Just a little over a month ago, the liberal media was all in a flutter. The Republican National Committee was going to meet to discuss replacing Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

That was wishful thinking from the media.  Now, five weeks later, it appears the Democrats may be having a real meeting to discuss Hillary Clinton’s future.

The last month has been generally good for Trump. He put a new team in and is starting to show some campaign discipline. He is beginning to stay on message, though there are a lot of conservatives who still fear he is moving left.  For Clinton, the last few days have been a disaster.  It started with her comment Friday that half of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables.”

Who talks like that, other than an arrogant, out of touch, rich liberal?

Hillary Clinton and the rest of the left hate real Americans and she has made that clear. Her “deplorables” comment was only the latest example.

Then yesterday, the video seen around the world has really hit the Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton was evacuated from the 9/11 memorial service after suffering a “medical episode.”  At first the Clinton camp wanted to claim it was “overheating.”  The temperature in New York was only in the 70’s so that story did not fly.

Video was posted to social media showing Clinton completely incapable of even moving on her own, all but collapsing and being pushed into a waiting Secret Service van.  The Clinton campaign claims she is only suffering from pneumonia.  The Clinton campaign also has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, if you believe that.

The drive by media has circled around like the palace guard to suppress any claim that there is something wrong with Hillary Clinton.  Only a fool would believe Hillary Clinton is in great health.

Hillary’s health is horrible. She is not physically fit to be President or hold any other major office.  But Hillary’s health scandal goes deeper than just her current condition.  It goes back to the reason there was an email scandal. She desperately wants to have absolute control over any information about her.  She also desperately  wants to kill any negative information out there about her as well.

That is the real Clinton scandal.

Meanwhile, she is in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t spot. She cannot beg off the debates.  Can you imagine what would happen if she had an episode in the middle of one of the debates?

At that point, it would be too late for the Democrats to replace her and the Presidential race would be over.  She can’t duck the debates and she can’t take the risk of a seizure in the debates.

What happens next?

Who knows, but the next seven weeks are going to be extremely interesting.


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  1. MUG

    Judson, Trump had said he didn’t need the Republican Party, and has since recanted and embraced them at least to some extent. At one time or another he has said he doesn’t need other factions like women, minorities, and conservatives. He has ended up courting them all and has adjusted his campaign to try to appeal to those he “doesn’t need.” I feel like those of us who have made it clear we will not vote for Trump without reasonable assurance that he will come through have forced him to realize he needs us. But if Hillary implodes will he remain true to his promises?

    Immediately secure the border before deciding how to handle illegals already hear.
    Immediately deport alien criminals.
    Immediately start rebuilding the military.
    Immediately rescind Obamacare and start rebuilding competitive health care.
    And so on and on

  2. Kenny Sono

    OK, so here goes a classic Tea Party conspiracy theory,……..mostly just for your entertainment:
    George Soros can already see how LIKELY it may be for Trump to win. He can’t have that. So, he got a doctor to give Hillary pills / telling her to agree that she has pneumonia, but in reality / secretly telling her she has AIDS (something she would believe). The pills are meant to slowly make her pass away. THEN, right around the time the dose of those pills need to increase to a fatal level, they’ll inject her with AIDS, and just tell Bill that’s what it was all along / probably HIS fault….he’ll believe that. SO:
    Then, Obama will blame Putin for it all. He’ll say the Russians killed Hillary and well, we can’t have that, so wham / we need to have another entire election, start to finish. That will probably ENSURE that Trump will NOT win the next Primary, and the Democrats will come up with somebody young and attractive next time / like a Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash for example. Of course, many people predicted Obama would not easily LEAVE the White House and that he would create Marshall Law (probably named after his real father)….so let’s throw that in too. Yes, but…..of course: Trump supporters will end up protesting and then in huge riots across the country with Democrats Matter people. Then, all the “tens of millions” of people that Rev. Larry imagines were going to follow him to the polls, will not have to write in Ted Cruz, but THIS time he will show up with Kevlar on and I will be one of the many people thanking Larry and Mr. Blades for steering me back to Right of Center, where I can proudly vote for our NEW highly Conservative President, sometime around November 2018, when the riots are over.

    1. MUG

      Kenny, your fiction is entertaining but annoying , even somewhat painfully amusing. But, don’t you think it’s more likely the Dems will just replace Hillary soon with someone they think they can win with, like Biden. They are no smarter than the Republicans who still think they could win with Romney or Jeb.

