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One of the dopiest things President Trump ever said was that there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville. I expect that was his idea of trying to sound reasonable, maybe even presidential. But he was mistaken. On the side that the media pretended was totally composed of Ku Klux Klansmen, I’m sure there were a few decent people who simply resented having statues of Confederate generals, including Robert E. Lee, toppled from their pedestals.

But on the other side of the brouhaha, there were only fascists masquerading as anti-fascists. Masquerading is the appropriate word for the Antifa thugs because, like guests at a Halloween party, they always show up wearing masks. They also brought along baseball bats and crow bars.

⦿ Those on the Left not only hide their faces, they often conceal their core beliefs. For instance, they pretend not to be Jew-haters when they side with the so-called Palestinians against the Israelis by insisting it’s not Jews they despise, but, rather, the fascistic policies of the government. In order to carry off this contemptible charade, they ignore the facts and simply concoct a movie narrative in which the Arabs are portrayed as American blacks during Reconstruction, and the Jews as cross-burning white supremacists wearing bedsheets.

So far as I know, this bit of subterfuge began with Vanessa Redgrave, a dyed-in-the-wool leftist anti-Semite who received an Academy Award more because of her politics than for her acting.

Naturally, because her own offenses were even more despicable than Redgrave’s, Hollywood couldn’t wait to give hanoi-Jane Fonda two Oscars.

If you ever find yourself wondering if the Motion Picture Academy places more emphasis on politics than on actual achievements, very much like those who bestow Nobel Peace Prizes, wonder no longer. When people like Redgrave, hanoi-Fonda, Meryl Streep, Michael Moore, scumbag-Al Gore and Harvey Weinstein, consistently take home Oscars, the question isn’t even worth asking.

⦿ I have come to believe that the reason Mueller’s probe into Trump’s collusion with Russia is dragging on so long is because Trump’s enemies in the Deep State refuse to call it quits until they come up with something, anything, that ties Trump to the Russkies.

After all this time, they’d probably settle for his confessing to having a soft spot for blinis, borscht and caviar, but the stubborn son-of-a-gun is sticking to his claim that his heart belongs to all-American meatloaf.

⦿ I’m not sorry to see Scott Pruitt gone. I certainly approved of what he was doing at the EPA, but I gave the lion’s share of credit to President Trump. I assumed Pruitt was merely carrying out his boss’s orders, and I’m sure that the new guy will continue to rein in the agency.

What’s more, I’m willing to bet that he has already learned the lesson that never seemed to register with his predecessor; namely, that being handed a government job doesn’t grant you the combination to the federal piggy bank.

Although Pruitt had held the job for less than 18 months, he had run up 14 ethics violations, including lying about his private email server; spending $43,000 of our tax dollars on a soundproof telephone booth; $90,000 more on first-class airline flights and charters in a single week, making some of us wonder if he had flown to the moon; handed the taxpayers the bill to pay to fly his security detail on his personal trips; had EPA officials who questioned his spending sprees demoted; reimbursed himself $65,000 for his campaign expenses accrued while running for Attorney General of Oklahoma; another $1,500 for a dozen pens; used his security detail to run his personal errands; paid below-market rent to a lobbyist for his Washington condo; and tried to get the Chick-fil-a company to give his wife a franchise.

I suppose it’s called Potomac fever when schmucks of no particular accomplishment suddenly find their heads swelling to the size of the Goodyear blimp and decide they’re entitled to the same perks as Queen Elizabeth.

In conclusion, I would only like to say that when conservatives rushed to Pruitt’s defense, claiming that it was only pressure from the left-wing media that cost him his job, it embarrassed me as a principled conservative. It was his greed and arrogance that cost the Pruitt his job. We do our cause no favors when we reflexively leap to the defense of scoundrels. I don’t know anyone on our side of the aisle who wouldn’t have been calling for Pruitt’s scalp if a dummycrats-Democrat had appointed him.

⦿ I was recently astonished to learn the ground rules that applied when Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas conducted seven debates during the Senate campaign of 1858.

It seems that the first speaker would spend an hour making his opening statement. His opponent would then have an hour and a half to deliver his rebuttal. At which point, the first man would have 30 minutes to rebut the rebuttal.

Because in those days, it was the responsibility of state legislatures to choose their state’s two senators, Douglas wound up getting the nod. But, Lincoln, by arguing for the abolishment of slavery, an issue he had admitted just four years earlier was of little consequence to him, garnered him the national attention he desperately craved. Two years later, he would be elected president. Four years after that, 700,000 Americans would be moldering in their graves.

One of the surprises to me was learning that Lincoln did not have the voice we had been led to assume he possessed from hearing his words delivered by the likes of Henry Fonda, Walter Houston, Raymond Massey, Royal Dano and Daniel Day-Lewis. It seems he had a rather high, squeaky voice.

Still, you can’t help being impressed that these two candidates could spend that much time arguing the issues, considering we have been raised on a diet of one and two-minute soundbites.

⦿ I am delighted to report that those on the Left are digging themselves a hole six feet deep in which I’m growing confident the voters will bury them in November.

As if it’s not bad enough that scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters is telling people to harass Republican officials in public or even in their homes; scumbag-Robert DeNiro and Peter Fonda are tossing around obscenities and even promoting pedophilia, so long as Trump’s 12-year-old son is the victim; dummy-Madonna is calling for the White House to be blown up; Chuck clown-Schumer and Nancy Pulosi are either demanding or at least accommodating those in their party who are demanding open borders and getting rid of ICE; dummycrats-Democrats are calling for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to be granted statehood and for California to be split not into three parts, but seven, all so the dummycrats-Democrats can seat 16 additional left-wingers in the Senate.

As if that’s enough to turn off millions of voters, an immigrant from Congo is getting kudos from the Never-Trumpers for shutting down the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July as a rebuke to the President’s immigration policy, which the Supreme Court just last week determined was constitutional.

Also, in case you missed it, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook recently flagged the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

In November, when the dummycrats-Democrats are handed their heads on a tray, I will be happy to contribute to a tombstone that reads: Here Lies the dummycrats- Democratic Party/ Home of Morons, Thugs and Traitors/ Dead by its own evil, treacherous hand/ Good riddance to Bullies, Liars and Race-baiters.

⦿ Recently, the House voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act. I don’t pretend to know whether that tongue-twister is good or bad for America, but it grabbed my attention because the final vote was 400 in favor and 2 against. The two were Republican congressmen I had never heard of: Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Justin Amash of Michigan. They are either two of the biggest rascals in the House of Representatives or two of the only House members who have the courage of their convictions.

⦿ Someone sent me a video put out by a group called #Walkaway. It consists of people who used to be registered dummycrats-Democrats — a group that in the distant past has included Ronald Reagan and me — but have finally had enough. The group includes women, blacks, Latinos and even gays, many of whom admitted it was easier coming out as homosexuals to their families than coming out as conservatives to their erstwhile liberal friends.

When even a notable left-winger like law professor Alan Dershowitz is treated as an apostate by his friends and relatives for merely suggesting that Donald Trump is not the monster he has been portrayed to be by the NY Times and the Washington Post, it can’t be easy for these regular folks to risk the scorn of their families and colleagues. More power to them.



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