Neil Gorsuch was a generally unknown Judge on the U.S Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals until Tuesday, when President Trump nominated him to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch was on President Trump’s list of potential candidates when he ran for office.  President Trump promised he would pick someone off that list and to the surprise of some, he did.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the Gorsuch pick, “a home run.”  If anything, the Texas Senator has a gift for understatement.

Judge Gorsuch is simply an amazing choice. He is a jurist just like Scalia. Reading some of his writings, it is hard not to see the influence of the late Justice on those opinions.

Politically, this nomination is a master stroke. Judge Gorsuch was confirmed for the 10th Circuit on a voice vote. No Democrat even offered opposition to him in 2006.

For the Democrats, Judge Gorsuch is a nightmare.  He is soft spoken, brilliant, well educated and they have passed him before.  For those studying political chess, the Democrats are only a few moves away from being checkmated.

The bat guano crazy left is going to demand that Judge Gorsuch be stopped. The abortion industry, also known as the chief money laundering arm of the Democrat Party, will also pull out all the stops to prevent his confirmation.

But there is the reality of 2018 staring Democrats in the face.

There are 23 Democrats plus two “independents” who vote with the Democrats up for election in 2018. There are only eight Republicans. At least ten of those Democrats are in states President Trump carried. Others are in states where he was competitive, such as Virginia.

One of the best case scenarios for the Republicans would be if the Democrat leadership tried to kill Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.  A number of Democrats would defect, as they would see the ads already being prepared to be used against them in 2018.  Plus they would face the wrath of a very energetic and popular President.

Judge Gorsuch is a great choice to be on the Supreme Court. He is a conservative who could easily be on the bench for forty years or maybe longer.

At Tea Party Nation, we endorse Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and we encourage everyone to call your Senators and tell them to confirm Neil Gorsuch.


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