If you are going to post to thousands of Americans, try not to be as dirty as CNN.

    1. Ray McCall

      You are just another blind fool. The monkey has clearly sold out the U.S. If you don’t like reading the truth, go elsewhere.

    2. Jim Rogers

      Logan, I don’t know you and, from your post, I don’t want to know you….. Time to wake-up and smell the coffee, Logan ~ obviously it’s too late for you to smell the truth! Truth is the smell coming from the Oval Office ~ the smell of treason from the faux president who is an Islamist, albeit just a puppet Islamist, who’s dutifully following the orders of Islam via Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc.! Orders whispered into his ear by his Islamist shadow, Valerie Jarrett!

      Logan, I don’t know you and, from your post, I don’t want to know you….. You could be a
      troll, or you could be one of the “useful idiots” of the Islamists ~ or, you could be a totally tone-deaf American, unable to focus on the reality of losing our Republic, our Constitution,
      to the anti-Americans who infest not just Washington, DC, but our nation and the world!!!

      At least smell the coffee, Logan ~ it’s far better than the stench of Obama and Islam!!

  3. Ray McCall

    It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama is not only a traitor, he is a closet Muslim, a covert jihadist. He has funded Iran with billions of dollars, and he doesn’t care what the American people think of his actions.
    His legacy will be pretty bleak — The First American President to side with our enemies. He is a despicable, foreign born piece of trash. He sucked in all the gullible black voters simply because he was black. And he sucked in a pretty good share of white voters who believed the black bastard’s rhetoric.
    It’s good to hear that he will be retiring right there in Wash, DC. That will give many American snipers an opportunity. I wish them luck.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      How do you come to the conclusion he is a closet Muslim? All indications point to the fact he is completely out of the closet. He actually shouts it out loud during morning prayer when he states “there is nothing like the call for prayer each morning”.
      He believes their contribution to American values is greater than the westerners, believes they contributed in a myriad of discoveries, praises Allah, admonishes western civilizations, has Islamic celebrations at the WH that desecrates our values, and the list goes on. Does that sound like a closet believer?
      Americans are so afraid to offend minorities because they’ve been whipped into believing that PC will win the day.
      We all knew the facts but along with the establishment, we turned the other cheek. So this is our punishment. We could have easily gathered enough facts to take action, but it was the American judges too afraid, to take the cases. And those who tried in the end had no back up support from its citizens.
      We still act that way. Why are we not taking action to kick Hillary to kingdom come when we all know that she is unfit to be POTUS? Her medical issues and her lying about Benghazi are enough to disqualify her.
      Oh but now it’s not about ethnicity we are afraid of again, it’s gender discrimination. We seem to have excuses for everything.

  4. william

    the war is here not there ## send in the military to arrest all the traitors in D.C. ,THAT WOULD BE ALL THE COMMUNIST ABOUT 90% OF THE GOV. ## WE PAY OUR TAXES TO DO JUST THAT +++ J EDGAR HOVER ++ IT IS TIME DON’T YA THINK ????????????

  5. Terry T

    Obama has let thousands of criminals out of prison and into the civilian population.
    He proposes that hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from Syria be implanted into the USA, without proper vetting.
    He supports open borders, and has orchestrated the influx of thousands of undocumented aliens into the USA.
    He supports sanctuary cities; where criminals, terrorists, and drug traffickers can hide without trepidation.
    He proposed to close Gitmo, and move dangerous terrorists into the homeland – putting the local population at risk. When that didn’t fly he released them to other countries where they can easily return to Jihad.
    He has released five terrorist leaders from Gitmo in exchange for a single US solder deserter.
    He has released billions of Iranian assets in exchange for nothing.
    He has worked to continue the flow of money to the mid-east from oil revenue rather than becoming energy independent. This revenue will fund the terrorists.
    He refuses to confront ISIS in any meaningful way.
    He has decimated our military and removed its best leaders from power.
    He has demonized and marginalized local police forces.
    He is attempting to confiscate guns and ammunition from citizens, leaving the country more susceptible to attack.
    If he is not an enemy, it is hard to define what he is

  6. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    And it has only taken eight years for people to discover the fact that Obama is a TRAITOR. How quick we Americans are.
    How easily led we are by political partys giving us choices, “You may choose from column A, or from column B, or mix them up, but only one per entre.”
    That’s what I like about Trump. He certainly is no Party Member, as is displayed daily. First utterance, “Whoa, did he really just say that?” On more consideration, “Wow, he really just said that.”
    I don’t want a Democratic Congress. I also do not want a Republican Congress. The same with a President, and every other post and office in this Republic of ours.
    I just want people who will fill those positions and stay within the boundaries set forth in our Constitution, that describes their purpose and duties, their limits, and the boundaries they shall not cross.
    Give me these people to choose form.
    The time has come for every American Citizen to actually read the Constitution, it is neither long, nor difficult, and also read our Declaration of Independence, which give us, the People, not only the power, but the Right, to rid ourselves of our own government when they no longer follow the ‘Will of the People.’
    Understanding our Constitution will provide all with enough education to bring all of Congress, and the President to Trial and to Conviction, for not staying within the boundaries set forth in our Constitution to contain their powers, and to protect the People from their powers.
    That is a Trial that would set an example for all nations to follow.
    So, will we all once more be as sheep, or will that one spark ignite after so long a sleep, as it did when this Nation was created?