      1. Agi Yaeger

        Here is a comprehensive discussion of Hillary Clinton’s illness filled with many visual explanations by a physician, named Dr. Ted Noel . It’s factual without any malice.
        The case made in the video, by Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist from Orlando with 36 years’ experience in medicine, is a strong one. The various health-related issues which have pierced the cloak laid around Clinton the “short-circuits,” the coughing fits, of which there was one of alarming duration in Cleveland earlier this week that she attempted to play off by alleging an “allergic reaction” to Donald Trump, the hand tremors, the unusual nodding, the inability to climb stairs, the face-planting falls, the need for an aide to be handy with an auto-injector of the drug Diazepam, and others — are all consistent with Parkinson’s, according to Noel. ( http://spectator.org/251161-2/ )
        Those of you who know someone with Parkinson’s disease should be familiar with these symptoms displayed. It’s simply connecting dots. It’s a must see.
        How on earth could the democrats keep this under wrap any longer?

      2. steve blades

        mug we must remember that kenny like most mindless drones just go around ”making sht up” so dont be hard on him he dont know better…

        when you gonna pay up????

        an apology will do even though I will ignore it

        1. MUG

          Steve, don’t try to involve me in your dispute with Kenny. What I find annoying and painfully amusing is that in today’s world his scenarios might happen. Obama and Hillary both are on the far side of insanity where the unimaginable is fact. I prefer to think of more rational outcomes that make more sense to me.

          1. Kenny Sono

            Speaking of the far side of insanity; there is always that chance that the puppet masters over Obama AND Hillary have literally chosen to give her an ear piece and when she doesn’t respond correctly, they “take her to the ground” as part of her initial training. How’s THAT for crazy talk?

        2. Kenny Sono

          Mr. Blades, the saddest thing of all is what MUG just reminded me about. I actually (honestly, literally, any way you want to label it) have an enormous amount of respect for you, for MUG and for Agi. Heck I even admire Larry once every twentieth post or so. This is because you are all very smart and what I would kindly call “Hard Core conservatives….” which is / by the way / what most people who know me well think of ME as being. The odd fact that I choose to make my vote COUNT for something (other than patting myself on the back) is admittedly hard to explain and I am certainly not about to go around bragging about it after the act. This oddness about Trump combined with my being a reasonable Christian allows me to forgive your non stop personal insults. So, just keep in mind there is only ONE real difference between us in MY mind: I want my vote to count for SOMETHING related to the election / whereas you want your vote to count to make a POINT about your character. I prefer results in America and I am already content with my SELF / mindless or not.

          1. steve blades

            you and I have a big difference in what a vote is…you want to vote against someone and mock those that wont vote your way . possible to remove some of the guilt you have from throwing your vote to a known bully/fascist prick…

            while I refuse to throw my vote away on a known bully/fascist prick…

            as for the personal insults ..if you would stop trying to make me feel bad for being a moral person and not voting for the lesser of two evils ..which is still evil!!!. I would not have a reason to point out your short comings…

            now since I have no idea who you are or whether or not your one of the russian spies trolling our country , I could care less about you personally, we will never meet nor have any other kind of contact other than here . and that is why I try and stay on topic and leave my opinion out of it …unless I am attacked with mock and ridicule.

            I will finish with this…you have no faith in americans if you think hilary will end it all..
            I would like to think we could unite against her better than against trump and the republican party who would have to defend him no matter what..

          2. Kenny Sono

            It’s just a choice between “Do or Die” and “Live to fight another day” Blades. Evolution didn’t happen with overwhelming pride involved…….
            BUT: strength of character? Sure / not overwhelming pride.

      3. Kenny Sono

        Honestly, I think the Dems are “run” by people like (and/or more powerful than) George Soros. There is no “THEY” other than a handful of super rich super powerful people / whose identity(s) – we may never determine.
        So, no…..I think Hillary is in until she dies (however that might actually occur) and I think IF she dies / “THEY” will in fact seize the chance to get Donald Trump under the bus just long enough to sew together some other puppet….ANY other puppet. Experience matters not / just appearance and good string attachment points; like Obama has. Biden might be able to win it but he’s not even smart enough to be attachable to puppet strings.